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George Soros is a self-righteous Hungarian-born billionaire who had no problem smashing the Bank of England in 1992 through currency speculation,[1] but got pissed when other people pulled the same shit on energy.[2] He is absolutely nothing like the Koch brothers, Richard Mellon Scaife, or any other wealthy financier of conservative causes who keeps a low profile, because shut up that's why.[3]

Most people don't know much about him, and his name makes him sound like a Bond villain (plus, his surname is a palindrome). What better guy to portray as the brain to which the entire progressive movement is beholden? The movement is easier to demonize when it seems like it's all the machination of one rich evil bastard. In reality, what he's doing is fairly innocuous. Indeed, Soros has done some good in the world by funding district attorneys who oppose the War on (Some) Drugs (so he can smoke dope in Albany?). Perhaps one day the state can mind its own business rather than spending oodles of money on non-violent drug offenders.

He also speaks Esperanto,[4] which is proof of his communist tendencies.


[edit] Bankrolling liberals and wingnut conspiracies

George Soros is a well-known funder of various liberal organizations, including the Center for American Progress,, and a princely $1 million donation to Media Matters. It was speculated that he gave funds to the Occupy movement in 2011; however, this was proven not the case.[5]

Soros is also an evil spectre for Bill O'Reilly that, Bill believes, funds the liberal media, runs Media Matters, funds ACORN, and is the sole monetary force behind Air America Radio. This paranoia, of course, occurs only in the fantasy universe of Fox News. Glenn Beck concocted a conspiracy theory in which Soros secretly bankrolled communist eastern European regimes despite the fact that he actually supported anti-communist opposition parties in these states. He also accused Soros of collaborating with the Nazis as a Jewish teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary, when he had in fact been hidden with the Christian family of a government official at the age of 14 to escape persecution.[6]

[edit] Cue the anti-Semitism

Being known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England," Soros features in many international Jewish conspiracy theories (and he usually has ties to the Rothschild family, of course).[7] During the 1997-98 southeast Asian financial crisis, Malaysian premier Mahathir bin Mohamad fingered Soros as the head of a Jewish cabal that had caused the crisis. This began a feud[8] between the two that lasted until 2006, when Mahathir apologized.[9]

And, of course, who can forget Glenn Beck's super-duper-original 'puppet master' theory?

[edit] Elsewhere

The Russian government has as of 2015 banned all of George Soros' philanthropic organizations from operating in Russia as a threat to national security.[10]

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed Soros' organizations were drawing their funding from encouraging the refugee crisis in Europe.[11]

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