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Black Atheists of America

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Black Atheists of America is an organization that focuses on highlighting the lives of prominent African-American atheists, bringing awareness of atheism to the black community, and providing a community to atheists who happen to be black. The group was founded by Ayanna Watson.

Because religion is so deeply ingrained in the black community, black atheists often find themselves as a dual minority in the overall atheist community. BAAm hopes that its efforts will build a stronger overall atheist community by encouraging black atheists to be open about their stance on religion.[1]

Their Facebook community is actively building the connections they desired in their mission statements.

Programs of note, funded by BAA[edit]

  • Science Cubed3: Focuses on the importance of science to highschool students, and equal access for all students. They donate texts and science equipment to schools after meeting with the teachers regarding what is most needed in each school.
  • After School Cubed 3: Works to enhance critical thinking skills for kids in afterschool programs. A need has been recognized that most poor or inner city parents are not equipped (due to education) or available to really help students learn to think, question, and explore.

Highlighted personalities[edit]

  • A. Philip Randolph (April 15, 1889 – May 16, 1979) - Civil rights and 'community leader'.
  • Thelma "Butterfly" McQueen (January 7, 1911 – December 22, 1995) - Dancer, actress, activist against 'black stereotype' in film and TV.
  • Hubert Harrison (April 27, 1883 - December 17, 1927) - West Indian-American writer, educator, scholar.
  • Alton Lemon - Lemon is best known for winning one of the first "Freedom from religion" cases, Lemon v. Kurtzman, 1971. The case invalidated the "right" of government to fund so-called 'secular' aspects of private religious education.

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