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Jean-François Gariépy (1984–)[3] (usually called JF or JFG), is a French-Canadian alt right YouTube talker who promotes racialism,[4] ethnostates, and other reactionary views. From 2012 to 2015, he was a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience at Duke University,[5][6] but was allegedly fired due to sexual misbehavior.[7] Although, he claims that he left on his own accord.[8][9]

Gariépy rose to prominence as a paid co-host of Andy Warski's YouTube show. After getting into a spat with Andy over antisemitic comments made by a guest, Gariépy left[10] the Warski show, and started running his own show called "The Public Space", where he frequently invites guests associated with white supremacy, such as David Duke and Richard Spencer.[11]

Jeffrey Epstein[edit]

Gariépy's early YouTube presentations were neuroscience lectures, and in 2014 he received $25,000 funding from Jeffrey Epstein for them.[12][13][11] He was at the time aware about Epstein's conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor (which was decided in 2008). However, Gariépy defended himself by stating he would "cash a check sent straight from the devil" if it allowed him "to advance science or science education".[14] He also commented: "As a Jewish millionaire, I think he didn't expect my channel to turn the way it did."[11] After Epstein's death was disclosed in mid-2019, Gariépy released a stream titled "He Was a Great Philanthropist Though": in which, he asked Epstein's lawyers to send him Bitcoin, stated he was "50-50" on whether to believe Epstein truly killed himself, and discussed the logistics of hiding a dead body. He added he found many of Epstein's actions "immoral".[15]

Ethnostate support[edit]

I'm not against ethnostates[.] ethnostates is all we had before liberals took over the west
—Jean-François Gariépy, masterWikipedia ofWikipedia historicalWikipedia truthWikipedia[16]

Gariépy has explained several aspects of his ethnostate beliefs. For example, he sees ethnostates as realistic:

Q: You've said you support the idea of "an ethnostate" or "the ethnostate". Do you support it as a concept of it just as a libertarian, in the sense that "it should be something that people are allowed to set up", or as something you would like to see in the future? Do you see it as realistic, with a set of policies that could eventually be enacted, or as a sort of fantasy based alternative history?
Gariépy: Something I'd like to see in the future. Realistic, more or less. I agree it doesn't seem feasible in the short run but I also think things can change without warning in the political landscape.[17]

He thinks that an ethnostate is most likely in the West:

Q: if you think of the ethnostate as something you would like to see and believe could realistically happen somewhere, where would you like to see it, and how would it be implemented.
Gariépy: I think a separatist state from one of the western nations (US, Canada, maybe in Europe, who knows…)[17]

You can totally have an ethnostate in one of the United States separating from the country in a times of civil unrest[18]

And he thinks that ethnostates should both provide equal rights to all ethnicities while restricting immigration by ethnicity:

Q: In an ideal ethnostate, what would qualify someone to be considered a part of a particular ethnicity? What part does race play in that?
Gariépy: Ultimately I'm a constitutionalist and I don't believe an ethnostate should treat people differently; I think it should provide equal rights to any ethnicity. I just think the ethnostate could be founded by people of a certain race for that purpose and could limit immigration in a way that their racial group remains relatively uniform (or at least controllably [sic] mixed with a small percent of migrants). I do not think the constitution should specifically make white people have more rights than other ethnicities.[17]

thebritisher: [I]ndividuals, irrespective of race, ought to be afforded the same rights & privileges and be the same before the law. Agreed?
Gariépy: Depends on what you mean by individuals. If you mean people appearing before the law in a country where they live, I agree. If you mean potential migrants applying for immigration, no. I believe a country can apply arbitrary selection criteria for who becomes a citizen.[19]

Gariépy claims that he does not advocate for establishing an ethnostate by force[20] and claims it is a strawman to claim that he advocates for force.[21] (Ironically, Gariépy has strawmanned his opposition as believing that multicultural states should be imposed "by force", rather than believing that migration and multiculturalism are natural events that do not require force.[22]) However, Gariépy has appeared on The Right Stuff podcast The Daily Shoah,[23][24] a platform that wholeheartedly endorses genocide of nonwhites, and has shared an article from The Daily Stormer.[25] Even though Gariépy may not believe in establishing an ethnostate through force, he is willing to work with with those who do.

Jew-baiting Destiny[edit]

Let the jews take all the screenshots they want, I am a libertarian and I respect the jew.
—Jean-François Gariépy, Jew respecter[26]

After streamer Destiny accused Gariépy of statutory rape (see below), Gariépy claimed that Destiny was Jewish and was orchestrating an ongoing brigade of his Discord server:

another jewish youtuber accusing me of sexual assault[27]

Yesterday, a jewish star whom I will not name has come into the server and violated several rules along with his fans, posting porn and doxing material. This is a kind of tactic we have seen before whereby the public intellectual gets humiliated at the intellectual level, and later goes on to try to ruin my personal life through attacks. I recommend we all ignore this raid and I have done what I could to ban most of the people who were involved in it.[28]

Later, when asked about whether Destiny should be able to comment on the "sexual assault" allegations, Gariépy stated:

Q: Didn't JF [Gariépy] believe in complete free speech?

Gariépy: I don't believe in free speech for cockroaches, just humans.

Q: @JFGariepy don't RT this --- it's a joke from destiny (he was underage at the time) [picture of tweet from Destiny claiming he was in an "underage relationship" (during high school)]

Gariépy: I don't care, I'm retweeting some of Destiny's statements, including his acknowledgment that he is jewish.[29]

On a livestream with YouTuber Bunty King, Gariépy again stated that Destiny was Jewish:

King: Now, there was something that I noticed with, during that whole tiff between you and Destiny. You went out of your way to call him Jewish. And you kept calling him Jewish in your Discord server or somewhere. Like, the, uh, "a jewish twitch TV star is, you know, disparaging me, you know, running my name through the mud". Why did you need to point out that he was Jewish?

Gariépy: Well, I, I pointed out that he was Jewish two times. The first was a humorous time, because on my Discord server, we keep joking about how, uh, [YouTuber] Kraut [and Tea] was Jewish, and the moment I called him Jewish, I implied that, perhaps the fact that he is Jewish or partly Jewish in this case, may have changed his view of white nationalism, uh, and I believe that in the case of Kraut [and Tea], it did. Now when the Destiny, uh, false allegations against me started, I said as a joke on my Discord server, "What? Another Jewish YouTuber making false allegations against me?" So that was a joke in relation to the fact that Kraut was also a Jewish YouTuber who had made, who was preparing to make doxing activities and smearing against me.

Gariépy: The second time is that I didn't want to refer to his name as Destiny because I didn't want to, I don't want to contribute to his popularity anymore, he's been defaming me on the public space, and so I said, "a Jewish Twitch star", because on his Twitter account, that's what he says. In his bio description, he says, um, anarcho-something, ancap, blah blah blah, and Jewish. And so that's how he self-identifies, so I have no problem in to labeling him a, a label that he is giving himself in his Twitter bio, just like I wouldn't have any problem saying "a biologist alt-righter", because I do write in my Twitter description that I am a biologist, and so people can call me a biologist, and I can call Destiny a Jew.[30]

However, Destiny's Twitter description is obviously sarcastic:

In case using both "I'll trigger you" and "safe space" or repeating "anarcho-capitalism" wasn't convincing, Destiny has called this description "a literal meme".[31]

In a Twitter thread after the stream, Gariépy doubled down:

Destiny: Oh hey @realbuntyking, I told you @JFGariepy would lie to your face if you let him. On your show, he claims he calls me a Jew because it's in my Twitter profile[.] I actually added "Jewish" to my Twitter profile in response to him calling me a Jew.[32]

King: I was waiting for you to chime in, bro. May I interview you soon? I’d love to get your perspective on the state of YT Live.[33]

Gariépy: For the record, Destiny self-identified as Jewish before I ever called him Jewish. See [this video] at 1:19:42, where he says 'we' when referring to the Jewish people.[34]

The most reasonable conclusions from this saga are either that Gariépy is really, really, really bad at analyzing sources for their intent, or that Gariépy is willing to project "Jewishness" onto his enemies.

Sexual history[edit]

If you make love to one 18 year old person of your own sex, this is consensual homosexual sex. If you are a man, and you make love to one thousand 18-year-old women on the EAST COAST!! That's rape. - The Absolute State of The Left Tonight.
—Jean-François Gariépy, discussing his history on the East Coast[35]

"Mentally retarded" "fiancée"[edit]

Q: Is autist pussy best pussy?
Gariépy: honestly, yes, autistic women are dedicated to success in the sex sphere[36]

On a 27 October 2017 Drunken Peasants livestream, Gariépy discussed his relationship with an autistic Drunken Peasants fan-girl who had an intellectual disability. Gariépy stated that "unfortunately, the state of Texas has ruled that she could not decide to be with me".[transcript 1] On an 18 December 2017 Andy Warski livestream, Gariépy further described the girl as being 19 years old, as his fiancée, and as being autistic and being "mentally retarded". Gariépy also asserted that the girl's father kidnapped her in order to prevent her from living with him and was intimidated by the court system.[transcript 2]

Since he claimed the incident happened around 2015, that means he would have been dating a disabled 19-year-old when he was about 31 years old. His claims about sex with autistic women are especially concerning when you consider that autistic women are about 3 times as likely as non-autistic women to experience sexual abuse.[37]

On 28 December 2017, Steven "Destiny" Bonnell read aloud the entirety of a court document from Gariépy's 29 August 2016 petition for writ of mandamusWikipedia to the Texas Ninth Court of Appeals. Afterwards, he reached substantially different conclusions from Gariépy. Destiny asserted:[38][39]

Apparently, JF [Gariépy] was married to a woman [...] in another [US] state. He went down – according to their [the parent's] side of the story, now this is one side of the story. Um, apparently he went down, he found a woman that was severely mentally disabled, the psychiatrist said that she had the mental capacity of a 10- or 11-year-old, tried to have a baby with her, and was trying to bring her back to wherever he lived to have a baby. He was convinced that they were fiancees, even though he's still married to another woman and there are no divorce proceedings filed. And he's also convinced that she's pregnant, even though apparently there's no evidence of her being pregnant. So he thought that he was the fiancee to somebody that was ruled as being – that having the mental faculty of a 10- or 11-year-old. Um, and then I guess her parents were, were – filed to get guardianship of this young girl because they thought she was being taken advantage of, that JF [Gariépy] was trying to capture her, take her to another state, and then make her into a baby machine. Um, and apparently the young girl didn't object to her parents becoming her guardians. Holy shit.

Reactionary porn support[edit]

ASS, ASS is what I've always been interested in, although tits I have grown to appreciate
—Jean-François Gariépy, PhD[40]

On his Discord server, Gariépy allows straight porn but disallows gay porn and porn that females enjoy (except from "confirmed women"):

No trap, gay, trans or man-oriented porn in the #nsfw or #curiosities channel. Soft lesbian porn allowed. Images that are aimed at eliciting disgust in the normo-centric male population are forbidden. If, under the compulsion of her sexual attraction to males, a confirmed woman posts no more than 1 picture of a naked man in the nsfw per week, she shall be allowed to do so, but not encouraged. This rule should not be interpreted as a factual statement that traps aren't gay. Any post that violates the laws of the United States of America is banned by these rules, for instance pedophilia-related content. Also, pegging is gay.[41]

We at RationalWiki find it wonderfully odd that Gariépy allows porn (which everybody knows is produced by degenerate Jews to produce emasculated males[citation NOT needed]) in his Discord ethno-state.

Sexual assault allegations[edit]

Gariépy has admitted that seven women are accusing him of sexual assault in court.[42]

Gariépy: The second disclosure I'd like to make is that I have experience with false allegations myself. So this is a very personal subject for me, as I have faced very recently multiple false allegations by women in courts. And so I've developed some knowledge of how the courts can be used as instruments of abuse by women. Just to give you an idea, and I cannot believe that I am stating this, while I'm not a millionaire nor running for presidency, I've been facing more false accusations in court this year than Trump in his entire life. Many of my viewers have been sending me messages of support through Twitter, and I want you all to know that I am doing good. I've never committed any act of violence in my life, and none of the claims against me in court have ever been proven. So all that these allegations will have done is cost an enormous amount of time in learning the law...[43]

Strawman understander[edit]

Strawman is a form of censorship. It is worse than other forms of censorship, because not only do you keep the audience from hearing the actual view of the speaker, you also invent another one and put it in his mouth.
—Jean-François Gariépy, logical fallacy expert[44]

Gariépy believes that strawmanning is literally censorship:

Gariépy: So, now you're going to explain to me why exactly it would be the most moral thing to do to force the entire planet to have only multicultural states.[22]

David Sherrat: LMAO at "forcing"
"Why can't we ban nonwhites? Stop taking away my freedom to ban things!!!!!! THIS IS OPPRESSION OF THE HUWITE RACE REEEEE"[45]

Gariépy: Well, the man I'm talking to in that conversation accuses me of racism and hate for blacks, so he's strawmaning me and advocating for that strawman, which is a form of censorship (of my real view), which in turn is a violation of my free speech, which is a way to force people.[46]

David Sherrat: Being "misrepresented" on twitter is a form of censorship

Gariépy: Yeah, and now I'll mute you because you clearly don't know what you're talking about.[48]

Meli Missfit: You accused him of censorship because he straw-manned you. I'm not even sure if it's because of English being your second language since you're French, but how exactly is straw-manning censorship when you still have the right to defend your arguments?[49]

Gariépy: Strawmaning is censorship because the readers of a strawmanned tweet are not necessarily reading the reply of the original speaker, therefore some people can be deceived in believing that the statement was from the original speaker.[50]

Destiny: Sorry buddy, "deceiving someone" does not count as censorship, as per dictionary + wikipedia definitions. :) [this tweet was an intentional argumentum ad dictionarium fallacy, or "dictionary memes"][51]

Gariépy: Now you'll quote the dictionnary definitions of censorship and you'll explain to me how replacing someone's view with a fictive one that they did not express does not fit within the definition of censorship that you'll have chosen.[52]

Destiny: No one is "replacing" anything, JF. I'm not sure if this is a language problem or what, but even if someone miquotes you it is not "replacing." "Replacing" implies removing the original and inserting your own.[53]

Gariépy: Which is exactly what a strawman is. Thanks for agreeing on the matters. It has nothing to do with a language problem on my side. In fact, I'll make my next video on this subject, feel free to produce a video response.[54]

While strawmanning can certainly have the same effect as censorship (if a person hears the strawmanner's misrepresentation but has not heard the strawmannee's original opinion and chooses not to find the original opinion, then the strawmannee's position has not been heard at all), it does not use the same methods as censorship does. Strawmanning neither removes the strawmannee's opinions nor prevents one from seeking out and identifying the strawmannee's opinions. In short: If someone's been strawmanned, you can still read their book; if someone's been censored, there's no book left to read.

Missing girlfriend[edit]

Gariépy's girlfriend Élora Patoine (known on his streams as "Mama JF") went missing in June 2023 after Gariépy dropped her off at a gas station.[55][56] In response to a media inquiry about the case months later, Gariépy called her "a free woman who has decided to travel".[56] According to him:

"She has gone on a trip and she left no trace behind and she got rid of, apparently, anything that could help track her ... [she] went off-grid on her own volition. That's a project she's been working on and preparing for many years, and I have respected her liberty in doing so. So she chose to go and now the police is looking for her because she has given no news to anyone and she could be dead. She could be dead or she could be having fun at some party and just didn’t hear about her loved ones are worried about her."[56]

As of October 2023, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were still investigating her disappearance.[57] Concerning the situation, Gariépy claimed it wouldn't have happened if men "owned" and "controlled" their wives:

That is sometimes the state of delusion in the female mind and I can’t do anything about this. I have zero control over this. If we were in the society, the Christian society of 1920, maybe I could file some report and say ‘Hey, my wife is a little crazy, she’s a little out there. Can I control—can I own her, basically?[56][58]

Such a comment is not highly out of character since he has previously streamed alongside Roosh V.[4]:158 Additionally, on his October 24, 2023 livestream Gariépy stated that he did not commit murder but that if he was imprisoned for murder it wouldn't be that bad since he estimated he would only ultimately be in prison for about two years under such a scenario.[59]

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  1. Transcript of JF vs Jeff Holiday - CRINGE RAPS - CUTTING THE FAT - and MORE! - Drunken Peasants #400[a w]:

    Q: Hey JF, for the record, the girl that had the low IQ that you banged, and fell in love with, and everything? How low was it?

    Gariépy: I mean, she was, she was brilliant, I'm certain. I think I might be one of the only persons who accessed her mind, and there was something really brilliant inside of her, but she was very closed, and she was very delayed in her answers, and for most people in our society, they kind of push you for the answer and she was always pushed by people around her, so she was considered retarded by her family –

    [interrupted by meaningless banter from Drunken Peasants hosts]

    Gariépy: And by the way, she was a big Drunken Peasants fan, that's how she came to me, she saw me on Drunken Peasants, called me, and we had a relation for a few months, then her father found her – didn't agree that I was with her, so he had found mentally incapable of making decisions for herself, and unfortunately the state of Texas has ruled that she could not decide to be with me.

    [meaningless laughter]

    Q: Are you telling me that a retarded Drunken Peasants fan wanted to bang you, and then the State of Texas had to be like, "actually, she's too retarded to bang this Quebec [sic] man"?

    Gariépy: It's a very sad part of my life, where [incomprehensible] and so when I talk against the authoritarian state and I do take issue with some of what Jeff [Holiday] has said about the state, I'm very serious here, the state is currently invading on personal freedom, and is using psychiatric excuses for it, and this was a very dramatic part of my life.

    [meaningless banter from Drunken Peasants hosts]

    Gariépy: This touches upon another problem in society, which is victimless crime. So I was essentially being accused of raping this girl, who would tell to the police, "No, no, I'm totally fine, I like this guy, we are going to live together, we get along well", and so we found ourselves with everyone around her wanting this to be a crime, but her saying "No, no, I have had the time of my life, this is all what I wanted". And in fact I was very serious with this girl. I would have continued my life with her. But she decided it would be wise following the intimidation that she was victim of by the State of Texas.

    [meaningless banter from Drunken Peasants hosts]

    Gariépy: And I found another girlfriend and we're currently having a baby, so everything went well, but I find this invasion of the state in individual liberties very grave, and I have been bringing this case to Courts of Appeal just for the sake of protecting the rights of handicapped people to have the freedom to do what they want.

  2. Transcript of The Kraut and Tea Situation - Part 2[a w]:

    Gariépy: Now, for some reason, and I don't even know why, Jeff [Holiday] started tweeting stuff that was to me not fun anymore about my past love relationships and about, about anything he could find to smear me based on that story that I told him, I told him about on the Drunken Peasant [sic]. And from that, I considered that Jeff [Holiday] was engaging in Twitter abuse and I have blocked him, that's pretty much my story.

    [MisterMetokur transitions to reading a tweet from Jeff Holiday]

    MisterMetokur: You said, essentially, uh, "JF is the guy that had to have the state intervene because he was too busy fucking retards", what the fuck is that about?

    [meaningless chitchat between MisterMetokur and Gariépy]

    Gariépy: Oh, so uh, when I was, when, maybe a year or two ago, maybe two years ago, I fell in love with a woman who was mentally retarded, uh, she had autism, and, uh, her father disagreed with her choice to live with me, to get, to become my fiancee, and to have a baby with me. So we lived together a few months, and since her father was disagreeing with our relationship, he intervened by going to, what we call in the United States, a ex-parte probate hearing, which is a judiciary hearing in which you are found to be mentally incapable of making decisions as an adult, in your absence.

    MisterMetokur: So, uh, how old was she?

    Gariépy: She was 19 years old.

    MisterMetokur: Ok, so she was an adult, it –

    Gariépy: [She had decided] to leave her parents and live with me, and she had decided to start a family with me, uh, she was found, in this, this, proceeding that violates the United States Constitution, in her absence, to have no rights, and her father violently kidnapped her after, and is still detaining her, and it was against her will, she was screaming, and she –

    [meaningless interaction between Andy Warski and MisterMetokur]

    Warski: You're saying, you're saying that she, she was trying to explain to everyone, like, "I don't wanna go", right, but, what level, like, do you hit where the government's like, "No, sorry, you can't, you can't do that".

    Gariépy: Well, when the person is in front of the policeman, and the policeman was not involved in her kidnapping, the policeman came weeks before, and he's asking her, "Are you happy here?" And she's like "Yeah, I'm super happy, please leave me alone, we're having a fantastic life, and it's OK that you guys care, but I'm OK, I'm doing good, and I'm happy". If she can state this, and without any sort of pressure, why would you take that person away?

    Warski: And that's my point, and, uh, hey Jim [MisterMetokur], that's why I asked that question, everyone's like holy fuck Andy, Jesus Christ, no. The reason is, is 'cause I'm just picturing her not being able to speak to the court or the police officer or whoever, you know what I mean? But if she's saying, "I'm happy", y'know, I know people with autism and they're able to speak with stuff, and it's great, it's fine, so, if – I was just asking how autistic was she, was she able to even fucking talk –

    [meaningless drama-stoking comment by MisterMetokur]

    Gariépy: She was a very special person and she had a way to communicate with the world that needed lots of attention, you needed to understand her, you needed to understand that she's gonna be delayed in the way she interacts, but when you waited for her to speak, and sometime it could take 5 more seconds than a normal person, but when you waited, she showed that she had something inside of her that was very high-IQ, she had very high intelligence, but it was trapped in a brain that was functioning very differently, but the problem with these officers and with this intimidation that she's been the victim of, because, when she got kidnapped by her father she got passed through the state system of psychologists who tried to convince her that she got raped, and the problem is faced with that kind of intimidation, even a 19-year – a normal 19-year-old girl might be intimidated into finding that she was raped, even her, with her mental disabilities, she didn't get convinced that I was a rapist, and she kept telling these people, and as far as I know is still telling these people that they took her against her will and that she was never raped by me, she, she consented to every step, and she, as far as I know, she would have liked to live with me still. Now, I moved on with my life, because she's been kidnapped, really, by the state of Texas and hidden from me, but, uh, it's a sad thing, and it's a sad thing to see Jeff [Holiday] insult me about this whole story on Twit – on Twitter.

    [meaningless ass-covering comment from Warski]

    Gariépy: [incomprehensible] merely insulted by the Tweets of Jeff [Holiday], you guys are laughing at it, it's a funny situation, it's funny in a dark way, and I don't mind about this, I totally live with it, I will live with it with the rest – for the rest of my life. But to have to [incomprehensible] on Twitter, every time you take stance on a political position, and you get Jeff Hollandaise [an insult for "Holiday"] saying on Twitter, "Oh, yeah, but you fucked a retard, so he must be wrong about this or he must be wrong about that", like, what the fuck.

    Holiday: I have never Tweeted that. I also, I have to say, your selective outrage is pretty interesting, but I already apologized for the Tweets, they were shitty Tweets, they were bad Tweets, I was drunk and I was pissed off, and, uh, yeah.


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