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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?/July 2009

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20Is July 31st, 2009 some special kind of holiday? It should be: no editor and not a single IP was blocked on this day!img When did this ever happen before?
37RobSmith: those hate filled liberals are invoking Godwin's Lawimg....just like this guyimg
1Finally, a mere 27 days after the fact, Andy proudly announcesimg that CP has reached 100 million page views.
56Andy, someone being homeschooled isn't remotely relevant to their skills in throwing and catching a ball.img More: It will however prevent you from getting laid despite being on the cover of Sports Illustrated and in college [1]img
8He is the man who drives your ambulances. He is the man who connects your calls. He is the man who hauls your trash. He is the man who runs the country.img He is the man who guards you while you sleep.
52While much of CP is, as they like to put it, "concise", some sentences are amazing, like thisimg: "While to some this page may seem superfluous, or that it manifests a supererogatory effort, it may be observed, by those who are engaged in Biblical apologetics, that outside of atheism's often ignorant renderings of what the Bible means, and its denial of its inspiration, pro-homosexual "apologetics" provides the most amount and degree of material which denies the evident and substantiated historical meaning of Biblical texts, both in denying what is [sic] does say against homosexual relations, and forcing homosex into passages it does not fit into." Got that?
41Difference #1534: Wikipedia has stubsimg; Conservapedia has very, very crappy short concise articles.
67"Time to move on", and erase all those annoying parting criticismsimg of CP by respected former admins. Nothing here to see folks, move along now...(User page is their castle... yeah.)
12Terry Koeckritz: Christianity and antisexualism are "incompatible."img Terry Koeckritz should really try to read his Bible occasionally...
26Ed puts forth another one of his little stubs, complete with inane edit comment.img
36A user removesimg some of Andy's blather about faith. Andy dislikes being naysaid and banhammers him for a "sick edit."img
11To avoid criticism of any sort, DeanS moves in a very exclusive social circle.img
1 This makes total sense!img
31Andy does the unthinkable and makes a Conservapedia administrator of an evilutionist.img We can't think why.
-5RJJensen has a problem with big words.img
24TK wants linksimg to pornimg again...
-13Let's post up a news about the anti-Obama pro-Jewish settlement rally settlement in Israelimg while completely ignoring the clear constant mistreatment of Palestinians by the Israeli settlers.
-19The most trusworthy encyclopedia lives up to its name by incorrectly identifyingimg the tallest building in the United States, less than a week after its highly publicized renaming. Update: It is alleged that TK fixed itimg after checking this page.
21So TK finally gets around to deletingimg the garbage on his user page including that hideous comment gloating about the death of Dean's wife. But the edit comment: "404 ... typical of liberals .. drown in your own mud" WTF? By the way, TK, if you didn't incinerate things so much, it would be easier for you to make the claim (if true, which it isn't) that others are forging the things that you incinerate.
22R.I.P. SBI: After week-long struggles, the Swedish Botanical Institute was dissolvedimg.
5Ken: Can we get moar parrotimg? RobSmith: Why yes, of courseimg! So we can prove our point overimg andimg overimg againimg!
21Andy: "99.6 million page views!!!"img

Joaquin: "uh, Andy...."img
Andy: "no it isnt"img
UPDATE "More than 99.8 million! counter reads 102.6 million"img

-67Your orders are to ignore.
79TK deletesimg CP's longest article (and its talk page) after it's brought up in WIGOtalk as possibly being by Human.
61Now, everyone expects a little bias but really Jpattimg you have got to be jesting!
2In a record 10 edits, the Ken/Terry Koeckritz joint news projectimg proclaims Obama's ratings "downward trend ... to 55% 54%". Nevermind that a 54% approval rating was something the Bush administration last saw in late 2003.
-2Ken thinks immorality is relevant to Obama's economic policiesimg
-1Ken JUST found out that Conservapedia's Youtube channel got a redesignimg even though they are a month too late.
80The answer to this questionimg is "because you're insane, Andy".</vote>

<votecp poll=wigo2279 closed="yes">A prime example of Godwin's law.img From a surprising source - RobS.</vote>

Not related to CP try elsewhere -->
-2More of Terry Koeckritz's paranoia. He strikes again! John Holdrenimg + Obama's science czar Director of Office of Science and Technology + support of abortions (which in Conservapedia world, abortions=eugenics even though it's really not) = PANIC + a JPEGimg Update: TK: "Why didn't I think of Obama bashing in this methodimg before?"
5The source given says Armstrong flubbed his quote and that a 2006 sound analysis saying otherwise was widely criticized. Jinx saysimg it's ambiguous, and that in 2006 a sound analysis proved it was spoken correctly. A sysop also decides not to argueimg and instead blocks a couple dozen thousand IP addresses.
30In the newsimg: a ten-year-old study proves that young children will see the world in the way that intelligently-designed questions intend them to.
36This just in: CP's owner spends 20 minutes this afternoon (July 20) dipping his pure, conservative mind into the name of gobbling up trolls. Notice of a few signs of a certain website though? Also TK doesn't like to see his name in lightsimg. MOAR Jpratt proves he has the dirtiest mind of allimg.
-110More of nothing.
65At last! Someone who can compose an intelligible sentence gives some constructive adviceimg. UPDATE: TK is pissed!img UPDATE IanG thanks Hsmom for her researchimg but, of course we cant have that!img TK proves what a dishonest prick he really is by deep burning the conversation before blocking and deleting IanG.
46TK wants that link!img (Hint: we haz article that splains)
55The beacon of salvation for the entire world is not God, but America.img
-2Conservapedia, which continually shrieks about how lib-burr-rul programs that "reward failure" are to be avoided, makes a remarkable turn-around and is now complaining that the states with the least failure got the most from the bailout.img
25Conservapedia, where on one page Wikipedia is bashed for having low editorial standards and on the mainpage you learn that "Cathedrals have been for centuries the humanity expression of God's love."img
59Andy would like to knowimg why dinosaurs are not called by their "real name": lizards. (And no, that's not what begging the question means dammit!)
0Terry Koeckritz confuses a valued contributor with a vandal. The user sets him straight, then burnsimg the dialogue.
4Jpatt: It is a lib-burr-rul mythimg that one cannot at once be pro-life and pro-gun. Jpatt should read the dialogue within his own church on the subject.
11Jpatt: The phrase "transforming society" was coined in 2008.img
-12Thisimg is all the lady means to Conservapedia.
-10Terry Koeckritz shows his true-blue conservative colorsimg by using a nasty lib-burr-rul phrase,img "moving the goalposts," with respect to Obama.
-7TK shows that unlike that other online encyclopedia, Conservapedia allows no gossip.img
36When even Andy showed just a little respect for the dead,img RobS just had to go and bring up politics.img UPDATE: Not satisfied with marking up the "news" template, Rob sprays all over the talk pageimg with more rambling. UPDATE: Common Decency Epic Phail!img
8The world of politics according to Andy:img Sonia Sotomayor favors more gun control than the NRA; therefore, any senator who votes against her confirmation will get an NRA blackball. You read that right. UPDATE: Andy notices the errorimg in a record three-and-a-quarter hours.
13Andy dribbles incoherent ramblings all over the mainpage.img We can haz link plz?
10Jpatt verifies that TK does have the clapimg
5Jpatt, up to his usual anti-Obama self, asserts right-wing smears of the presidentimg regarding Ayers and ACORN as undeniable fact. Never mind the stupidity of associating Obama and Ayers. Never mind that Obama didn't act alone with ACORN.
27Andy's coin-flipping continues: (Tails) "Sorry, 'Rapture' is too religious-themed to be a 'New Conservative Word'img". (Heads) "Huzzah! 'Doubting Thomas' is our latest entry!img"
61Conservapedia reaches new heights of conciseness.img
46Andy shows off those reading comprehension skills by making the perfectly logical assumption that "US Teens" really means "US Teens who attend public schools."img
54"Uncle" Ed Poor really wants to make sure fellow Conservatives have no difficultyimg looking for porn on CP.
17Distortion 101: Hoyer says "I don’t know many small business men or women who are making, themselves $280,000 per year". TK says: "Hoyer said he could not think of anyimg small business owners who make enough money to qualify ($280K) for the higher taxes". Spot the difference? UPDATE: TK personally checked the quoteimg and he was so sure it was correct, he decided to make a non edit just to leave nobody in particular a message. Thanks Terry.
22That Establishment Clause- and Treaty of Tripoli-denying Conservapedia founder blasts "intolerance by atheistsimg" while promoting intolerance...for atheists.
14Andy sucks upimg for William Dembski and bashes David Wolpert for getting his MA and Ph.D. from the "weak" UC Santa Barbara...but didn't note that Wolpert also has a BA in Physics from...his own alma mater, Princeton.
39WAAH!!img Wikipedia favors [real] scholars—with their liberal bias and Professor values—over us!
-2It's official: God is just hugging us closer.img
17Ken adds moar Hitler STALIN to main page.img OF COURSE Stalin killed 30 million Russians because we are evolved from monkeys.
2Don't trouble yourself on our accountimg, but if you really want, and because we're nice, it's {{fact}}.
15Wisdom about Catholic doctrine: True Catholics obey Church teachings and don't promote the anti-Christian liberal platformimg.
17IdetA-blocked by TerryHimg for five years for being a vandal at 15:16. User page deletedimg by TK four minutes later. TK then welcomesimg her to the wiki.
8Andy man makes local weather news a a global warming denialism breaking newsimg while ignoring the fact that same article mentions about temperatures will slightly rise within few days in Willamette Valley.
41Andy continues on his crank-medicine binge: Hyperbaric oxygen therapyimg is a magnificent cure-all for everything from skin burns to autism! Pay no attention to those people who say that it causes blindness and the bends; they're just lib-burr-ruls talking gibberish.
-1RJJensen on World War II: It's fine to call the Phoney War by its English name, but its German name is to be avoided as "slang."img
36Jpatt: It is unnecessary to mention that Norway is a gay-friendly country, because "All Euro states R gay friendly godless liberals"img. Should we tell Jpatt, "You forgot Poland"?
-4A user makes a singleimg editimg in mainspace; Jpatt blocks him for "reversion harassment of me site's members."img
37Sigh. This is called anecdotal evidence, Andy; your having to turn up your electric blanket in New Jersey last night doesn't mean Al Gore has to return his Nobel Prize.img
19Rob "Call me Bobby" Smith: This is obviously a hit piece,img and thisimg is a partisan stunt. But thisimg is a legitimate edit.
-6Jpatt vs. RobSmith - round one. FIGHT!img UPDATE: "Sorry Bobby."
55Andy is having a fitimg because the Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn't agree with his straw-man definition of "liberal."
2Eek! There's a(nother) Red in Obama's cabinet!img The Russians are coming!
4Jpatt: In apparently related news to homophobia among Muslims in the U.K., Somalis decapitate seven Christians.img
19While Conservapedia attempts to boast their so-called "awesomeness" in Surchur, only two of the top 20 results in Youtube portray Conservapedia in a positive light. You guessed it! Their quite inactive channel, and some Youtuber whom Ken constantly praises.
2Andy thinks American spelling is "more phonetic"img than the British variety, probably coz it helpz him reed bettar.
6A non-sysop makesimg repeated pleasimg to Ken to block a vandal. Before he can act, Karajou and RJJensen jump in.img Ken, obviously sore that he lost the banhammer race, burns the pleas.img
18"Independence" ... was a specularimg way to perfect the geometric fit!!!!!--Andy Schlafly 23:57, 9 July 2009 (EDT)
23Pointing out a broken linkimg in the Obama page is an "unnecessary, unhelpful comment" and a PRATT besides. TK agreesimg UPDATE What a lovely display of hypocrisy...img
25"We do not ban users based on their comments elsewhere."img Unless, of course, that "elsewhere" happens to be RationalWiki a known vandal site.img
48More gossip hypocrisy:
23Conservapedia, where homophobia's just fine unlessimg it's something that Muslims do and something that lib-burr-rul gays aren't criticizing Muslims for doing. (In Jpatt's dreams, anyway.)
24In Conservapedia land, tourist behavior is relevant to socialismimg.
38Poor misunderstood TK! He asks Why do you ... in a silly contrivance, try to paint me as mean?img (burned 23 minutes after this was posted), pointing out that "'Mean' as a descriptor for speaking plainly, without obfuscation, is a liberal convention." There there. I'm sure no one would ever accuse you of being mean!
4Why yes, when you don't know what you're talking about, statisticsimg can mean anythingimg!
18OK! We got your pointimg already! You don't have to repeat this threeimg timesimg. Update: Ok, let's make it four timesimg with a different source in Ohio.
17A French translation of the creationist quote fiesta article on Evolution is coming, Ken is proud to announce in Spanishimg. UPDATE: correctedimg. Or is it? French grammarimg requires the use of 'le' rather than 'la'.
32Jpatt must be really pissed off with this guy!img
1Jpatt plunks in detailsimg that the "First Lady requires more than twenty attendants." Newsmax reports, "Laura Bush traveled to Afghanistan in March 2005. Her staff of 21 was not told of the plans." Why does Michelle Obama need these details, since this has barely any information?img
81Dance, monkey, dance! "Mountain Blue" again asks RW users to contact him with details on accounts on CP. RW user provides an IP of an "open relay." TKimg blocks IP range. Another poor user will be disappointed to know their server is banned from CP now.
1The Air Force finds out that the "God and Country Festival" is more about God than Country, and declines to fly planes over it. Terry Koeckritz, out of the blue, blames Obama.img
5"Don't remove factual info from a Wiki."img My, my, does JamesonD have a lot to learn...
74Jpatt: Obama isn't a "Negro;"img he's "half white half black half muslim half commie."img"
-12Wait, Rob, Wasn't it the same Obama approval pollimg you showed the last timeimg?
-7New Conservapedia user complains that Wikipedia is biased because they deleted my pet article.img Now tell us again why this user hasn't been blocked with a "Please recreate your account using your real first name and last initial"?
17Pay no attention to all those dumb scientists with their junk-science; when famous astronauts start denying something,img you just know it ain't so!
13Irony meter alert! Rob expresses moral outrageimg that lib-burr-ruls would dare to make tasteless jokes hate-speech against disabled people. But it is, of course, perfectly all right for conservatives to do it.
61"Sea level rise is a fraud,"img and to prove it Conservapedia links to a graph mentioning things that happened 24,000 years ago. Careful, there; that's 18,000 years before the world was made!
-13 RobS backpedalsimg on spelling and grammar. Is Obama a backwards itinerant salesman for immigration reform? You're welcome in advance, guys!
80Long-time (well since October) CP editor PhillipV plays a teeny prankimg on Terry Koeckritz, who shows that he mustimg have been absentimg the day Jesus invented comedy.
12AddisonDM does not believeimg that a prohibition against "creating images in the likeness of humans" is in the Bible. Hint, Addison: it's the Second Commandment, Exodus 20:4. Not exactly obscure.
-4Danny1212: Let's bring in some more epic fail win evidence that the Muslims are more perverted gay friendlier than Christiansimg, as well as reorganizationimg.
0Remember Mr. Powell's support for Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign? Well, Terry Koeckritz decided to give Powell the "duh" awardimg for joining into their detached reality.
2A new Conservapedia essay:img "The way of Salvation as He walked it and talked it, is no different than the way of Salvation as Paul preached it and believed it." The essayist should try reading his Bible sometime.
54Sure, take a complaint about public school grade inflationimg from an uncredentialed teacher reluctant to grade anything less than 8/10.
28Andrew Schlafly: History teacher or history reviserimg? Bonus: The Enlightenment >gasp!<' criticizes ecclesiastical authority (just like Andy does whenever someone brings up the death penalty).
9Inconvenient facts about marriageimg are considered liberal multiculturalism,img as is the removalimg of dead links.
46Andy: If the New York Times reported that 2+2=5, we wouldn't repeat it. Now stop your complaining about extreme censorship lib-burr-rul rantingimg and let's have an open-minded discussion about gun control.img User: I'm pro-gun-rights, but I was open-minded and did some research.img Andy: Stop being amused by lib-burr-rul deceit!img User: Can we ignore personal attacks?img Andy responds with a fit of open-mindedness.img
5In addition to bashing real autism organizations, now Andy is drooling all over one of the crank groups, Defeat Autism Now!®img ("Look how scientific we are! Autism is caused by too many bellyaches!")
21It should not be mentionedimg that the U.S.'s independence was not recognized until 1783.
37It "sets an absurd precedent" for people to be tried for the crimes of their ancestors.img An absurd precedent, indeed.
19Andy gets "a start on a key case" by bashing the Autism Society of Americaimg for not including cures for autism on their conference agenda.
3Conservapedia winds the psychological projection knob up to about 11 by featuring an article about a new lib-burr-rul trait,img working in a blogger's complaints about Wikipedia.
16Andy: "Jpatt, you've been a godsend to our site and our nation!img Note: "Godsend" with a lower case "g"? Hmm...
41Terry Koeckritz is "disappointed" that a user should add a "gossipy item"img to the Sarah Palin article, apparently forgetting that Andy had posted the very same gossipy itemimg to the mainpage.
30It's Andy Insight Time: Measuring faith like you measure bench-pressesimg improves it, and only the devil would say otherwise!
-18Terry Koeckritz misuses the "cquote" templateimg and makes a single newsbite run two whole pages.
0Terry Koeckritz does not understandimg the proper use of fact-tags.[citation NOT needed]
18Robby boy goes Godwin's Law and attacks Obama's health care policyimg with a nice image macroimg. UPDATE: TK goes "Meh, not my tasteimg."
14Andy has devised an exciting new franchise opportunity: Start a Conservapedia Clubimg and win a trip to Washington, D.C.!
23Can I make another geometric fit happen?img Oh yes!img Very likely!img
41A history professor points out:"Not everything in America's historical treatment of 'blacks' was perfect"img. A moron whips up a word salad response: "While should you say these things 'bout party dayimgyou not patriot isn't."img.
10Making eight edits in eight minutesimg to get an item on the main page just right isn't entirely unusual for a certain Conservative editor. Not noticing that he's explaining the Statue of Liberty has been closed since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2009....well, he might be acting a bit hasty.
6Terry Koeckritz: Calling conservatives "hateful" apparently qualifies as hate-speech.img Of course, if he is "known for his extreme obnoxiousness and hatred for Republicansimg", who are we to judge?
-20Conservapediaimg suffersimg multipleimg vandalimg attacksimg leavingimg BigM to revert teh nonsenseimg. "Anybody with blocking powers?"img ... "TK? JPATT? ANYONE?!"img Not YOU, ANDY!img
2It's Andy Insight Time: Being able to book a doctor like you make a dinner reservationimg is excellent, given that a noted Islamic socialist is about to nationalize all the hospitals.
73One year later, the resentfulness of deep humiliation still comes out in Andy's latest News postimg.
5A hack prominent official at Duke University has been arrested for molesting his adopted son and trying to sell him for sex. Terry Koeckritz posits that this story was not plastered all over the national media because this sort of thing is expected of lib-burr-ruls.img
11A bunch of physics professors and former oil-company strategic managers eminent climatologists write a letter to Congressimg denouncing the "global warming alarmists" in a very alarmist manner.
-8Terry Koeckritz distorts a Rasmussen Report and claims that all liberals choose not to live in the U.S.img, despite the report itself not mentioning anything about political preference. More irony comes in when TK decides to celebrate Canada's birthday at the same timeimg (remember, folks, this is an encyclopedia that has Canada down for being too lib-burr-rul because it has universal health care).
55Andy praises the lack of profanity and tobacco products in a home-schooled football league in Georgiaimg. Better than praising their commitment to "Acedemics and Atheletics".