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Cambridge Theological Seminary was a green ink webshite pretending to be an institute of higher education. The site blatantly advertised a link to King's College, CambridgeWikipedia despite being a rather obvious collection of incoherent ravings by a fundamentalist madman. The site exhibited a stereotypical presentation of virtually every extreme fundamentalist belief, including homophobia, transphobia, creationism, Biblical literalism and other far-right bullshit in an annoying stew of web markup abuse. Despite ripping off the name and image of the real Cambridge, they bizarrely condemned everything about their namesake.[1]

The site appeared to be the creation of a person "known by the web name of NewtonStein," who claimed that he was pastor of a church with over five thousand members and missionary to over fifty nations.[2] There is no evidence that this church, its ministry, or anything else claimed by the author ever existed.


The site is completely void of academic material. Instead, they sell an alphabet soup of worthless "free"[3][4] "degrees," including but not limited to "Bachelor of Divinity", "BSc in Creation Science", "ThB, Biblical Theology" and "DCC, Doctor of Christian Counseling". One qualifies for a degree by checking off boxes on a rambling, incoherent questionnaire that evaluates the candidate's "Christian Life Experience."[5] These degrees, like those offered by Patriot Bible University, have no use outside a ministerial setting, and do not transfer to any actual college or seminary or other fundie schools.[6][7]


Our goal is NOT to try to turn all Bible Schools into "Ivy-League-Ivory-Tower" bastions of Prestige-&-Perversion - rejecting Christ and embracing religious pluralism and homosexuality - instead of Christ and His Word!
—The accreditation standards of the International Agency of Independent Accreditation[8]

Cambridge Theological Seminary claimed accreditation from the International Agency of Independent Accreditation, an entity that they fabricated. They claimed that this entity accredited Hyles-Anderson College, Bob Jones University, and Liberty University, among others.[8] None of these institutions claim accreditation from Cambridge's imaginary agency, because they are not lying about their accreditation status. Lying about another person or group is supposed to be sinful. This Bible verse makes it perfectly clear:

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
—Exodus 20:16


Cambridge Theological Seminary had a highly distorted view on what a seminary actually is. They have a rabid hatred for traditional seminaries and bible colleges, and they claim that seminaries are not "scriptural". They claim that because seminaries are not mentioned in the Bible and are not controlled by local churches, they are evil. These viewpoints are not surprising, as Cambridge is a diploma mill operated by scam artists and religious fanatics.

PHILOSOPHY ONE: CTSI is a Philosophy of Educating and Training "God Called" Ministers, that focuses on "LOCAL CHURCHES" acting as the Seminaries!

NOTE! "Seminary is NOT is Scriptural word - the modern-type seminary concept was developed hundreds of years after Jesus, IS NOT SCRIPTURAL AT ALL IN MODERN CONCEPT, and we ONLY use the term "seminary" because it "communicates" the concept of training Ministers.

FACT! Jesus ONLY established the CHURCH! Thus the LOCAL CHURCH is the SOURCE of all MINISTRY! No Minister has any authority to establish any type Ministry OUTSIDE the local Church and their authority!

FACT! Most modern seminaries are established like secular colleges, where Ministerial students are TAKEN AWAY from the local Church, and away from LOCAL CHURCH Ministry, and are NOT SCRIPTURAL!

FACT! Jesus did NOT establish "seminaries" as separate ministries, established like secular colleges, NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church: thus NONE of them are Scriptural!

FACT! All modern seminaries (and Bible Colleges) established and/or organized separately and NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church, and the LOCAL CHURCH ELDERS are NOT Scriptural!

FACT! All modern seminaries NOT owned, operated by, controlled and administered by a local Church, Pastor, Elders and Deacons are NOT Scriptural!

FACT! All modern seminaries established like secular colleges, with separate campuses, boards, incorporation papers and/or constitutions etc., thus NOT UNDER AUTHORITY to a local Church, are NOT Scriptural!

THUS CTSI is NOT a campus, a corporation, a separate organization, or specific educational institution at all - EXCEPT - AS IT IS LOCAL CHURCHES . . . ALL OVER THE WORLD![9]

Many seminaries are bringing master's degrees online. Most seminaries are set up like corporations to follow the law and to obtain accreditation that require the institutions be incorporated and recognized by the state or local jurisdiction.[10] Accreditation agencies are independent of the government. That is why the Association of Theological Schools, the Association of Biblical Higher Education and TRACS exist—they are legit accreditation agencies and independent of the government. Many independent Baptist ministers and church staff have degrees from accredited Bible colleges and seminaries, many of which are recognized by local churches. There are ministerial training programs offered by local churches for ordination as a pastor. If the Bible and church related topics are taught from the perspective of a denomination, what is the actual problem? If you are strong enough in your faith, you would not have to worry if someone gets a secular education.


To round out the crazy factor, the site dedicated a page to Sarah Palin, who was responsible in many ways for dooming John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008. The page mixes an incredible amount of Palin clickbait with an astounding assortment of racist, conspiratorial screeds aimed at Barack Obama and the usual assortment of links to fake divinity degrees and other evangelical nonsense.[11]


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