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Charles Larry Worley is an American fundamentalist Christian King James Only pastor, and current head of Providence Road Baptist Church, North Carolina.


In a May 2012 sermon, Charles Worley made some horrible and ridiculously stupid statements regarding homosexuals and death camps.[1] He argued that a solution to the "problem" of homosexuals would be to have the entire American gay community interred in a giant 'pen with an electrified fence', so they couldn't escape and reproduce, and thus would eventually all die out. Any rational human may wonder how they'd reproduce anyway! He said that he could not get this law past Congress, because America is currently being led by a "baby killing homosexual lover", and that the next gay child to be born should be the first person interred (How would you know if a baby is gay!). And anyone who doesn't oppose homosexuality has no sense, because, in the words of Worley "Gahd and the Bahbull are aggenit, and ah'm aggenit!"[note 1]


The legendary comedian George Carlin periodically rose from the grave to give an excellent response to Worley's idiotic hatred, but some folks from Kansas may disagree with part of his agenda.[2] Sorry, guys.

Surprisingly, Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church did not comment on Worley. Worley's probably just another fag-enabler disguised as a warrior for Christ.

To no surprise, the vile Worley had some of his brain dead sheeple defend him; they claimed that our problem is not with Worley, but it is in fact with God, because Charles Worley is speaking for God. Or something like that.[3]

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  1. Worley actually speaks like this.