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Kids! This site is all yours was a preachy anti-science site written (entirely in Comic Sans) by Muslim creationist Harun Yahya. Sometime between 2017 and 2020, the site was taken down, and is now a parked domain.

Vile purpose[edit]

The site's agenda is not immediately obvious, and a curious child wanting a place "all their own" might well wander here and never know they are being brainwashed. And good Christian fundamentalists should be warned that the God in question is not their trustworthy friend, YHWH, but Allah, as the site is ultimately there to "teach" children about Islam.

It is interesting to note that this page is identical to a page on the author's site "An Invitation to the Truth: TRUTH for KIDS"[1] with the exception that deeds of creation that on that site are attributed to Allah are herein attributed to God. It makes one wonder who actually deserves the credit.

Cornering the children[edit]

This page represented the usual assortment of unsupported assertions, logical transgressions, suppressed evidence, untrue statements, and BS that one has come to expect from young-earth creationists.

What makes this instance particularly inexcusable is that the site is obviously aimed at children, who do not have the resources to objectively evaluate the arguments presented within.

Side-by-side refutation[edit]

The following side-by-side commentary is a critique from a section called Evolution is a lie from a page titled "WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE CAMBRIAN PERIOD?"[2][note 1]

"Kids site" claimsRationalWiki response
We had mentioned earlier that it is now thought that God created the universe in the big bang. The whole universe, planets, stars and our own earth were formed after this enormous explosion.Predictably the earlier mention of the origin of the universe was little more than the author's assertion that it was the work of God.[3] Besides, it was not a huge explosion, but a rapid expansion.

To begin with, there were no livings beings on our planet, but then God created all living things on earth; birds, insects, trees, flowers, fish, tigers, butterflies, elephants and giraffes etc.Note: The author provides no evidence for this assertion.

Well, do you know when the first living creatures appeared? This happened during the period called the Cambrian about 500 million years ago. The first creatures that lived during this period were ones like snails, worms and starfish. The creatures that lived during the Cambrian period also prove that the theory of evolution is completely wrong. How come?The author is clearly ignorant on this question. Life began deep in the Precambrian, about 3-3.5 billion years ago—six or seven times farther back than the author claims.

These creatures appeared all of a sudden during the Cambrian period. Before them, no other living beings existed on the planet. The fact that these creatures appeared out of nowhere and all of a sudden is proof that God created them in an instant. If the theory proposed by evolutionists were right, then these creatures must have evolved gradually from simpler ancestors. However, these creatures have neither ancestors nor any transitional forms that lived before them. No fossil hunter (palaeontologist) has ever come across such a transitional form. Fossils show us that these creatures-just like all other living beings-suddenly appeared during the Cambrian period, without any features missing, and with no ancestors from whom they evolved. That is, God created them. Furthermore, these creatures that lived during the Cambrian period had very special features. For example, there used to be a creature called the trilobite that lived during the Cambrian period, but we do not see them now because they are extinct. The Trilobite had very complex but perfect eyes. Its eyes, as you can see on the right, were made of hundreds of honeycomb-shaped cells and these cells allowed it to see very clearly.Contrary to the author's claim, the Cambrian explosion did not represent the sudden beginning of all life. There is evidence of life dating back over three billion years and of multi-cellular life predating the Cambrian. Several phyla appear in the fossil record before the Cambrian period and many phyla and familiar subgroups appear later. There are examples of transitional fossils within Cambrian explosion fossils. The animals that existed in the Cambrian are significantly different from animals that exist today. The Cambrian explosion, lasting millions of years, maybe tens of millions, was by no means instantaneous.[4] Unless, of course, you consider tens of millions of years to be "instantaneous". Note that when the author indicates creatures appeared suddenly he means that they appear suddenly in the fossil record. It is difficult to see how even if there were a lack of fossil evidence that it could be taken as "proof that God created them in an instant."

Do you think that a creature like this could just appear out of nowhere? If your little brother came to you and said, "I was sitting at the table last night and out of nowhere a fly appeared in front of me. I don't know where it came from but all of a sudden, it was produced there by chance. It had very interesting honeycomb-shaped eyes. But these were probably made by chance too."Note that the scenario described here sounds more like an example of creation than of evolution.

The strange creatures that evolutionists claim once existed. In reality, such creatures have never lived.This statement is the caption for an illustration of a "fishibian," a sort of fish with amphibious legs, an "amphitile," possibly a salamander with a reptile's head, and a "repbird," apparently a bird with a reptile's head. The illustration's title reads, "Wanted:

intermediate transitional form."

The author, through intent or ignorance, has mistakenly assumed that a transitional organism must have half of the features of each of the two organisms between which it is transitional. Actually it is more often the case that the features themselves are part way between those of the ancestral and descendant species.

In fact the creatures represented here did exist. The "fishibian" is called Tiktaalik, the "amphitile" is called Proterogyrinus, and the "repbird" is called Archaeopteryx. Except that Tiktaalik didn't have the head of a fish and the body of a reptile; its lineage's whole body gradually transformed from fishlike to reptillian over many many generations (and what we think of as Tiktaalik is from somewhere in the middle of that whole process).

What would you think at such a moment? Probably you would think that your brother is too small to realise the complicated nature of life. However, what is so strange is that evolutionists say that these creatures suddenly appeared in the seas. The eyes of flies today are very similar to the eyes that these creatures had. In that case, evolutionists are clearly wrong. Because they are so proud and arrogant, they do not want to admit that God has created all living things. They constantly fabricate stories, imaginary scenarios, and what are fairy tales to cover up the truth so that people move away from God.The author's argument here is hard to follow. Contrary to the author's contention, it is creationists who say that "these creatures appeared suddenly". The author must be aware of the mendacity of his statement, since as he admits above, "If the theory proposed by evolutionists were right, then these creatures must have evolved gradually from simpler ancestors."

Also the truth of the claim that the eyes of creatures of the Cambrian were similar to eyes of flies today would not be a criticism of evolution, as evolution predicts that species can change but not that they must change.

No evidence is presented for the assertion that pride and arrogance motivate "evolutionists" to suppress the truth and move people away from God.

The trilobite, one of the earliest creatures on earth, had a very complex eye structure. Its perfect eyes are one of the proofs that God created it.This statement is the caption for an illustration of a trilobite—which, again, wasn't anywhere close to being one of the earliest creatures on Earth. It was an early arthropod, but life had been around for about 3 billion years before trilobites arose. In fact, trilobites were much closer in time to us than they were to the first life forms.

It is left unstated why perfection should be proof of creation. Additionally, by citing the perfection of an ancient organism, the author demonstrates that he mistakenly assumes evolution to be a process that continuously strives to create a more perfect organism. In fact evolution merely strives to make an organism okay for its environment. Anyway, if the trilobite's eyes were perfect, why did God need to tinker with them so much? There were many many species of trilobites, and lots of different eye types among them. Also some trilobites didn't have eyes at all, so where does this leave the author's statement?

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  1. The page was copied verbatim for comparison purposes, although the formatting has been altered.


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