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I hope Iran utterly destroys the filthy jews and develops highly sophisticated weapons such as ICBMs, nuclear warheads and pisses on your whoreurope and gaymerikkka
—Islamic Awakening member Ghazi al Mujahid[1]

Islamic Awakening was a website which identified itself as being "dedicated to the blessed global Islamic awakening". Its forum was home to a large number of apeshit insane fanatics who fantasize about killing people who disagree with them.

Reasons to kill people[edit]

The folks at IA appear to be huge fans of the death penalty. Here are some of the crimes which they deem worthy of the ultimate price:


One thing still good about Australia is that they don't like poofters alhamdulillah[2]", says "Abu_Talha. Obviously you get the usual idiots who harp on about tolerance and freedom, but most of the country is still pretty conservative (from a western perspective - islamically they're all bound for just one level above the munafiqeenWikipedia's W.svg in Jahanam). But I tell the poofters as it is: don't bother becoming Muslim, I'm just going to chuck you off a building.[3]

"AbuBakr Jazairi", meanwhile, blames gay people for terrorism and somehow mixes the events of the TV series Heroes into the proceedings, resulting in what has to rank amongst the most downright peculiar expressions of homophobia on the Internet:

The root of terrorism returns to when Humans mimic the actions of Animals, so we have to stop the Gayness's Adultery as Homosexuality is a behavior done by Animals as stated on WikiPedia and thanks to the Atheist the Lesbos Lover on the Forum who brought us the Link, and this evil act of Homosexuality is legalized in the Great Satan (U.S.) and that's why they're spreading terrorism in the world, until we stop it and remove it from existence, we can't see the peace established world wide.

Hiro Nakamura once said : 'Stop Homosexuality, Save the World!', it was said to Peter Petrilli by the way, and Sylor was guilty as proven.[4]

Making fun of Old Mo[edit]

What's so great about this guy anyway? ...His fashion sense is terrible.

The Islamic Awakening forumgoers were not amused by the South Park episodes guest starring Mohammed.[5] "Oh how i make dua[6] today on the day of jummah[7] that Allah has there hands sliced, their eyes plucked and their brains fried," said "abdullah007" of South Park's creators. "Allah avenge the honour of s.a.wWikipedia's W.svg sparing no mercy to that whorish nation amerikka if these cartoons are not stopped." When the subject of free speech was brought up, "DhulQarNain" declared "The age of Voltaire is over, may Allâh curse that transvestite!"[8] But the most thorough contribution to the thread came from "steeds of war":

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth to cause corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment, Except for those who return repenting before you apprehend them. And know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (5:33-34)

Asalamu Alaikum, Our Shaykhs, may Allah reward and Protect them have given us from Qur’an and Sunnah the best actions to take and finish off the like of these two kafirs[9]. So the options we have to deal with these two kafirs and anyone who follow them in their blasphemous actions are:

1. Killing and annihilating them either by gunning them down, bombing them, or striking their necks with swords or knives

2. Crucifying them, i.e. nailing them on a tree or a pole, and let them die a slow excruciating death

3. Cutting off from opposite sides their hands and feet with axes, swords or guns, and let them wander off until death comes to them.

4. Exiling them from the land May Allah Azza wa Jall[10] destroy and punish them in this world and in the everlasting painful punishment in the Fire of Hell

Drinking alcohol[edit]

"[S]eems fair enough to me," comments "ahmedjbh" in a thread about an Iranian man sentenced to death for drinking alcohol.[11]

Dancing while female[edit]

The forumgoers were overjoyed to read a news report entitled "Pakistan's celebrated dancing girls are fleeing in fear of their lives as Taliban militants increase their strength in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province", about a dancer named ShabanaWikipedia's W.svg being shot to death.[12] "Go Taliban, Go Taliban!", cheered "Pashtun". "I hope they erase all this type of filth from teh society." "These 'women' will think twice before doing the 2-step again", added "Ra'ad". "Mission Accomplished."

Cheating on one's spouse[edit]

In response to a post by "nomad" ("IS there any difference between gays and fornicators? They both should be killed aint it?"), "waziri" explains that "[i]f the fornicators are unmarried then they are whipped, but if they are married then its adultery and they are executed if found guilty in a sharia court".

Member "cBox", whose initial reaction on seeing this article was to describe it as "pretty gay", thought it "weird how [RationalWiki] seem to find it awkward that we despise 'cheating on one's spouse'".[note 1]

According to "cBox" not only do the fornicators deserve to die, so, apparently, do any babies they beget: "I hope you forget your blender plugged in and on the ground, for some reason, and your illegitimate babies stumble into it - head first."[13]

New Age-y stuff[edit]

"LivEislam" claims that "palm reading is harram[14] all types of magic is not only harram it is kuffa[9]. punishable by death." He goes on to explain that this includes "tarrow cards, horoscopes tea reading, Cristal ball, all is kuffr. weegy boards and summing up devils talking to jinn."[15]


The board members were pleased to hear that a Shia imam named Yasir Habib was reportedly diagnosed with cancer: "O Allah hasten the destruction of this zindeeq[16] and make him an aya[17] for other rawafid[18] like him", said "umar bin khatab". "I hope this is true. I hope he slowly dies a painful death. I hope it is cancer in the rectum. May Allah destroy this filthy dog", added Abu Shawarma. Exactly what the unfortunate individual did to deserve death in their eyes is not clear from the discussion, although Abu Shawarma clarified that "We're not celebrating cancer, we're celebrating that an enemy of Allah and His messenger (SAW) has been diagnosed with it".[19] "SHIAS = TRANNY CHASERS = HELL FIRE" observed "Abu Yusuf 74".[20] It was later revealed that the man did not have cancer after all, prompting Abu Shawarma to comment "I hope he is driven to insanity and decides to jump from the Eiffel tower along with Snake Nazim."[21]

Other views[edit]

Judaism and the Holocaust[edit]

"Jews are the greatest liars on the face of the earth , no-one comes close , except of course the rawaafid"[18], says "yezeed". "As muslims we are supposed to believe in the truth , not zionist fairytales , the holohoax is one of the six greatest hoaxes of all time after democracy , fractional reserve banking , theory of evolution , 9/11 and communism ."[22]

Salman Rushdie[edit]

The forumgoers were not happy when Rushdie received a knighthood. "It's clear giving Rushdie this 'honour' is intended to stick two fingers up toWikipedia's W.svg Muslims worldwide", commented "asifkhan".[23] "I took the book and read the first page, and I got sick of what he said, and couldn't continue reading it," said "Um Abdullah M." of The Satanic Verses; "when I looked at his picture on the back of the book he looked like a human devil, no surprise, for he is a human devil and his book is satanic."[24]

An article on the site by Salman ibn Fahd al-'Awdah gives a summary of the Rushdie controversy:

...As was the case with the British writer Rushdie after he wrote his book “The Satanic Verses’ which maligned the Prophet Muhammad , his blessed wives, (mothers of the faithful), and his noble companions. Angry demonstrators flooded onto the streets and capitals of countries throughout the world. Calls were made for his trial and execution even in western countries. As for Rushdie himself, he went into hiding out of fear of Muslim anger. The publishing house which published the book also bore the consequences. Yet Muslim rage has never subsided because of this provocation in which the culprit violated the person of the Prophet; the greatest and most beloved individual to Muslims everywhere.

Incredibly, the article concludes that "[e]pisodes like this expose and maliciousness of those who combat the Prophet".[25] Have we fallen into some kind of backwards universe?


In March 2011 a London Imam was forced to step down after receiving death threats from fellow Muslims for his heinous crimes of promoting the theory of evolution and arguing that Muslim women don't need to cover their hair if they don't want to.[26][27] Islamic Awakening was pleased with the news: "Every Muslim who holds his or her faith dear will have been delighted at this noble decision of the mosque", said an article posted on the website.[28]

The article continues: {{What has occured thus far is not just a victory for the Muslim community, but a critical milestone: Usama was not alone in this. He was acting in unison with his network of friends from the Quilliam Foundation, The Centre for Social Cohesion and Harry’s Place - arguably the most vicious anti-Islamic forces we have seen thus far in the UK.}} Harry's Place is a centre-left blog which has frequently attacked anti-Islamic voices such as the English Defense League and Pastor Terry Jones,[29] made comments such as "Is there no end to the madness of the ‘anti-Islamisation’ crowd?"[30] and has criticised Channel 4 for "stirring up anti-Muslim bigotry".[31] If it's a vicious anti-Islamic force it ain't doing its job.

The article goes on to state:

Moreover, belief in evolution and secularism are considered heretical, worthy of excommunication by the consensus of modern jurists of all backgrounds, and were it not for the removal of Usama, such beliefs would surely have found solid ground amongst the congregation of that mosque.

And we can't have that, now, can we?

Furthermore, the forum's admin subsequently claimed that the tsunami which occurred in Japan later that year was caused by Allah to distract the media from covering the story and encouraging sympathy with the imam.[32]

In a thread about American Muslim clerics approving of evolution, "umarr" commented that "I cannot believe my eyes. I am speechless. What have we become? wAllahi[33] we are living in not only special times but times of EXTREME confusion and fitnah[34]." He went on to say that "I simply cannot believe it,... it has to be made up. We cannot have fallen this low. I mean, we are talking about IMAMS here, not some average Muslim."

"I think there is some truth in the whole monkey human link - Didnt Allaah turn some of Bani Isra'eel[35] into monkeys and pigs?", said Aboo Shayba. "I think the evolutionist just got the process wrong."[36] "Yes this is true," replied "InTheHearts0fGreenBirds"; "charles darwin was right in a sense since he was a jew and Allah swtWikipedia's W.svg did turn his ancestors into apes and pigs".[37]

Discussion from the Islamic Awakening Facebook page

Ozzy bin Laden and Saddy Hussein[edit]

The forumgoers are admirers of bin Laden and were not happy when his death was reported. Islamic Awakening was amongst the forums named in Aaron Y. Zelin's article "The bin Laden aftermath: The Internet jihadis react".[38] "LOL, it seems we have some influence on what is happening in the world, they are paying attention to what we say here", said "The-Mahdi".[39]

The members of the board aren't quite so hot on Saddam. "[N]o one can excuse him for what he did to 8.000 thousand Muslim Sunni Kurds", said "Medean Heritage".[40] "I for one, doubt his Islam", adds the intriguingly named "Sir Paindoo Pants".[41]

The Butcher of Baghdad has some admirers at Islamic Awakening, however. "May Allah(swt) grant Saddam Hussain the rank of the highest martyrs AMEEN!!!", says "jagga". "InshAllah Saddam will be laughing on the day of judgment when the creators of south park,marines,bush,blair,godf and all the kuffar are dragged into hell to join their mentor satan for eternity." In regards to Saddam's atrocities, he comments that "nobody is perfect".[42]

Sex, temptation and gender[edit]

"As of late, I've noticed members posting videos with women without their hijabs on (I mean to the extent where some are showing their legs)" posts "murdiyyah". Scandalous! "Can we be more mindful of our fellow brothers? At least put a warning with it?", she pleads.[43]

"When you are watching the news and a female presenter comes up just change the channel to Discovery or something", says "Abu Abdurrahman" in another thread. "Try to minimize the time you spend watching TV and you shouldnt be watching any movies. Because these things build up and eventually you will end up doing a sin that's much bigger."[44]

The forum has a set of guidelines on gender relations:[45]

1. Smiling or winking emoticons directed at the opposite gender are not allowed.

2. LOLing at the opposite gender is not allowed.

3. Joking with the opposite gender is not allowed.

4. Excessively praising the opposite gender is not allowed.

5. Flattering the opposite gender is not allowed.

6. Declaring your love (for the sake of Allah) to the opposite gender is not allowed.

7. Friends request should not be made to the opposite gender, this is considered free-mixing and will be moderated.

"It has been brought to our attention that some members have been sending private messages of praises to the opposite gender" (how dare they!), complained staff member "Niqaabis";[46] "Muneer88" suggests that such people are "unmarried letting shaytan get the best of them".[47]

According to the forum, women should not become imams. "I rather kill myself than to pray behind a woman", says one poster. "I will not say imam woman coz that doesn't exist (I mean a woman being imam to men and women). But shaytaan[48] in woman's disguise does exist!"[49]"The 'men' there with their weak clapping are pathetic", says Khalid Assiri in response to a video of a female imam. "I can understand those feminazis and their eagerness for the whole thing but the 'men' there are just a disgrace. Also some of the 'ladies' are praying alongside 'men' and don't even have proper hijabs on."[50]

In another trip to the backwards universe, "Hollandistani" claims that "[t]he most persecuted people in Europe are the women", because they "are not allowed to convert to Islam, dress like they want to dress and obey Allah instead of shaitan."[51]

As you might have already guessed, feminism is not held in a very high regard by the forumgoers. "This whole issue of women driving is just a convenient vehicle to drive their modernist propaganda", says Ibn Hashi of people who objected to a Saudi women being sentenced to ten lashes for driving a car in September 2011. "Its never been about women driving. Its about 'freeing women', ie they want to see half naked kafirahs dancing down the streets of Muslim countries just like in their filthy countries."[52]


They have a problem with age of consent laws due to the Aisha thing. Some of them are a bit too enthusiastic; one rather disturbing post reads:

Do you also have a 12 year old sister that's ready for marriage? Im sure many brothers would be interested[53]

says Al Muhajir. Abu Jihad replied:

Got some cute daughters though. If they reach twelve, and the right righteous guy comes around...who knows!

[54]. They got "thanked" twice for that post.


Haytham bin Jawwad al-Haddad wrote an article for the site condemning the use of musical instruments, entitled "Music: A Prohibited and Fake Message of Love and Peace". He argues that "embedded within [music] is a culture of permissiveness and liberalism".

"I attended a major Islamic event, at the end of which there was an 'Islamic concert'", he says. "I could not believe what was being done in the name of Islam! Members of the opposite sex where freely mixing, so much so that they were sitting next each other and their thighs were touching." Egad.[55]

According to one member, Amy Winehouse was "a typical racist Jew".[56] "This is just to show how perfect is Islam and how low is every other way of life, nothing more to add" commented another poster following her death.[57]


The forum had a discussion about a video on YouTube of a Muslim call-in show where a woman on the line claims that a jinn has been sent to torment her; this manifests itself in the form of her making constipated noises and later falling about laughing.[58]

"I regret watching this, I found it quite disturbing and had to pause a few times in order to regain my composure. I began to recite the 'HawqalaWikipedia's W.svg' profusely felt as though there was a presence around me", said "gag order"; "at one point I was afraid to look at my own hands fearing that it was not my own. I couldn't sleep except after I had prayed Fajr."[59]

Abu Abdurrahman asked how one can tell that she wasn't just faking it; Abu Shawarma replied that "Her behaviour is consistent with what usually happens when the jinn manifests itself". "May Allah ta'ala protect mankind from the plots and fitna of the jinn and magicians! Ameen!" said Abu'l 'Eyse. "[R]eminds me of the shaytaan i encountered in my friend", added "abubakr007".[60]

Responding to a video of a magician doing a trick, "ayub57" stated that "This guy must be getting help from the jinn".[61] "Yeah I thought the same thing", replied "IbnMuhammed". "These magician guys, most of them use the jinn. This guys almost as creepy as David Blaine. Look at his face and eyes."[62]

"When scumbag David Copperfield was coming to perform his 'show; in Europe (Austria? I forgot) 4 Muslim fellas heard of this and decided to go there and disable him by reading the Qur'an", added another member later in the discussion. "Once they arrived, the security did not allow them to enter. How weird is that?! Shaytaan obviously instructed DC of "incoming danger" so he must have instructed the security not to let them in."[63]

Member Abu Nihla claimed to be having personal trouble with a jinn: "the Jinn is very stubborn and noisy", he posted. "He claims to be a very powerful Jinn and proudly and shamelessly admits he worships Ibliss la'anatullahi alaihi."[64]

"AustralianRevert" has suggested that jinn are made of plasma; this theory is based partly on the film Ghostbusters.[65]

Conspiracies and the Illuminati[edit]

Forum member "gag order" states that "the illuminati are just a cover for the zionists - these are the real culprits. they set up a shadowy illuminati terminology for us to chase after its a diversion! the first occult group was the priory of sion a aristocratic sect of the jews in southern france who believed that dajjal would come when the jews return to jerusalem." He adds that "it was the jews who launched the crusade and in order to stay in control they created a special military wing called the templars ie christians who believe in subserviance to jews. after the crusades the templars beliefs were found out so they became the freemasons to escape christian fury."[66]

Following the Oslo bombing but before Anders Behring Breivik was accused, "abu~Adil as somali" declared the attack to be "another false flag op, every year a European country is targeted such as Denmark, Sweden under the pretext of Islamic extremism and now in Norway, more anti Islamic laws, and more anti sharia demos...". Another member stated that he was "Almost certain this was an inside job to justify further invasion of Muslim countries"[67]

"So it seems the false flag operation to target Muslims has been exposed", said member Abu Abdurrahman after Breivik was accused. "Isnt it very convenient that a fringe 'Islamic' group set up on an internet forum claims responsibility after the blast hours after it happens?"[68]

Stephen Hawking[edit]

Due to his secular outlook, the forum is critical of Stephen Hawking. "[L]ook at this sorry ass robot's picture", says "Philadelphee"; "sure he could probably own everyone at pure science but it still doesnt change the fact that he is a humiliated meals on wheels, megatron talking fool. i feel no sympathy for him and i hope i am not alone."[69] Abu'l 'Eyse comments that "channel 4 had a little bit about the string/m theory......maybe he is now gonna get a rope to end his misery with the terrible excuses of theories this 'genius' regurgitates".[70] "Is it a coincidence Hawking rhymes with Dawkins?" asks "muslima12". "They both make me feel uncomfortable."[71]

Notable members[edit]

The site is run at least in part by Abuz Zubair, who posts at the forum under the name "Expergefactionist" and gives his location as "Londonistan".[72]

One member, Bilal Ahmad, was jailed in July 2011 for twelve years after he posted a message on Facebook endorsing Roshonara Choudhry's attempt to murder MP Stephen Timms.[73] "The Zionists can spout as much vitriol as they like about Islam but they never get charged with inciting religious hatred", said "Riaz77" in response to Ahmad's sentence. "They can go round saying things like killing all Muslims or blasting the Muslim world off the face of the earth with nukes but they never get charged with terrorism. If any Muslim speaks badly of the Zionist establishment or its agents then they risk prosecution and a lengthy jail sentence."[74]

Counterterrorism specialist Jarret Brachman joined the forum to debate the members. He was banned, receiving the following message:

You have been banned for the following reason:Mary had a little lamb, her fleece was white as snow and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb wassure to go – then Mary got banned and the lamb died…aww.Date the ban will be lifted: 19th May 2011, 10:00 AM[75]

One of the more surprising members of the forum is August KreisWikipedia's W.svg, leader of the Aryan Nations, who was an occasional poster from 2005 to 2007[76] and saw the forumgoers as potential allies against a common foe: Jews.[77]

Reaction to this article[edit]

It's very easy to go on a message board and collect random statements to blow them out of proportion or purposely misconstrue them for sensationalism or mockery, etc. I'm not amused", said 'Abd al-Kareem. Demonstrating that the forum's quotes don't have to be blown out of proportion, however, the very same post declared that "I ask Allah to grant a miserable life to everyone intentionally involved in mocking the Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him)... To the wiki writers: Perish in your rage.[78]

"These people seem to be obsessed with hate", said Abu Abdurrahman in an irony meter-shattering moment,[79] while "cBox" stated that RationalWiki's contributors are "a bunch of hebes. Butthurt, hooknoses. Should we really pay attention?".[80] Another member of the forum stated that "the guy who created the page is a British faggot ape".[81]

Furthermore, some members of the IA forum have attempted and failed to insert unfunny vandalism into this very article that you are reading.[82][83][84]

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