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January 2012[edit]


Andy (Jan 27th): Countdown to Florida's primary Tuesday, the biggest day of the Presidential Election 2012.img
Andy (Jan 31st): The lamestream media continue to overhype today's Florida primary, to boost abortion-supporting Mitt Romney's chances to win the Presidential Election 2012.img


Jpatt: (uncited) Lobbying by Islamic countries thwarts UN's efforts to declare Boko Haram a terrorist organisation.img
Reality: UN declares Boko Haram a terrorist group.


The "Trusworthy" encyclopaedia, that paragon of fact checking, leaps to the defenseimg of a journalist fired for posting an embarrassing story, based on an unverified tweet.


User: The homosexuality article is too long.img Ken: Some black pastors have some beef with the SPLC.img User: What does that have to do with anything?img Ken: "Why don't you write an alternative article and see if the owner of the site likes it better?"img


Now, we're not ones to go around spreading rumorsimg, really we're just not the gossiping kind


The writing homework has been assigned. Remember, students, "you will be greated both in technical correctness and style."img


InfoGraph: In 2010, Gingrich paid 31.7% in taxes and gave 3.8% to charity.
RobSmith: "Rubbish" "Bollocks, Gingrich paid 31.6%."img


Newt Gingrich is an orphan!img who lived with his mother, his stepfather and his three half-sisters until he was eighteen (does this make Barack Obama an orphan, too?img) (or even Bill Clinton?img)


RobS: I am using the term "open marriage" in the same way the inventors of the term used it in that Hillary Clinton wasn't at home baking cookies and Bill had, gulp, female friends.img Welcome back, Rob!


Ken: "Feel free to engage in last wordism now. :)"img. Nine minutes later: Ken engages in last wordismimg.


Words fail.img UPDATE: Andy approves of the postimg


Jpatt: no shootings in Chicago for a whole day!img Note: this is a bad thing, because liberals.


Andy tells usimg that SOPA is now being pushed through the Democrat-infested Senate, not the GOP-controlled House. Another lesson from the Trusworthy Encyclopedia.


Ken is right again: These faith communities are a bunch of cry-babies!


President Obama supports SOPA, as evidenced by the fact that he says he opposes it.img Also, the Wikipedia blackout is meant to "punish users" rather than protest SOPA,img because the lib-burr-ruls at Wikipedia would never go against Obama like that.


Stopped clock moment of the year: Ken opposes SOPAimg.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A day to celebrate the peaceful life of a man committed to Jesus. Also, it's a day for liberals to play the race card.img


Not content with crushing cans, or grinding atheism into a pulp, Ken's latest anti-evolution fantasy involves massacring evolutionist teachers with machine guns.img (Original Youtube clip here.)


Debating Ken-style:
AugustO: Ken, it's not going to help the kiddies, if their teachers do answer the 15 questions. Where's your rebuttal to the answers?img
Ken: Your church is still shrinking, therefore "as much as I enjoy racking up debate point after debate point with you in our exchanges, I am afraid at this point I don't see you having a strong comeback so I am afraid I am going to have to declare victory."img
And this moron wanted money to engage in a debate?


Andy: Mitt Romney strikes out with 150 leading social conservatives.img
Reality: About three-quarters of 150 Pastors and Christian conservative political organizers prefer Santorum to the Mormon.


Andy knows that millions of Americans are out of a job,imgbut that's nothing compared to the failures of those damn Democrats.img Such an observation may be inconsiderate, but he answers to God and no one else.img


Uncle Ed: "Churches are exempt from discrimination laws?" Awesome!"img


Yeah! Let's go kick some evolutionist ass! How about we start with...a Usenet group that hasn't been updated in months or years?


After a couple of days seeing Ken insultingimg everyoneimg andimg anythingimg, Uncle Ed steps in at lastimg: No doubt the guilty party will be blocked soon.


Try this one, Andy & Co. - Matthew 7:7; 'Seekimg andimg youimg willimg find'img


Andy's crazy quotient goes off the charts is normal -- apparently, NFL resultsimg affect the outcome of presidential elections.


It's really no differentimg from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.


If the pictures weren't in the Bible, they don't need to be on Conservapedia.img Except if they show short and/or obese atheists, of course.


Apparently the subtle difference between a galaxy and the universeimg is too much for some Conservapedians to handle. When Conservapedia was called out on it, Ed Poor thinks it's over-reactingimg to criticize someone for not grasping a very complex and subtle concept.


Ed Poor: Poor black kids don't have less access to the internet, their parents simply choose not to buy it.img


Ken: "Andy's so insecure, I can get away with absolutely fucking anything!"img