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Jill Martin Rische is the daughter of Walter Martin, a Christian apologist who started the counter-cult movement within evangelical circles. She now not only runs waltermartin.com but appears on Jan Markell's radio show as an "Occult Expert", warning against TV shows like "The Walking Dead".[1] She was famous within evangelical circles for her battles with Hank Hanegraaff over a dispute involving who was the rightful successor of the Christian Research institute,[2] the ministry that her father ran until his death in 1989. She also writes articles for Rapture Ready.[3]

The Kingdom Of The Occult[edit]

Jill's Magnum Opus is her book The Kingdom Of The Occult,[4] sequel to her own father's "Kingdom of the Cults".[5] The Kingdom Of The Occult is a massive 750-page encyclopedia on the "Occult" and the correct True Christian way to deal with it. It includes many anecdotes and notes from her father about how he supposedly exorcized demons, countless stories about kids realizing that Ouija boards were powered by the Devil and testimonies of former Occultists who found Jesus. It even accuses Christians who take a non-dispensational view of the end times of having "occult" beliefs.[6]

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