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Curses! Those damn shrinks are contributing to CP's "0 in mental problems" claim. No wonder Andy's happy.img


Newly empowered Congress-critters try to browbeat the Smithsonian into taking down an exhibit containing some "hate speech." Conservapedia, showing its usual amount of consistency, cheers on the legislators-to-be.img


No Andy, the question is why did a 15 year old have a gun!?img


Andrew Schlafly, who allegedly graduated from Harvard with a law degree thinksimg that being imprisoned for doing something "illegally" is "unjust".


CP: "Ad Campaign’s Ultrasound Image of Christ in Womb Gains Global Interest!"img Reality


Andy's head must be about to explode. That liberal socialist Tony Blair is defending religion?img And the fact that Hitchens' cancer is not in any way relevant to the discussion shows what a pathetic scumbag Schlafly is.


CP: Judge confirms that CAIR is Hamas!!!img Reality (from CP's own source): The judge concerned determines that the government has produced some evidence that appears to indicate CAIR helped raise funds for some organisations that, in turn, provided funds to Hamas, and that the government alleges CAIR was also a member of the 'Palestine Committee' which funded Hamas – which means that CAIR's motion to seal the government's list and expunge their name from it is not moot, and CAIR do have standing to make that motion, contrary to the government's claims.


User: "Please delete the "Slug" article, it's a mess!"img I wonder who left it in that state?img


Liberals engage in unfounded conspiracy theoriesimg; conservatives, on the other hand, are justimg askingimg questionsimg.


Andy is hard at work on his list of "greatest conservative movies"img, including such titles as Spiderman (it "pokes fun at liberal entertainers and journalists" and "the hero chooses abstinence"), The Island ("pro-life statement against cloning to harvest organs"), and Bruce Almighty... 'nuff said. Andy also apparently thinks that the Jim Carrey comedy flick Bruce Almighty is "more conservative" than The Passion of the Christ (which he lists as "debatable whether conservative", claiming that "the bad guys win").


Thinking about contributing to Conservapedia?img....don't even fucking think about it until I say you can.img


How despicable! Wikipedia features pictures of Jimbo Wales!img Conservapedia would neverimg stoopimg to a personalityimg cultimg of its "self-proclaimed" founderimg.


The slow slide into insanity continues: Andy asks the question "Why didn't "over-the-hill buffoon" Bruce Springsteen sing "Born in the USA" after Obama became President?"img Just maybe it's because - as you said Andyimg - it's about the Vietnam War.


*cough* andrewschlaflyimg *cough*


Jpatt drools all overimg that noted raving nutjob scapegoat of liberals, Pamela ("Obama is Malcolm X's Son") Geller.


Ken is now making Red Telephone shoutouts to fellow CP sysops: Want to see my Google rankings?img UPDATE The cat gets hit with the shoe.img


Hint to Conservapedians: if you put your handimg in the wolf's mouth,img don't whine when the beast snaps it off.img


JPattimg tries to make Karajouimg funny. UPDATE: He who was ripped off likes it.img


Jpatt pens Conservapedia at fourimg which ironically reads as if it were penned by a four year old.


Ken, with his expertise in obsessive behaviour, spends over 5 hours on a Saturday night writing Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder.img Perhaps his next essay will be about psychological projection. UPDATE: Andy reads Ken's articleimg, thinks "WTF?" UPDATE Ken quietly reverts the Dear Leader.img


Andy:"'Pastor to his church: Thou shall not Facebook because it leads to sex outside of marriage.' ... The African American, New Jersey pastor...doesn't complain about Conservapedia![1]img" and some random columnist in Phillyimg confirms this. Also confirmed: Pastor had three-ways and four-ways in 2003 with his wife, a male church assistant and the assistant's wife.


Feb 2009: Judd Greggimg is compared to Benedict Arnold and Judas for thinking about switching from the GOP to the Democrats. May 2009: Arlen Specterimg is compared to Benedict Arnold for switching from the GOP to the Democrats. Nov 2010: Jim Webbimg must become a conservative or lose his election.


Two users, one of them very recent and a prolific chemistry contributorimg getimg bannedimg for not drinking the Kool-Aid. Chemistry has gone the way of mathematics, physics, and everything else. LanthanumK's contrast between WP and CPimg seems to have particularly irritatedimg Andy and Karajou. Nice job!


Who needs facts, when hearsay will do?img


TerryH: is kind enough to let us know that Andy lostimg the recall case. North Dakota's case still pending.


TK: "Despicable" Harry Reid, who ran on repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell (and was re-elected) is "Bowing yet again to the Homosexual Agenda mobimg" for seeking repeal. That mob includes up to 75% of Americans and the soldiers fighting. So much for will of the people.


Conservapedia: Andy quotes that superb political resource, Christian Science Monitor, and congratulates 'conservative' Ireland on rejecting those damn liberal bail-outs!img 18 Nov: Gay-rights supporting, social democrat Irish government accepts a massive bailout.. Update redux (21 Nov): Ireland finally admits defeat and publicly announces the loan details


Conservapedia during the GM bailout: EEK! SOCIALISM! COMMUNISM!img Conservapedia now: GM's going to be owned by fat-cat bankers instead of the people! Boooo!img


Andy's delusions of grandeur reach new heights.img


Andy compares Conservapedia Conaervapedia to the Bible.img


Lisa Murkowski wins write in election. CP:"Many wonder how long it will take for Murkowski to switch parties..."img Reality:Not even WorldNutDaily has suggested that Murkowski will switch party (but this dumb broad has.)


Conservapedia Today: Liberal elitists are always about taking choices away from The People, and deciding for them.img Conservapedia 2 weeks ago: Don't let the people vote for U.S. Senators!img


Dodgy Roger goes for the douche-bag triple crown: "The Trail of Tears wasn't that bad;"img "It's not marital rape, it's just bad communication;"img and "Pinochet didn't murder people, he suppressed them."img


Andy: "Oh no! Wikipedia uses unflattering pictures of conservatives!"img Conservapedia would neverimg stoopimg toimg suchimg levelsimg, right?img


Public schoolsimg are now desperate for students - due to atheism apparently. Um... no.


We have always hated the evil Euras — uh, I mean, Eastasia! The Tea Party issues a damnatio memoriae against Mitt Romney for instituting what true-blue conservatives have (of course) always called "RomneyCare;" Conservapedia goes right along.img


Those darn atheists have been busy. As well as 13,000 McDonalds, it seems atheists are responsible for building 300,000 churchesimg too.


User: Andy, your statement about it being a good thing that Laredo will be left without a bookstore shows a double standard and seems mischievous.img Andy: Our headlines are provocative, but truthful. Bookstores only push liberal claptrap.img User: I'll take "provocative" as a synonym for "mischievous."img TwinKle: Duh! Lacking enough argument in your life?img Here, let me just rangeblock your ISP for you.img


The snow has started and so has Andy's stitch-socking series of global warming counterexamples.img That most of the snow in question has already melted does not appear to have altered his opinion any.


Physics 101 (Andy-style): " What is valid at the atomic level is presumptively valid at larger scales also"img.


Terry Koeckritz announces a brand-new policy: Do not identify people as homosexual unless they are primarily known as such.img He has a bit of work ahead to whip the place into shape.


Andy ("We Don't Need No Stinkin' Experts") Schlafly does a 180 and disregards a user's argument because he thinks her less qualified than Isaac Newton.img


Yay! No more bookstores in Laredo! "Most books (other than the Bible) are liberal claptrap anyway, so this is probably good news"img


Andy quotes the New York Times Political Blog's claim that John Thune and Tim Pawlenty are unlikely to win the 2012 Republican Nomination, declaring them 2012 Contenders to Bet Vote Againstimg. But, wait, doesn't the New York Times promote an unrelenting liberal point of view?img


Now even redirects made by troublemakers/trolls/liars are fodder for deletion.img


Who knew that these Tea Party rallies were such goodimg fun?img


Terry Hurlbut honours CP with a masterpiece on Forbidden Planetimg, featuring gems such as "Ironically, this story, based though it is on an atheistic premise (including evolution), illustrates the fatal flaw in atheistic thinking: the sin nature will reveal itself, no matter how often or how forcefully an atheist denies that nature."


JPatt thinks Leedsimg is a lovely town, really.


Apparitions of Jesus? It isn't a miracle, merely Quantum Tunneling.img


Ctown200:"Will somebody pleaseimg helpimg me?"img...silence..."Fine, I'll do itimg <capture>myself."img
TK:<capture>"Oh no you don't!"img
Ctown200:"I just need a little help..."img
Karajou strolls in:"If you are so damned busy why are you even here?img I know, why don't you do it my way?"img
Ctown200:"Will you help then?"img
Karajou:"Glad I could have helped!"img
Ctown200:"What, you haven't done a thing?"img
Andy: "Yeah well, it still sucks."img
TK: "Fuck off Mr. Pretendy-Helpy asshole."img <capture>"But it's sorry to see you go!"img
Karajou again:"I need to abuse the corpse after death."img


It is often the cat that gets hit by the shoe that yelps the loudestimg. Ken's own summary of his internet exploits.


In a galaxy far far away: greasy spoonimg: "a free enterprise term for a small, cheap restaurant - which in many places is just what the public wants; reflects Jesus' Biblical scientific foreknowledge about the digestive system"


Those damn Democrats. First it's Obamacare, now Hillary's causing earthquakes.img (Reality check here.)


Those nasty liburrrals haven't convinced enough women to get a potentially cancer-preventing vaccine. According to Andy, this is a good thingimg.


It's liberal claptrapimg time, as biased experts attest outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she did a pretty good job. Said experts include scholars at the American Enterprise Institute, Catholic University of America and a former Republican house aide.


Conservapedia is now taking economic advice from Godless Commies.img


Andy discoversimg a liberalimg conspiracy.img Update: Upgraded to MYSTERYimg


Conservapedia on compromise in politics. Obama suggests a compromise with Republicans and Conservapedia says "No compromising. Period."img Harry Reid refuses a compromise with Republicans and is deemed horrible and despicable.img


Andy, trying to worm his way out of applying a double standard, forgets one of the major talking-points of John McCain's campaign when he says that Obama wasn't attacked for his inexperience, but only for his liberalism.img


In the future, atheist meetings will be significantly more attended by males.img So sayeth The Great Conservative.


Jpatt:Those dumb voters Democrats have made history by electing a stiff!img Who would want to elect a dead man?!?one?


It's the end of an era: After more than 600 editsimg by Conservative, somebody elseimg actually makes an edit to the Evolution article!


Karajou illustratesimg the liberal trait of condescensionimg.Update:TrollKing tries his handimg at the liberal trait of gloating.img


CP reinforces its barricades to the outside world; as Andy declares that new users must email him to request an account.img The site is growing rapidly!