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Memon is a "bionic instrument" using technology learned and created from nature which is designed to completely harmonize and re-nature you, your family, your environment, food and water from the harmful effects of mobile phones, DECT wireless phones, WiFi, computer technology, televisions, lights, household electrical appliances, mobile phone masts, high voltage power lines, geopathic stress (water veins, curry grids), pathogenic informations [sic] caused by synthetic chemicals, driving your car, plus many more.

If that wasn't compelling enough, there's a picture of a butterfly sitting on a mobile phone. That surely beats the crap out of science.

How Memon works[edit]

How does this fabulous technology work, you may ask?

Apparently "since the dawn of the age of technology we have begun to experience other electromagnetic frequencies outside the natural light spectrum. Apparently, as these waves travel through space they can rotate, which gives them chirality or polarization"[1] (apparently the inventor doesn't know which or show any understanding of the difference).

We are told that right-turning waves are natural and fine, but left-turning ones are transmutative and destructive. And they carry pathogenic information's [sic]. Bet you're worried now.

Have no fear, though, because the "Memon device uses Information's Polarizations Interference Chip Technology (IPICT) to sense an interference and then, via a massive library of information's [sic] stored within it, transform the pathogenic information's by rotating them 180 degrees then reflecting them back out again. The newly rotated and reflected information energy waves are then an exact mirror opposite to the original waves, which are thus completely and effortlessly cancelled out."[1]

And it does all this without batteries, how cool is that?


The evidence is overwhelming. For example, Dr. George Carlo has certified that:

  • The memon® technology is clearly positive efficient on each level of biological systems (including cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, organism and supra-organism)
  • The action of the memon® technology is ‘anti-oxidant’ and restorative for disrupted inter-cellular communication.
  • The mechanism of action of the memon® technology is both biologically mediated and direct energetic.
  • The protective effect of the memon® technology is long-lasting.

These tests are so thorough they even include applied kinesiology (supra-organism, biofield expansion and contraction) tests.

It's also certified by The Institute for Energy Field Measurement, Frequency, Testing & Analysis (INEFA), who used a "computer handled" frequency measuring device to test pathogenic interferences including electronic smog, water veins, earth radiation, cell nucleus membrane health, as well as harmful substances which include DDT, amalgams, mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, nickel and a host of other disruptive interferences.

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