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Canadian atheists

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Canadian atheists
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Canadian ehtheists atheists is a federally-incorporated (national) atheism organization in Canada that provides information about atheism and advocates for rights, freedoms, and the general well-being of atheists both in Canada and internationally. They encourage peaceful advocacy, and have a desire to participate in public discourse as a means of engaging in the free exchange of ideas with a particular focus on atheism and secular issues like the separation of religion from government.


The Canadian atheists was founded in 2014 by Randolf Richardson (intentionally spelling "atheists" with a lower-case "a"), and subsequently incorporated federally two years later (in 2016) to serve the ever-increasing atheist demographic of the Canadian population by advocating for the rights and freedoms of atheists and educating the general public on the meaning of the word "atheism".


Some of the initial advocacy included the promotion of, and participation in, domestic campaigns encouraging the Canadian Government to start taxing religious institutions, and to remove antiquated and outdated anti-blasphemy legislation from the Canadian Criminal Code, and also an international campaign to encourage Muslim-majority societies to uphold Freedom of Expression rights (as a positive alternative to killing people who openly question religion or publicly identify as atheists).


Name Term of Office
Randolf Richardson 2014–present