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Sandiee Peters® is a Paratransformologist®. A what, you ask? Yes, a Paratransformologist®. We're not sure what exactly it's supposed to mean either. Apparently it's about "blending Eastern and Western holistic philosophies, healing beyond transformation into well-being in everyday life", but we're not sure what exactly that means either. It's a pretty complicated word and it's got a ® so whoever is a Paratransformologist® has got to be smart, right? Her real name is Sandra Pulsifer, and she's quite a babe.

She likes to liberally put a Ph.D. or Dr. title around her name. Her Ph.D. is in "holistic health"® at the American Institute of Holistic Theology®, which is not an accredited university®.

"Services" she offers include talking to the dead, telling you about your past lives, "soul paintings"® (where "the soul's energy transformed into a visible element"), Reiki®, color therapy®, aromatherapy®, music therapy®, bamboo fusion and crystal therapy®. She's also an interfaith minister®.[1]