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Taylor (right) with Jesse Jackson in an odd moment during 2010
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Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.
—Jared Taylor, racist extraordinaire.[1]

Jared Taylor (born 1951) is an American Japanese-born alt-right leader and pseudo-intellectual (but we repeat ourselves) responsible for founding the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance. He has been involved with the racist political far-right from at least 1990 onward and as such he's been called the 'Intellectual Godfather' of the movement.[2]

Taylor could be considered something of a wannabe call-back to old-timey imperialists, being a very "refined" racist, having a Ph.D. in philosophy and Master's degree in International economics (read: not biology). His primary policy goals is a return to "pre-1965" standards for allowing immigrants into the country so that "European people" and their descendants are a larger percentage of the US population, more white power organizations, and for explicit white supremacy to return to being one of the dominant ideologies in the US. To accomplish this he claims he needs to raise "consciousness" among white people.

Despite rejecting the idea that Donald Trump is an actual member of the alt-right, he's still unsurprisingly a Trump supporter, going so far as to make robocalls to Iowa citizens urging them to vote for Trump, mostly due to their agreement on immigration issues.[3]

Oddly enough for a leader of the racist fringe right he explicitly rejects anti-Semitism, which has caused infighting between him and other racists such as Neo-Nazi David Duke.

Taylor also has the distinction of being a white nationalist who by most accounts won a debate at Kentucky State University, an historically African American campus, against Professor Wilfred Reilly, professor of political science. This is due to the undeniably juvenile antics and lackluster debating tactics of the latter, rather than the racist arguments that Taylor made. [4]

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