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Alan C. Clifford (1941–) is a British Calvinist author who runs the Norwich Reformed Church. A creationist and homophobe, he is known primarily for his anti-Islamic views.


Of the various leaflets issued by Clifford, the most controversial is "Why Not Islam", which argues that "Too many churchmen as well as politicians are gripped by cowardice in the face the Muslim menace" and that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim; it concludes that all Muslims, like all other non-Christians, should be converted to Christianity ("With sensitive yet courageous compassion"). The leaflet ends with a point-by-point comparison of the lives of Jesus and Muhammed, concluding that Jesus was the superior religious leader.[1]

Clifford has also issued leaflets condemning homosexuality ("Loving sexual relationships are to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Fidelity within marriage is the ultimate antidote to AIDS and other STDs"),[2] the National Lottery,[3][4] Jehovah's Witnesses,[5] Christmas ("Christmas trees, mistletoe and yule logs all have pagan significance")[6] and evolution.[7]


From 2008 the church held a weekly bookstall on Hay Hill, land owned by Norwich City Council; in April 2012 the stall was banned by the council following a single complaint about anti-Islamic material being made available. The council also advised Eaton Park Community Centre against hosting the church, which it had done since 1994. Clifford responded by arguing that his freedom of speech was under fire.[8] Barbara Suzuki, writing for the official blog of Hope not Hate's Norfolk branch, condemned Clifford's views but agreed that he had the right to distribute his leaflets on Hay Hill.[9]

Clifford was backed by the English Defence League,[10] which held demonstration in Norwich in November 2012.[11][12] Clifford responded with a statement denying any connection with either the EDL or BNP and denouncing racism, stressing that his criticism is directed at religion rather than race.[13] The EDL, meanwhile, has been criticised for supporting a homophobe, thereby compromising its alleged pro-gay stance.[14]

In 2013, Clifford was present at Norwich Gay Pride 2013 in the city centre, giving out leaflets with a small number of followers, They proceeded to gospel witness in Gentleman's Walk and walk in front of the celebration march. The leaflets were entitled 'Good News for Gays and Jesus Christ, the Saviour We All Need'. He sent an open email to Norwich Pride CCd to the Evening News and Eastern Daily Press allegedly also to other people too. Norwich Pride reported him to Norfolk Police who demanded that he pay a spot fine or else face "investigation", and reported to the Crown Prosecution Service.[15]


Clifford is the subject of a bizarre Geocities site entitled "Alan C. Clifford Exposed", owned by a Muslim convert who claims to be a former BNP supporter.[16] This would appear to be the Islamic Awakening member "alghayb", who has a link to the website in his forum signature.[17]

The site largely ignores the many valid criticisms that can be levelled at Clifford and his views and instead focuses on ranting about the evils of Zionism and making unsubstantiated claims that he has written articles for the BNP.

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