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Not to be confused with the legitimate Journal of Consciousness StudiesWikipedia or the antifascist Searchlight magazine.

The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (ASCS), Inc. (formerly the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies (ASPS), Inc. and the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research (ARPR)) is an institution that promotes parapsychology. It has two publications: the Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, a pseudojournal, and The Searchlight magazine.[1]

Wonderful articles[edit]

The idea of Intelligent Design has been rejected by scientists as rational explanations are found for processes in the natural [w]orld and a role for God seems irrelevant. Even religionists [sic] don't like the idea that God [w]ould need to be involved in [wh]at [w]ould be tantamount to an endless succession of miracles of creation. But the idea of an evolving deity is gaining ground as a plausible image to replace the authoritarian and unmovable God of traditional Judeo-Christianity. Furthermore, the suggestion of a cosmic spiritual energy has emerged from discoveries in quantum physics and cosmology: Is it possible that a modified form of Intelligent Design could provide some kind of bridge bet[w]een science and religion?

  • Fine tuning is true and quantum physics proves it; all religions should be synthesized because science says so: Pandarakalam, James Paul. "A Search for the Sacred through Quantum Physics." Journal for Spiritual & Consciousness Studies 39.1 (2016).[3]

Science should help us to discover an evolution in our understanding of God through a new theistic synthesis of all religious faiths, accelerating the human search for God and stimulate human response to God's call. Quantum physicists can now expertly portray many finely tuned physical constants supporting the logic of a belief in the existence of a Prime Mover and even able to offer mathematical calculations that wo[ul]d accommodate the Triune God. Mystical manifestations are at the root of all religions and it is the starting point of understanding God. Marian apparitions are meant for all religions to reorient themselves to modern era. Finding God through science is a human search for the Sacred whereas Christianity can be pictured as God's search for humans.


The following are on the ASCS staff:[4]

  • President: William Wilson, J.D.
  • Vice President: Nancy Zingrone, Ph.D.
  • Secretary: April Rooker, B.A.
  • Treasurer: Karin Nemri, A.S., C.S.C.
  • Asst. Treasurer: Lee S. Lawrence, CPA
  • Editor-In-Chief: Michael E. Tymn, B.A., CPCU
  • Librarian: Miles Edward Allen, B.S.
  • President Emeritus: Rev. Harry L. Serio, D.Min.
  • Executive Administrator: Paul Hauser, J.D.

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