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June Nicole Lapine[1][2][3][4] (June 22, 1991–),[5][6] better known as Shoe0nHead[7][note 1] is a YouTube commentator who criticizes feminism and Tumblr ("SJW") culture.

While seemingly identifying with anti-feminist Youtube at-large,[8] and espousing mainly anti-feminist views, she also shies away from the label 'anti-feminist',[9] and has preferred the label, "egalitarian" instead,[10][11] and self-describes as a social democrat.[12]

Lapine is a part of a growing number of popular Youtubers who claim to lean left/liberal and anti-feminist at the same time (something mostly unheard of from 2008-2016), with Ethan Klein and The Amazing Atheist being other examples.[13] As of October 2020, Lapine's main channel has over 1.54 million subscribers and 120 million views.[7]


While consolidating her time into antifeminist activities, Lapine maintained two main YouTube channels[14][15] and several testing/inactive channels.[16][17] She supported the female men's rights activists (MRA) group Honey Badgers[18] and appeared on The Freedom Report podcast.[19] She also wrote three articles for The Libertarian Republic,[1] but left "because it was too political."[20]

Lapine first achieved major fame from her "Oppression Olympics" video in 2014.[21] She credits the success of this video to it being shared by Thunderf00t.[22][23] She has two additional channels called "misandryqu33n" and "Brainlet".[24][25] Her misandryqu33n character is a caricature of a modern, pink-haired, liberal feminist. Using this character, she participated in the "Pee Your Pants for Feminism" hoax.[26][27][28] In a satirical #ResistCapitalism picture, she managed to fool Paul Joseph Watson who believed it was genuine.[29] Lapine has said that the picture was meant to be an obvious parody, and she was not trying to trick anyone.[30]

Political views[edit]

Lapine has consistently and vocally supported left-wing presidential candiates since 2015. She has also self-labeled as on the, "left", since that period of time. A small number of self-described leftists have a problem with Lapine self-identifying as such. For example, some left-feminists are not happy with her support of MRAs. A number of people have also consistently pointed to a racist statement shoe once made about a Ghostbusters star in an attempt to hold her accountable.[31][32]

In 2015, Lapine expressed admiration for Sanders.[33]

In 2016, she called herself left-libertarian leaning,[34] but not particularly ideological,[10] and supported Bernie Sanders for president.[35]

In 2017, she identified as a left-liberal.[36][37]

In 2019, she identified as a social democrat.[38][39]

In 2019-2020, she rejected self-identifying as socialist, preferring calling herself a social democrat[40] and campaigned very hard for Bernie Sanders. She also wanted Tulsi Gabbard to be Sanders' VP.[41][42]

In December 2020, while taking a test on a livestream[43], she revealed believing in 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Lapine clarified her stance on leftism, liberalism, and social democracy in 2019. In response to someone asking what kind of leftist she was, she said that she was a:

socdem [social democrat] but dont mind calling myself a liberal still

The vast majority of her video content criticizes feminism (particularly the more “radical” varieties). However, Lapine argues that she does not hate individual feminists[45] and is friendly with several prominent feminist YouTubers, such as Marina Watanabe (Marinashutup),[46][47][48][49][50] ContraPoints[51][52][53][54] and Claudia Brown.[55][56]


Lapine describes herself as an "egalitarian"[10][11] and opposes the term “feminism”, but she says the term "anti-feminist" makes her cringe.[57] She also seems to have identified as part of 'anti-feminist youtube' nonetheless.[58]


Lapine has three videos accusing feminism of being an "oppression quest." These include:

Most of Lapine's other videos feature standard antifeminist arguments. Here are several of the more prominent examples:

  • "feminist movie logic"[61]
  • "how much of a feminist are you? (quiz)"[62]
  • "i need feminism because compliments"[63]
  • "shut up woman, now let me tell you why you need feminism"[64]
  • "who stole feminism?"[65]

Unfortunately, much of Lapine's content consists of tired talking points and strawmen. For example, Lapine argues that feminism is unnecessary because women have the legal rights of men (and Lapine hasn't personally felt oppressed):[21]

Labelling yourself as a feminist, stop it! It is not a movement anymore. You do not need it. Nobody needs it. You have every single right that every guy has now. I can walk, I can go get a job, I can walk, did you hear that, I can walk, I can do it all by myself. I have never ever felt oppressed as a woman, ever. I have never felt the [air quotes] patriarchy [air quotes].

Lapine portrays feminists as whiny SJWs competing to be the most oppressed:[21]

Everyone is in this big race to be the most progressive, and the most [air quotes] open-minded [air quotes], and the most oppressed. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. And it's just, it's like infesting, like, the internet, and it's starting to seep out into the real world, and like, I really, I really don't like it. I don't. [....] Tumblr is the reason there is just this outbreak and infestation of SJWs ruining muh internets and ruining muh real life and just sucking the sense of humor out of so many people I know. And just like, they're all in this big competition to see who can be the most progressive, and the most tolerant. At the same time being the most annoying and the most intolerant people that I've ever, ever met in my life. It is just a big-- it's the oppression Olympics. Everybody is forcing themselves into the oppression Olympics and they are making problems for themselves. [The] victim complex is amazing with these people. It's mindboggling. The otherkin, we got the 50 freakin' different genders, we got the PS-- PSTD, from, cyber-bullying, what?

Lapine further describes feminism as currently existing only to solve first world problems:[66]

[F]eminism has been a pretty controversial topic for a long time and is only getting more bizarre as the years progress. We are in the third wave now and feminism seems to be running solely on myths and first world problems.

Lapine suggests that feminists uncritically accept all abuse accusations (and admit it):[67]

"listen and believe" [is] a pretty popular feminist mantra. if you aren't me and haven't spent a good three years dedicating your life to following something you hate, allow me to explain it to you:

the act of listening and believing is when a woman tells you she has been abused, molested, raped, etc.. you believe her. no matter what.

Lapine also believes that, because the commonly-cited "average wage gap" figure doesn't account for confounding factors, the gender wage gap itself does not exist:[68][69]

The wage gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full time. It does not account for different job positions, hours worked, or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination.

In short: if you've listened to any other anti-feminist, you've already listened to Lapine's arguments.

Joke segments[edit]


Lapine really likes to "parody" feminism. At length. In every video. For example, in "Oppression Olympics", Lapine says:[21]

Hey there pretty lady! You wear heels? You wear makeup? Do you wanna go on a diet and get thin? Don't do any of those things! Hey! I'm a feminist. That's right! A feminist! In 2014 America! What does that mean? That means I want YOU to stoop down to my level. And that means don't go on a diet! Don't wear heels! Don't do makeup! Don't do your hair! Don't try to look pretty! I get catcalls all the time and I hate it! I just love vlogging about it though and I love blogging about it on my Tumblr! You don't have to look nice for boys! No! That's the patriarchy telling you to do that! You could be a fat lazy slob and do anything you want! And then you have to force people to accept you! Because that is how this works! And shaving? Forget shaving! Don't shave!

This video game character is dressed too sexily. I don't like it! Change it! I'm dressed too sexily and you don't like it? STOP OPPRESSING ME!

Did you guys know that rape is bad? Rape is bad! Does anybody know this? Rape is bad! And if you're not a feminist, you're pro-rape!

As Misandryqu33n in "the harassment of women on youtube needs to stop", Lapine says:[71][72]

So I just uploaded my first video and I just got this comment. [Comment displays on screen. Content: "Your voice gave me cancer. Fuck off"] Now why is that allowed, YouTube? Why is such blatant misogyny, disgusting toxic trash allowed on your website? Why should a woman on the internet have to face comments like this? Every single day. I honestly feel like a rape victim right now. Comments like this literally rape me every day. I'm literally shaking right now.

As Misandryqu33n in "anime is codeword for misogyny", Lapine says:[73]

I am so done. I am so done with Twitter. I am so done with YouTube. I am so done from the entire Internet. Because it's completely controlled, just like the world, by cis white straight men who are MRAs and who are probably Gamergate supporters. So let me tell you this: You have the audacity to come to my Twitter page or my YouTube page, and disagree with me? This is a public platform. That shouldn't be allowed. And I've tweeted to the UN about it, I've tweeted to the police, I've tweeted to the FBI. And they don't care. They just let it slide off their backs because they're misogynists and they don't care about women's rights. They don't care about my protection. They don't care about me being abused or harassed. They don't care I'm being disagreed with. They don't care that people are calling me annoying and that my purple hair is stupid. They don't care. I log on to Twitter, all I see is kek kek kek frog pictures, freakin anime pictures, and frog pictures. It's like the new R-- MRA, like, secret codeword for misogyny. And I'm done with it! I'm done with the enemy! I'm done with the internet!

These parodies do not attempt to break down feminist arguments, reductio ad absurdum style. Instead, they merely restate common feminist views in a shallow, extreme, and logically flawed way. In this way, Lapine's parodies are not skepticism or even satire.


However, Lapine is also critical of Nice GuyTM syndrome,[74][75] conservative fear-mongering about same-sex marriage,[76] some antifeminist YouTubers[77] and the more extreme antifeminist movements like the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement.[78] She has been involved in feuds with some of the more extreme antifeminists:

  • Lapine tweeted that Roosh V "is a psychopath".[79] This triggered aggrieved Roosh so much that he wrote an article calling Lapine *gasp* a feminist.[80] Lapine has succinctly described Roosh V as "a pathetic man."[81]

Satiratition[sic] didn't just fuck up because Misandryqu33n is a parody, he fucked up because instead of doing a skeptical breakdown of each of her talking points and responding to her with arguments, he just insulted her looks, wished she died several times and repeated old dead anti-feminist arguments. This is the modern stare[sic] of anti-feminism? Why is she wrong though? Why are her opinions bad? He barely touches that and goes straight to the Pwnage. This doesn't help anyone... Nobody learns anything.

  • Lapine had this to say when asked why she hated Bearing, a popular antifeminist YouTuber:

i personally don't like his videos or the way he focuses so much on individuals and personal drama. i also don't like the one's where it's some person or kid with like no subscribers who isn't really saying anything bad or out of the norm for a feminist video. i don't like how his fans act like an army of edgelords and i hate how they celebrate when these people remove their channels/videos after the swarm. my favorite one's are where he's just hanging out like streams or q&a's with sugartits. i don't hate him, i don't hate anyone.[88]

  • She roasted a particularly terrible antifeminist children's book, criticising its attempt to brainwash kids with offensive stereotypes and outright lies, and stating her opinion that children should be allowed to remain apolitical, and not be exposed to arguments for or against feminism.[92]

Lapine has the following message to non-feminists:

-just because someone is a feminist does not mean all of the shit they say is automatically invalid or stupid. if someone wants to call themselves a feminist let them. i had to unretweet a very sweet girls tweet to me about how most feminists dont act like her idea of feminism & how i inspire her she was instantly met with just hoards of "HEY MORON ITS EGLARIATAriansjsn" like holy fuck. look at the message and not the label.

-your goal (or mine at least) is to expose the hypocrisy and propaganda that drives the movement and brainwashes people to follow it and show that women are not oppressed in the west (more like the opposite) remember a lot of these people actually believe they are doing the right thing. many are also pretty fucking young. approach with kindness and facts if you're the first to approach. have sources and links ready to back up your claims but don't overwhelm them. but if they snap first it's open season lol who cares then.

-subscribe to people outside of the circlejerk. not only for good cringe but for other opinions on topics.

-MRAs are focused on men's issues. women's rights activists are focused on women's. neither of these are bad. feminism however is an ideology.

-make videos and get your voices heard[93]

Donald Trump[edit]

you dont know how many times someone bitches at me for "not going after trump" and i look at their channels & its "ANITA PWNED PART 7"

Lapine has a negative view of Donald Trump.[95][96][97][98][99][100][101][102] She was also not a fan of Hillary Clinton.[103][104][105][106][note 3] Despite her overall dislike of Trump, Lapine has occasionally downplayed the potential negative consequences of his presidency and has defended some of his controversial behaviour and policies. In one case, she even admitted she underestimated the threats posed by the Trump administration. For instance:

  • Lapine's video, "faux hate crimes", is a reading of several obviously fake hate crimes allegedly committed by Trump supporters after his election. Although Lapine cautions that "I'm not a psycho who enjoys hate crimes", the implication is that "the sudden increase of [air quotes] hate crimes [air quotes]" is not real.[107] She repeated this on Twitter.[108] The FBI reported that the number of hate crime reports in the US had increased in 2017, by 17% from 2016. [109]
  • Lapine defended Trump's "grab 'em by the pussy" comments as being "clearly him riffing off and purposely sounding douchey." She did concede that his comments were "embarrassing and cringe worthy."[67]
  • Lapine said that she agrees with Trump on Islamic terrorism because "our countrys[sic] under attack. being scared of islam is a side effect."[110]

Lapine held a "wait and see" approach on the issue of Trump and gay rights. In November 2016, Lapine said that she highly doubts Trump will undo gay rights.[111][112] In her (now-removed) "dear LGBT people", she says:[113]

I've been seeing a lot of videos from gay people and LGBT people and people freaking out on Twitter ... scared their rights are gonna be taken away. And it's like, don't be scared.

Lapine has since said that she only wanted to give Trump a chance and "if Trump winds up being bad for gays and the LGBT, I will fight right alongside you."[114][115] Given that Trump has already personally attacked trans rights,[116] total neutrality seems unlikely.

She has since admitted her comments and predictions about Trump and LGBT rights were wrong:[117]

i wish i could go back in time and punch myself

She has underestimated Republican Party's platform, their political power to enact those platforms, and Trump's power to appoint SCOTUS justices.[118]

Racism and white nationalist friends[edit]

Lauren Southern is Lapine's former token white nationalist friend.[119][120] Lapine collaborated with Southern in her "I Stand With Hillary" video.[121][122]

In a now unlisted 2016 video with Gregory Fluhrer (Armoured Skeptic), Lapine discussed Milo Yiannopoulos' suspension from Twitter for reposting memes of Ghostbusters star Leslie JonesWikipedia (a black woman) as an ape. After Fluhrer said "she looks like a man", which Lapine and Fluhrer agreed was "not racist", Lapine added that Jones is "ugly" and "looks like a gorilla":[123][124]

Lapine: Leslie Jones is the biggest thing that I made fun of when the trailers were released. Like stereotypical, lazy black woman stereotype. [Jones] absolutely had a meltdown on Twitter the other day because there was apparently a "planned attack" against her from 4chan. I don't know the whole story. People sending her racist things, pictures of gorillas. I'm laughing. Just a bunch of stuff like that and at first when I saw it going down I thought she was freaking out because of the Ghostbusters criticism. So I was trying to calm her down. I was like "listen Leslie, like, don't stoop to their level. Just ignore it, rise above it." And she was like "no, fuck you. If this was happening to you, you wouldn't know how to handle it. Fuck you, bye" or something. I'll put the Twitter here. So because of this Milo Yiannopoulos actually got permanently banned from Twitter.
Fluhrer: The excuse they were using is that he was exacerbating an already out of control situation.
Lapine: Yeah, you can't control your followers and his tweets weren't hateful at all really. They were just... Oh, he did imply that she was a man but...
Fluhrer: ...she looks like a man.
Lapine: She looks...
Fluhrer: That's not racist.
Lapine: ...she's ugly. She's just ugly. Yeah, it's not racist. First of all, she looks like a gorilla, and let me go on. I look like a pony, Gelfling, Who. That's not racist against white people.
Fluhrer: And I look like a God. That's not racist to say that.
Lapine: But OK, I'm not justifying what happened to her. She doesn't know really how the internet works. It would be like attacking a mom on Twitter, like, they don't know what to do.

Black Lives Matter[edit]

Shoe0nHead has previously described Black Lives Matter as full of racists hyped by the media to start a race war:

would you say BLM was always bullshit or did it start off legit and was then taken over by the bullshitters? it was always bullshit in my opinion. media hyped up white on black violence. black people started burning down their own neighborhoods. fucking pointless. it's just race war baiting, i can't stand it.[125]

what do you think of black lives matter? racist hate group hiding behind a thin veil of activism being fed ammo by the media cherry picking white on black murders. it was always like this since the riots. i don't care what anyone says.[126]

daily reminder "black lives matter" is black supremacy trash[127]

at this point you have to be in serious denial to think blm is anything more than racists/supremacists and aids skrillex's filled with guilt[128]

Thankfully she wasn't supportive of a "white lives matter" movement:

How would you feel a [sic] white people started a white lives matter movement? i'd laugh. thats just as counter productive and lame as blm.[129]

In May 2020 she publicly reversed her stance on the subject:

My entire feed at the time in 2015-2016 was just full of the worst of Black Lives Matter so I had the idea that Black Lives Matter was just this terrible awful movement, I never saw any of the good and so that was just my opinion. Now I see the issues that they're calling out and I understand.[130]

LGBT issues[edit]

Lapine is bisexual,[131][132][133] has criticised anti-LGBT views and has been mostly supportive of the LGBT community.[134][135][136][137][138][139] One of Lapine's friends since childhood is transgender.[140][141][142]

She also initially praised Blaire White's "2 Genders" argument,[143] which exists entirely to strawman identity labels as "trying to make gender a social construct."[144] Lapine used this argument as a front to attack people defending or describing identity labels and paint them as the ones belittling Gender Dysphoria.[145] White, in turn, liked Lapine's use of her argument and adopted it into her own rant a month later.[146]

In May 2017, she expressed regret for calling certain individuals "trans-trenders" and showing somewhat support to the idea of needing to be either masculine or feminine.[147] She went on to say:

I still don't know. I don't know the genders thing. I've come to the conclusion that if you're not hurting anybody it's not a big deal and you can call yourself whatever the fuck you want. I feel like it's not my place to look at somebody like Riley Dennis and go "ya ain't trans."[148]

She says she now fully accepts non-binary people, is on good terms with people like Milo Stewart and Ash Hardell, and has made a video criticizing about Marvel’s tokenized portrayal of a non-binary person.

She also made a video deconstructing TERFs, whom she describes as the "Chromosome Crusaders" and calls out for their transphobia and general discriminatory behavior.[149]

Views on RationalWiki[edit]

So RationalWiki is a biased website. It is biased and they even acknowledge the fact that they are biased. They are like Encyclopedia fucking Dramatica. They're like Conservapedia. They are a biased website.
—Shoe0nHead calling out the bias inherent in the system[150]

Lapine is not a fan of RationalWiki.[151][152][153] After her livestream, "SJWs try to deplatform me/reading my rationalwiki page",[154] Lapine took to Twitter to enjoy the resultant trolling[155] and correct mistakes in the article.[156] We at RationalWiki thank Lapine for her constructive criticism and welcome her to create an account. Some time after the livestream, Lapine wrote on

[Y]eah [I] noticed they did a great job cleaning it up. [I] unironically like my [RationalWiki] page now.
—June Lapine,[157] "unironically posting rational wiki shit"[152]

Views on Conservapedia[edit]

Lapine also deserves credit for her impressive take-down of Conservapedia.

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