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Fun:Comic Sans[edit]

Comic Sans is a horrible monstrosity spawned upon this wretched Earth by Satan himself font created by Vincent Connare of Microsoft in 1994, which can be used as another piece of evidence that Microsoft is evil. It is often associated with garish font and background colours and other signs of amateurish (web) design. If you're ever wondering, "Hey! Should I use Comic Sans?", the answer is "NO."[1]

Comic Sans scores very highly for readability,[2] a fact that causes graphic designers some pain. In fact, one of the best reasons to use Comic Sans is to troll graphic designers. (Unless you're using the more refined insult, Papyrus font.)

Sightings in the wild[edit]

The correct use of Comic Sans does not exist is for things intended for children, such as nursery schools and evangelical churches.

  • As such, PZ Myers uses the font on his blog to display quotes from creationists, other cranks and his hate mail,[3] using a "creationist" CSS class.
  • Moon landing denialist and all-round crank Ralph Rene used Comic Sans for his website, without any apparent hint of irony.[4]
  • Comic Sans appears increasingly acceptable in the world of business, because your boss is also an annoying small child.
  • A character named Sans in Undertale speaks in Comic Sans. And if that's not bad enough, his brother is named and speaks in Papyrus.

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