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Animal communicator

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Animal communicators are people who claim to be able to psychically communicate with animals. They're also known as animal psychics or pet psychics Like all paranormal and psychic claims, it's just hogwash.

Animal communicators use similar techniques as mediums such as cold reading, except that they have an easier job since the animal can't speak up and say "hey, that's wrong!" All of the information provided by animal communicators fall in three categories:

  1. What the owner wants to hear, such as "he loves you" and "he's happy".
  2. Open doors like "the horse wants more hay" or "the dog likes to play outside".
  3. Unverifiable claims like "the goat has bad gas".

Unlike mediums—which takes real skill and manipulation, and are all frauds—you can probably delude yourself in believing you really are communicating with the animals, so not all animal communicators are necessarily frauds (which is probably the only good thing anyone can say about them).

Unfortunately these people can actually harm animal welfare. Take for example this video:

Psychic: It's a little too hot in here all the time

Owner: He is hot?! Oh… I was always worried about him being cold!

Psychic: No, he's a little hot.

The owner is not exactly acting on the best of information here.

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