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An achristian is a constricted kind of atheist. They are sure they do not believe in the Christian god, but their experience with religion is generally limited to a Monotheistic Daddy God, so the way they express their disbelief is to argue against Christianity and the Bible, essentially acting as apologists against their erstwhile faith. Generally, Christianity is the religion in which achristians were raised to believe, or a predominant faith in their culture. In some cases, as with many arguments that have their inspiration in something more than just logic, there may be some degree of anger or resentment underlying an achristian's mindset. (As it happens, a lot of religious people seem to think Western atheists are exclusively achristian and think they can pick them off with a different faith like Islam. Such people do exist, but are far less common than said would-be proselytizers think.)

Achristians differ from atheists in general by focusing particularly on the Bible and Christian doctrine, rather than other religions or theism as a whole. The term generally refers to those who actively profess and encourage disbelief in Christianity. Because of this, achristians are sometimes called "anti-Christian", although it is generally considered derogatory (especially due to its similarity to "Antichrist").

Achristianity is sometimes a phase someone who was raised to "believe" goes through on their path to not caring any more - they are still immersed in their own personal reasons for leaving the tradition, and haven't sorted out where they are going yet. Others see it as an imperative to get others to see things as they see them, and feel that fighting their ex-religion is tantamount to freeing the minds of those shackled by superstition. Furthermore, many newly deconverted Christians are more likely to talk about what they know - Christianity. For them Christianity is religion and that is what they want to fume about.

Other groups[edit]

There are many people from other religious cultures who no longer believe, and still spend a lot of energy railing against the tradition they were raised in or have been converted from. Presumably, these would be known as amuslims, abuddhists, ataoists, aconfucianists, etc. The word "anabrahamism" can refer to a particular rejection of all Abrahamic religions due to their shared ideological tendencies (including sectarian intrigues, sexual repression, orthodox dogmatism, etc.).

Some of the most striking examples of people who know enough about the problems of their previous religion are people who have left scientology ("ascientologists"), and then dedicate their lives to fighting it.[1]

Another good example is the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain,[2] who maintain that: "...the increasing intervention of and devastation caused by religion and particularly Islam in contemporary society has necessitated our public renunciation and declaration."[3]

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