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The Fourteen Words is a White nationalist phrase which refers to the 14 word slogan "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children," though it can also refer to the slogan "Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth."[1] Alternatively, it can also mean "Save the Aryan race. Procreate with your sister, mother, aunt, and if necessary, grandmother."

The slogans were both coined by noted racist David Lane in reference to an 88-word excerpt from Mein Kampf. Thus, white supremacists will sometimes combine "the 14 words" in reference to the excerpt in the phrase "14/88" where "88" has dual meaning as it also is used to reference H as the 8th letter of the alphabet, and thus the 88 can also be used to stand for HH, or "Heil Hitler".[2]

The 88, meaning an 88 mm artillery piece, was also one of the most feared and hated German weapons used by Axis powers during the second world war. This is probably a coincidence. David Lane was not that smart to know much of history.

Hungarian far-right (though purportedly not Neo-Nazi) party Jobbik often uses the numbers 14 and 88, such as publishing their program for the 2010 elections in 88 pages[3] and having their party headquarter's phone number be (+36 1) 365 14 88.[4]

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