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Presidential Prayer Team

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The Presidential Prayer Team is a spiritual warfare website run out of Scottsdale, Arizona claiming to be nondenominational and nonpartisan[1]. They boast an "honorary committee" including two chairpersons, Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) and Joni Eareckson Tada. The remainder of the committee includes many familiar names like John Ankerberg, Rev. Nicky Cruz (David Wilkerson's best known convert), sappy Christian Rock singer Michael W. Smith, and televangelist James Robison.[2]

The site mysteriously went up late in 2001 after George W. Bush took office and just after 9/11. The mission statement reads, in part: "Since 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team has been the source millions of Americans have turned to for encouragement and inspiration to pray for America, our President, our national leaders and our Armed Forces[3]. We are a national ministry dedicated to a focused mission of encouraging, inspiring and practicing PRAYER on behalf of our President, nation’s leaders and our troops."[4] It was originally illustrated with such disgustingly propagandistic imagery as artists' renditions of the ghosts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln laying their hands on the shoulders of George W. Bush with all three in prayer.

Not to be accused of being a partisan site whose main purpose was to glorify George W. Bush or anything like that, the site has remained up after Barack Obama took office, but with noticeably toned down content. Gone are the prayers for God to bless the current president, and gone are the drawings of dead ex-presidents laying their hands on the current president to guide his wisdom. Instead, we are treated to secure the border tripe like "Father, the borders of our nation need protection. We are saddened by the loss of the life of a child and the loss of others as they attempt to cross the heated deserts. We pray for wisdom on the part of our Border Patrol. We pray against the evils of the Mexican drug cartels. Amen."[5]

The site includes a "prayer wall"[6] where anyone can post their prayer and others can click a button saying "I also prayed" if they agree with or prayed that prayer.[7] At least 7 occurrences of Psalm 109:1 have been posted and the site doesn't seem to show any inclination to filter or remove such postings of imprecatory prayer directed at the current president.[8]

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