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College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies

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The College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies is an unaccredited college in Clearwater, Florida that specializes in teaching metaphysical philosophy and metaphysical ministries. They teach homeopathy and various other "natural" healing techniques as well as "New Thought" subjects. Basically, it's chock full of crank magnetism within the large and amorphous field of New Age, including spiritualism, shamanism (probably of the plastic variety), neopaganism, all kinds of paranormal woo, and out-and-out magic.[1]

Degree programs[edit]

School of Natural Healing[edit]

  • Associates of Metaphysical Healing Arts
  • Bachelors of Natural Healing Studies
  • Masters of Biofield Healing
  • Masters of Natural Healing Studies
  • Doctor of Natural Healing Studies

For this school of the college, you get training to become part of the next generation of snake oil salesmen.

School of Ministerial Education (Pastoral Studies)[edit]

  • Associate of Metaphysical Healing Arts
  • Bachelor of Religious/Metaphysical Science (Pastoral)
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Theology
  • Associate Minister

Diploma mill?[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Diploma mill

Despite being unaccredited the College of Metaphysical Studies is not what someone could call a diploma mill. For their graduate programs a 50,000 word thesis is required for doctoral level work and doctoral theses are looked over by a committee of three people (much like an actual university), and there is an actual teaching staff as well. Plus earning a degree from CMS takes the same time as an actual college degree from an accredited college or university. However, life experience credits are accepted and the actual location of the school is ambiguous.


There are two campuses, the first is in Clearwater, Florida while the second is in Sedona, Arizona.

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