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Classism is prejudice or discrimination based on economic class. It can refer either to individual attitudes or systemic class-based oppression endemic to a society. It is often associated with philosophies relating to social Darwinism and eugenics.

Almost universally, classism specifically denotes the predjudice against and subjugation of those in the lower classes by the more privileged upper class. (see Reverse racism)

Counter-examples to the aforementioned trend invariably take the form of childish whining.[1][2][3]

Classism could be considered a central concept in Marxism, which advances the idea that systems of class-based oppression and exploitation (the foremost example being capitalism) result from pre-existing material relations of production. In this context classism is not seen as a direct cause for social inequity, but rather as a form of class conflict driven by the dominant bourgeois perception of society.

"The Poors"[edit]

"The Poors" is a curious term you'll see almost exclusively on liberal/progressive blogs and may need a bit of explaining.

The term refers to poor people (obviously), but in this context it's meant as a slam against a third party, namely well-off people with classism issues who tend to blame poor people for their state in life. The specific construction of the word is by analogy with vaguely dehumanizing uses, like "the blacks," or "The Jew."

You'll actually rarely find the wingnuts who the term targets using it because it's intended as a caricature. It should go without saying that if you use the "the Poors" unironically, you're probably an asshole.


  • First world problems: Poor people in the first world shouldn't complain because poor people in the third world have it worse.
  • Meritocracy: Poor people are poor because they're lazy.
  • Welfare queens: Poor people mooch off the government's taxpayer dollars.

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