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The Congregation of Universal Wisdom is a quack religious organization founded by chiropractor Walter P. Schilling. Basically this group's beliefs are a hash of chiropractic philosophy and New Thought beliefs. There are no real chapels so instead members meet in various locations.


The congregation believes in a universal intelligence (Much like New Thought Christianity), and they believe that the only way someone can be healed is through the manipulation of the spine.

Ordination of ministers[edit]

Minsters must submit a dissertation that is examined by five other ministers. If you pass you are ordained as a minister.


There is a section of the website entitled "Sacrilege". This is a list directly from the website of things considered sacrilege:

  • The ingestion of medication or other chemical substances that defy natural law.
  • The injection into the body of medication or other matter of substances that defy natural law.
  • The application of medication, chemicals or other foreign matter or substances unharmonious to the laws of nature.
  • The inhalation of medication, chemicals or other foreign substances in disharmony with the laws of nature.

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