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Graham Capill (1959–) is a New Zealand fundamentalist Christian who formed the Christian Heritage political party. He believes strongly in family values and is against homosexuals and all forms of "sexual impropriety". He currently goes by his middle name, John, after his full name became synonymous with hypocrisy after his conviction.

The joke[edit]

Here are some quotes that show his Christian values:[1]

The appallingly high rate of child abuse in this country does not need any reinforcement from American film makers.
— On the film Lolita. - 1999.
For many, sodomy is a depraved, filthy practice which spreads disease and ruins lives.
— Calling on the public to boycott commercial sponsors of the Hero Parade. — 1999.
Other parties may pay lip service to family values — we have a manifesto built on them.
— Launching the Christian Heritage manifesto. — 1998.

Despite all of this noise made about "depravity" and whatnot, he is currently serving 12 years for sexual assault of three young girls aged between 5 and 11.[2]


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