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Graham Capill

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Graham Capill (1959–) is a New Zealand fundamentalist Christian who formed the Christian Heritage political party. He believes strongly in family values and is against homosexuals and all forms of "sexual impropriety". He currently goes by his middle name, John, after his full name became synonymous with hypocrisy after his conviction.


Graham Capill was born in 1959 in West Africa to missionary parents. He moved to New Zealand as a child, attending a Christian school in Christchurch. Early in his life, he wanted to be an orchestra conductor but he did an apprenticeship as an avionics engineer. Later, he studied in Australia, obtaining a bachelor of divinity degree in 1986. He returned to New Zealand and became the pastor of a Dunedin church. Not long afterwards, he was appointed leader of the Christian Heritage Party. This was a very conservative, Christian Party, which at its height, attracted 4.3% of the party vote in the 1996 general election. Under the New Zealand electoral system of MMP (mixed member proportional) which was new at the time, the party attracted support, but not sufficient to attain representation in Parliament.[1]

He completed a law degree and was admitted to the bar in 1998.

He led the Christian Heritage Party for many years, although in 2002 he and the deputy leader, Merepeka Ruakawa-Tait, had a very public split after the party failed to attract 2% in the 2002 general election. Ms Raukawa-Tait expressed concerns over financial accountability.

Capill attracted a great deal of publicity, especially in 2005 after he was charged with rape, indecent assault and unlawful sexual connection with girls under 12 years old. By this time, he was working as a police prosecutor in the Christchurch District Court. He pleaded guilty to various charges in the Christchurch District Court and on 14 July 2005 he was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. Although he was initially declined parole, on 30 August 2011, he was granted parole.[2]

The joke[edit]

Here are some quotes that show his Christian values:[3]

The appallingly high rate of child abuse in this country does not need any reinforcement from American film makers.
— On the film Lolita. - 1999.
For many, sodomy is a depraved, filthy practice which spreads disease and ruins lives.
— Calling on the public to boycott commercial sponsors of the Hero Parade. — 1999.
Other parties may pay lip service to family values — we have a manifesto built on them.
— Launching the Christian Heritage manifesto. — 1998.

Despite all of this noise made about "depravity" and what not he served a nine year sentence for sexual assault of three young girls aged between 5 and 11.[4]


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