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14TK says that all non-Americans are deceitful lib-ur-uhls.img
54Ignorance of Conservapedia "no gossip" rules doesn't get much better than RobS citing a gossip columnimg containing an unnamed source claiming an unpublished tell-all book by a former John Edwards assistant contains reference to a sex tape made by Edwards. Best part? The sex tape apparently features a "cocaine addicted prostitute", despite the fact the cited article makes absolutely no mention of any such person. You've outdone yourself, Rob.
19"Bushism" is RobS's new favorite word:img he egregiously misquotes an article in his desperation to prove that Obama made even one of them.UPDATE: Here he is again!
32Andy: Lib-burr-ruls control elections.img Sure, Andy; obviously that whole business in Florida in 2000 was just a vast left-wing conspiracy to discredit Republicans...
45Andy, the "brain" behind this masterpieceimg, proceeds to shatter irony metersimg across the planet. UPDATE: After reading the Daily Mail, he openly reversesimg his stance.
8Oh the irony!  K e n  D o l l  wants to make a big news about atheists removing videoes containing cuss wordsimg while denying that fact that some theists swear themselves in Youtube.
-7Jpatt: True patriots will do some tea barfing bagging on July 4th. And let's encourage them by putting up the latest newsimg in regards to U.S. House Financial Services Committee "profiting" from the recession.
42Conservapedia: where the number of Americans against adultery is relevant to Obama's economic policies.img
-10The conservative blog encyclopedia features an articleimg about a book by a practitioner of lib-burr-rul Hollywood Values.img
28Attorney Andy now pushesimg his anti-videogame agenda to CP, the facts be damned.
106 K e n  D o l l : Look! Some guy on youtube is talking about something!img Let the cycle of self-congratulation continue...
-4Is there a new  K e n  D o l l  on the rise? Daniel1212 adds a ginormous quote-mineimg to the Nazi Party article.
16An embarrassing incident: Terry Koeckritz blocksimg sockpuppet Leonm but then deep-burnsimg the user pages of actual user LeoS, who immediately objects.img Fortunately, Andy has just been droolingimg over one of LeoS's essays, so TK is forced to own up,img though he inexplicably blames the mistake on being sleepy.
21In TK's mind, deleting the user pages of blocked users is now a security issueimg. UPDATE:Strange,img itimg wasn'timg animg issueimg earlier.img
29Ignoring the facts, Jpatt goes a bit too far in exposingimg Wikipedia "liberal bias".
10 K e n  D o l l  demonstrates his desperate needimg for the Canadians' attention. MOAR  K e n  D o l l  is officially obsessed with Canada.img Ken erases his shoutoutimg
-12LeoS demonstrates anti-Americanismimg by using British spelling (secularise) in his essay. Is a sysop soon to jump in and correct it for him? UPDATE: Yes.img
7Behold, I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end! Feel the power of my wrathful banhammer!img
-16A user plays with fire;img the edit is promptly burnedimg as "vandalism."
18Andy bragsimg about some unsolicited (and uncited) thanks to Conservapedia.
13 K e n  D o l l  is stocking up on food and ammunition to survive the upcoming OBAMAGEDDONimg. Where is this report coming from? Two Fox News economists sitting at a bar.
32Rob, we'll be glad to read about how Obama wants to destroy the 2nd Amendmentimg, as soon as you give us your login and password to your gmail account. Rob gives up after discovering that he "can't get lik to work"img
-13Sounds about rightimg.
21A new mystery from Conservapedia: If global warming is so clearly a fact, why must Obama twist the arms of representatives about it?img Might we suggest that it is the same reason you cite when explaining why scientists do not admit the Gospel TruthTM about the earth being 6,000 years old?
22In the ongoing Old Earth debate, Andy stops even trying to make a point and starts arguing for the other side; now he is claimingimg that a change in the radioactive decay rates "after creation" (without which the earth is necessarily old) is "implausible."UpdateApparently enough evidenceimg does get Andy to shut up.
11Jpatt makes another sojourn into la-la land: "Not a single Democrat will talk bad about their allies,img like ACORN; to prove it, here's an article about a Democrat who does!"
17Here's the conspiracy theory of the month, courtesy of WND. A teabagging protest is scheduled on private property. The company that owns the property revokes permission for the protest. The company's co-chairman made a donation to Obama at one point. Connect the dots: Obama and the rest of the lib-burr-rul left are spearheading a massive conspiracy to shut the protest downimg and gut the First Amendment while they're at it.
17JPratt gives a perfect example of hate-fueled logic: Chicago has 4 of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods, Obama was a senator from Illinois, therefore: Obama doesn't offer real change.img Unlike Bush, who heroically told the CIA to sneak a few radios into Iran.img UPDATE: Umm, those neighborhoods were always crappyimg. SOOOOO??: Obama ain't ain't fix shit as a community organizing then?img I CAN HAZ PILE ON? Stupid voters voted for a crappy community organizer and senator with stupid wrong methods!!1!!!img
70Andy demonstrates his thorough ignorance of what "aspiring" means.img Sure, Andy; you still only aspire to be an actress after you've acted in a bevy of films and become a world-famous sex symbol.
115User: The radioactive decay rate of uranium-238 can't vary.img Andy: Then uranium-238 must only exist in your closed lib-burr-rul mind.img UPDATE: Addison throws down the gauntlet.img UPDATE: Andy pulls out that old blackjack, the Second Law of Thermodynamics.img MOAR: Because perpetual motion machines are impossible, radioactive decay rates can't be constant!img UPDATE: A user injects a few too many big wordsimg into the talk, and is promptly burnedimg and blockedimg by TK.
35Mark Sanford “Confused” everyone by leaving his cellphone offimgHad an affairimgDid nothingimgHad an affair.imgMEANWHILE: AddisonDM:Can we have a news article?img TK:Sanford is not a conservative and we will not gossip about him!img AddisonDM Tells TK what we all know.img TK approves Says "whatever"img to a mild, bare-bones news entry.img (while invoking liberal deceit).
-4Jpatt gives a vandal a friendly reminder that Jesus loves her.img He forgot the "Godspeed," but we can't have everything.
2Terry Koeckritz bristles at the very notion that food can taste too good,img thus causing increased obesity. He should read up on his Seven Deadly Sins.
-11TK's world of maths: "the current estimated population of Earth is 6,766,879,730, so 7 billion by the end of the month, give or take 100K"img
14Obama (who, according to a bout of wishful thinking on Conservapedia's part a reliable source, is going nuts from job stress) makes a Bushism and suddenly Bushisms are bad.img And the irony is that he didn't even make a Bushism! UPDATE Apparently it's not a bushism anymore...but extra points to TK for not understanding what a 'malapropism' is.img UPDATE: The man himself shows up at RW to defend his newsbite.
0Chris Matthews is a clueless, logic-bereft uber-lib-burr-rul.img What did he do wrong? He mocked a tweet made by a Republican Senate candidate!
45Andy sezimg: "Jesus saved the world, but only I can save Jesus!" Does this mean Andy is more powerful than God?
-3A miracle has occurred: Conservapedia likes the idea of women who refuse to cover up their bodies.img This from people whose holy book says, "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection."
15Americans want smaller government by 54% to 41%! problem...neither of those numbers are even mentioned in the 'source' article
33Jpatt: Barack Obama and Keith Ellison were brought into office as part of an enormous Middle Eastern conspiracy.img
11Jack Chick had his head somewhere very frightening, but you can't tell TK that.img
26 K e n  D o l l  is so excited about the suspension of a YouTuber's account that he overwrites another newsbite in telling us about it.img He fails to mention that the suspension was promptly rescinded.
70Andy sez: The Trojan Horse was liberal deceit!img
21Conservapedia would usually rate this as "politically-correct judicial activism" and "inventing more 'rights' to nick the taxpayers' money," but that's only if Andy can't find a way to bash public schools with it.img
-1TK tells us how to fight back against the recession! listening to the wise words of Dick Morris buying Dick Morris' new book
4 Jpatt distortsimg a news story about an FBI obstruction of justice investigation at a Californian organisation to make it read as if the White House is the one being investigated.
30Andy: They love trivia over at Wikipediaimg (apparently whole policies against trivia constitute passionate love letters); therefore "trivia" is obviously a New Conservative Word!
3Thanks for the hintimg, Jpat T.
48Irony meter alert: Andy tries to have the last wordimg in a discussion by bashing "liberal last-wordism". His edit comment says "final reply." Unfortunately, he forgot to banhammer the user, who bravely points out the irony.img Sentence: TALK TALK TALK!img Also burnedimg, of course.
2Andy bemoansimg his unsubstantiated assertion the fact that the proportion of conservatives is increasing, most likely because if it starts continues, there won't be any lib-burr-ruls left for him to scapegoat.
-6Andy laments how intelligent discussion is driven out by profanity,img drawing a parallel to how people "horde good money." He does not reflect on how hoards of Conservapedia editors have to horde their intelligent thoughts for fear of the banhammer.
9A user asks Andy a tough question.img Terry Koeckritz promptly pulls the banhammer.img Only then does Andy indulge in some last-wordismimg by responding.
-11TK fails UK geographyimg by thinking someone lives on a motorway...and he uses such charming language too
-13Ed makes a copyedit: "Pretty obvious that it's a city, and with over 5 million it's got to be big."img Where the word big appears in the offending article is not mentioned.
17Yes Andy, it really is amazing how deletingimg entries restores your "perfect geometric fit"
2Chief Petty officer (how apt) Karajou fancies himself a scholar!img Able semen K speaks to REAL® scholar RJJensen:"I think I am more like you than you care to realize. " Yes, REAL scholars know how to quibble over important nuances!
28There's been some arguing on the main talk pageimg about Andy's use of one location (well, two) that was experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures during one week to support his global-warming denial. Now he comes right out and says it: Worldwide temperatures have been decreasing rapidly for years. Your lack of awareness of this speaks volumes about your frame of mind.img Yes, I guess it does.
19TK thinks French is the language of Norwayimg...
27Andy (failed engineer, failed lawyer and all round mommy's boy) sees himself as a role model: Article II, Section Four: "Friendly competition and honors shall be used to motivate students, and an effort shall be made to include at least one male teacher as a role model for the boys.".img
48Thank you, Google, for heightening Andy's paranoiaimg. Andy can't believe that Google would display the colours of the gay flag (which Andy sees as a "special multicolored line making it appear more attractive."img) for searches on the word 'gay' during "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" and ignores the fact that Google did the same last year... or that they also celebrate things like Veteran's Day or Independence Day with special logos and stuff. (Plus, why/how often is he searching Google for "gay" anyway?)
14Andy adds to Best New Conservative Words! Will a geometric fit follow? Undoubtedly.img
26Gasp! YouTube is rampant with every imaginable obscenity!img (Click here for a prime example.) UPDATE: Irony meter alert as in the very next newsbite, an 18-plus-only YouTube video is linked to.img
59Andy: Breaking news!img.....Jpatt (12 days ago): Breaking news!img.....Karajou (14 days ago): Breaking news!img
42One cannot say the most inhumane and vile things about a person hundreds of times, and publicly, then turn around and state they have sympathy for that person, or extend condolences. If you made policy criticism personal, you cannot go back. Trying to do so smacks as the worst kind of deceit. --ṬK/Admin/Talk 17:29, 19 June 2009 (EDT)img
244RationalWiki editors would like to offer their condolences to Conservapedia editor DeanS, who has recently lost his beloved wife Patricia. Our thoughts are with Dean and his family at this difficult time.
-5With gay on the brain, Ed asserts that hell is like a temporary vacationimg with a warmer climate and lots of male love...pretty much a less fun version of mardi gras.
16Uncle Ed comes out as a liberal by spelling 'hell'img with a lower case h.
-24Andy: I insist the page view count be updatedimg everyimg singleimg dayimg! Significance? Only when I say it is significant, it is significant!img
35Standard Ed Poor: User makes editimg with talk page explanationimg. Ed: Revertimg! Why won't you explain yourselfimg? You are about to be blockedimg!
32Is the Conservapedia logo a violation of the US Flag Code section 176? There's a spirited debate on this subject on Andy's talk page. But I guess we'll never know, because TK has participated in that debate in his usualimg wayimg.
19TK's paranoia strikes again! This time, he decides to use Ann Coulter Coultergeist's article in regards to the murder in Italy in order to paint a picture that liberals are responsible for collapse of civilization by supporting enemiesimg. UPDATE: A user questions the idea of liberals supporting a conservative Iranian president Ahmadinejadimg. Another user tells him to fuck off since the li-bu-rul media is lyingimg.
-25Conservapedia is soon going to have a flagship article against one of the most vicious ideologies of them all: Agnosticsimg!
9Irony meter alert! Calvin Klein is suspected of putting up racy advertisements to get free publicity from the resulting moral panic. Conservapedia gives them an iota more publicity.img Bonus: Ray Comfort is worried that the racy pictures will inspire someone to murder his wife; it is more likely that someone from Ray's circle will provide that inspiration...
-21Terry Koeckritz clears something up for everyone: ten years = one decade!img
-17Terry Koeckritz's Valium kicks inimg, but sadly not his Chlorpromazine
52Dear gOD!! Ken is trying to singimg now! Please someone make it stop!
105Being a professor of physicsimg at Princeton isn't sufficient: Andy definesimg what it meansimg to be a physicistimg.
-31Further evidence that suggests Andy may be a closet evolutionistimg and closet atheistimg
-5Terry Koeckritz, trying to get rid of those pesky EuroTrollsimg from Switzerland, blocks another 216 IP addresses.img
-6Andy: Bill Maher, criticizing Obama, becomes the first leftist to do so.img Except, of course, for all those Reds who think him part of the Dirty Capitalist Pig set...
-31Conservapedia gets a definitionimg for "minor edit", which reminds us of the famous omnipotence paradox: Could God make a CP edit so minor that he "believes requires no review and could never be the subject of a dispute"?
29Obama's healthcare system so bad that it has caused the decline of British healthimg despite not being used in Britain.
54Witness one of the world's rarest events! The Schlafly apology!img Followed by the inevitable kiss of death.img UPDATE Another Schlafly apology!img What the fuck is going on?
37Where have all the butterflies gone? Karajou doesn't want to be left out of the fun of destroying CP, so he deletes 36 articlesimg that User:SPastel had created. (Why someone would want to decorate a cesspool with butterflies is a conservative insight we can't fathom.) Anyway, SPastel wanted to change a template, and TK and Karajou couldn't stand that. The discussionimg leading up to this deletion spree and the banhammerimg is fittingly epic. UPDATE jacob the Greek returns with a shout-outimg for the banned doctor.
21Introducing the Andy Protocol: 1) User makes a suggestionimg to remove potential quotemining from Andy's pet Relativity article. 2) Andy goes through the article's edit history and revertsimg the user's completely unrelated editimg from May. 3) Andy finally replies as if nothing ever happened, making it very clear that "we're not going to censor the quote."img
28And what a sneaky vandal he was: Editor makes a word changeimg and even makes a talk page postimg about it. Good thing that TK spots what has been "overlooked"img and reacts in his usual, diplomatic way.img
29Having run out of edits to hide with his new Oversight powers, TK resumes his quest of banning people for no reason: "Jacob Koustoulis?img How about using your REAL name, punk?" - TK's first trip to Greece will be hilarious.
-6Terry Koeckritz still hasn't quite figured out oversight: CJHallock makes a good point! he doesn't! Burn, baby burn!
13Just in case that people have forgotten it during the more recent madness, Andy would like to remind us: "Atheistic means censoring religion."img
66While deep-burning CP's wiki-history, TK accuses some people of forging screenshotsimg. Is it true, or was that just forged? Paradox headaches will ensue. UPDATE Copyright debate over flower picture in the Sexual Continence article? What copyright debate?!img
23Well, we're predicted a heatwave over here in Britain Andy. So if we apply your same 'logic'img this must prove that global warming is real!
13 Andy thinks that Louisiana public school drop out rates apply to all public schools everywhereimg
58CJH is mad about the copyright violationsimg Instant update: RJJensen: "You're clueless.img It's not theft unless we break into the artist's computer and erase the file there after grabbing a copy!" Umm, no CJH: We're talking about stealing rights, not the file itselfimg. FUCK OFF I'VE TAUGHT COPYRIGHT AT NUMEROUS LAW SCHOOLS RJJ: the copyright owner still has his file and his rights. Oh and fairusefairusefairuse!!1!img. MORE CJH: Saying it's fair use sure makes things easier, don't it?img MOAR! RJJ: Fairusefairusefairusefairusefairuse and shut your insolent yapimg for attempting to speak for the copyright holder, USURPER!MOARMOARMOAR MOAR!img Still MoarRJJ thinks ignoring CJH fixes the copyright problemsimgCJH disagreesimg. With the usual resultimg.TK hides the whole fraking thingimg with his new rights
21TK thinks open-minded people should not doubt their beliefs!img
65TK: "Email is required."img Ed Poor: "Please email me your real name and phone number." Andy: "Private communications are disfavored on this wiki."img UPDATE: Checkmate?img No, wait ... that's checkmate!img 'NOTHA UPDATE: TK's joined the fun! And what does he do...?img Moar Roman says something stupidimg that will get him banned. Intermission: TK "archives"img Andy's talk page... to the memory hole in order to remove any trace of Andy disagreeing with TK's policy. Even Moar Yep, Andy saw itimg...and did the usualimg.
-7Liberal claim: With a mass of 80.4 GeV/c² and 91.2 GeV/c², respectively, the W and Z particles are almost 100 times as massive as the proton (938.3 MeV/c²). Conservative claimimg: The Z particle is neutral in charge, and is roughly 90 times heavier than the proton. Whom to believe, whom to believe...
28They shoot horses, don't they?  K e n  D o l l 's marathon editing sessionimg finally ends with 516 edits in 30 hours 7 minutes.
31Andy wants to know what flags hung on before the invention of the word "flagpole".img
7He's baaaacccckkk....imgRob gets a weekend furlough.
52aSK becomes unmentionableimg, too...
-31TK apparently believes that we should be able to smokeimg whatever we want.
-7Apparently Obama's only pretending to be left wing now...make up your minds!img
39Andy confuses geometric progressionsimg with arithmetic progressions....and it looks like we've found that 17th Century 'conservative term' you're after....Oh dear, found another, that's spoilt your 'geometric' progression...this is just too easy now!
14Irony meter alert! A right-wing commentator complains that Obama "deeply seeks affirmation from America’s enemies."img Which right-wing commentator, you ask? None other than Oliver ("I Was Sacked for Selling a Load of Guns to Those Exact Same Enemies") North.
9Conservapedia: where tragic shootings are the fault of Scienceimg
9Getting a sex change is right up thereimg with criminality, drug-abuse, child molestation, and other Hollywood Values.
37User asks if Conservapedia should remove unfair criticism of Wikipedia from articleimg; Andy replies that it is should stay because Wikipedia is fundamentally biased, UNLIKE Conservapediaimg.
57Obama's former pastor makes anti-Semitic remarks! CP's response? Front page news!img Radical anti-Semite and Obama "birther" conspiracy loon commits a terrorist act at the Washington, DC Holocaust Museum! CP's response? TK blames and compares the antisemitism of the shooter to the left and Obama!img
12Showing miraculous precognitive ability, Karajou manages to snag a liberal trollimg before any trolling actually gets doneimg.
60CJHallock describes a news item regarding a creation website's traffic statistics as "less than illuminating."img Andy sez: the BIGGER question is does it bother you that most people reject the theory of evolution?img
135An 11-yr-old accidentally kills his 9-yr-old brother in an argument over a video game gone tragic because of an unattended shotgun in the home. Since their parents obviously cannot be criticized for leaving a gun within reach of children, it is branded "Another tragedy from unattended video game playing."img
-18Ken has a coming attraction! Hint: it's men.img
258Andy jumps feet first into the deep end and invents Conservapedia's Law!img The implications of this insight are astounding!
-11You can have my gun Swiss Army knife when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!img
26User adds a valid example of sexual discriminationimg resulting in TK's exorcismimg of the obviously liberal demon.
-18Although still having serious issues with his grammar,  K e n  D o l l  manages, for once, to create news itemsimg that have sources.
15Conservapedia, of "Obama's a dirty Red because he wants to spread the wealth!" fame, is fine with bashing people for being rich, so long as Conservapedia disagrees with their politics.img
3Terry Koeckritz: Hillary Clinton has singlehandedly brought about America's surrender to the terrorists by >gasp!< inviting a Muslim "jihad-lover" to be part of a conference call!img
13The hungry dog begins to turnimg on its master?
27Terry Koeckritz: We've found a smoking-gun memo disqualifying Sonia Sotomayor from office — she thinks the death penalty is racistimg (just like the Supreme Court ruled it was) and "violates the present humanist thinking of society" (even though the memo, signed by a Jesuit priest, says that this humanism is part of "the Judeo-Christian tradition"). Never mind that it was written 27 years ago (or 10 years before she became a federal judge).
40Be careful, Joaquin. Your historical quote is more appropriateimg than you might think.img
73The latest ad hoc rule from TK demands user's must supply an email addressimg. Can we expect him to remind his fellow sysops Andy Schlaflyimg, BethanySimg, ChrisSimg, DeborahB.img, HenrySimg & Will N.img? UPDATE User:The sign-up page says it's optional.img Terry Koeckritz: DON'T CONTRADICT ME, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!img Alas, the University of Sheffield shall edit no more!img
35TK's world: Conservative PASOK wins in Greece!img.....Real World: Socialist PASOK wins in Greece!
-8Methinks thou doth protest too muchimg.
55TK's article destruction contest continues. You can't write something without citing a reference for it, and books aren't acceptableimg as a thing to cite! TK can't take your word for it that the book says what you claim, without going to the library and looking at the book. UPDATE: "Books aren't for internet users.img Only trolls insist on using them!img" MOAR: RJJimg says "'tis Ok for I hath added MOAR books!"img
9New user shows up, offers to help destroy the 'homoliberals', asks "where would you like me to start?"img. Andy says, "Fucked if I care"img.
50Conservapedia Exclusive! The UK government is no more!img Unbeknownst to the liberal media, the Labour party has dissolved itself!
55TK and Andy, the only two enforcers left, are getting really thin-skinned and short-tempered. See thisimg for some of TK's short-temperedness. That same victim got further welcoming treatment as he tried to create a disambiguation page for Boston, with a redirectimg. His efforts were revertedimg and burnedimg because of "silly, foreign cities". (Though JM later put those silly foreign cities back inimg!) Remember when CP was a vibrant, active, and exciting (albeit insane) place? With many people actively working at "building an encyclopedia"? So much so that they even had article creation contests? Oops: That Boston page that Administrator Joaquín Martínez put silly foreign cities back into? Unauthorized.img
29TK: 'only use bad sources please'img
21RJJensen is likely feeling more and more welcome on CP with each passing day: "Your opinions are invalidimg because I decided long ago that only committee members are allowed to vote." Update: "Errr, I mean... welcomeimg to the project, professor Dr. Jensen!"
8Kowardjou is putting together CP:Human_evolution - presumably to refute it. Apparently we're descended from Neanderthals. Er.. No.
49TK demonstrates his knowledge of accounting: Sotomayor is "deep in debt"img with $1.16 million in assets and $418,350 in debts (including her mortgage.) Update: Discussing TK's newspost fail is trolling.img Or not? False alarm,img apparently.
-5Terry Koeckritz deletesimg "Logrolling", using "No citations" as the reason. How long before he applies that rule to Andy's drivel?
41“It is more honorable to repair a wrong than to persist in it” - Thomas Jefferson.img TK takes it to heart,img in the usual way.
36Conservapedia, June 2: Chris Christie's a dirty lib-burr-rul RINO;img the people want a conservative!img Conservapedia, June 4: The public wants the true-blue Christie,img not his tax-tax-tax-spend-spend-spend opponent!
58School's in, Mr. Schlafly.imgIs this guy really a teacher?
18TK tries to write about the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, but decides halfway throughimg that bashing Obama is more fitting and rewarding.
36Godspeed,img RJJensen.img UPDATE: Don't touch my Hitler.img Bitch! UPDATE: Terry Koeckritz follows up by downsizingimg the Hitler picture.
42 K e n  D o l l  makes some fresh additionsimg to the Summa Homosexualita, including one article that makes a Grand Unifying Theoryimg out of all of his pet obsessions.
-38An oldie but goodie: we've heard of the solstices (and their respective festivals) but we've haven't ever been to an axis tilting day party!imgDown in the #'s
42Front-page news: A conservative gets over 40% of the voteimg in the NJ Republican governor's primary!
Not worth mentioning: His mainstream opponent won the primary by a margin of 13 percentage points.
UPDATE: MikeAndrews steps up to the plateimg with this information.
150Andy uses a tragic shooting at a US military recruiting office as a disgusting (not to mention baseless) excuse to take a potshotimg at liberals. User: That's inappropriate.img Andy: Nuh uh!img And you're a liberal! Users: Srsly. Your accusationsimg don't hold much water.img Andy: Nuh uh!img You're trying to censor me!img User: But it's all over the media.img Where's the liberal silence? Troll King: Whoa! Conservatives don't have to back upimg ridiculous assertations. And then he blocksimg bothimg questioners.Update CodyH asks Andy to wait until the facts come in before bashing the liberalsimg. Andy uses his very own Quote Generatorimg and discovers a new Myth!img. CodyH counters, "Andy this is patently absurd"img but meets resistance, "Fuck you bitch, learn the TRUTH!img
18Andy continues to gripe about Wikipedia blocking policy.img Sure, Andy; obviously Arbcom have sent out lawyers to try and take Conservapedia off the Web, like Scientologists did to their critics. Bonus: The first comment on the linked article looks suspiciously like a  K e n  D o l l  masterpiece.
15TK retconsimg Ed's Professor Poor's complete inability to write proper articles into a new wiki truism: "For best content, writers shouldn't edit and editors shouldn't write!" MOAR: TK: closet liberal?img
72User asks "Its a bit hypocritical of you to blast Wikipedia for blocking scientologists when I have seen many similar blocks here"img. Andy replies Nonsense! We only block "individuals".img Individuals like Oxford University for example?
12Never figured Ed Poor would be a Barbie fan.img Well, actually, now that we think about it...
38A user points out that the exponential growth might not mean what Andy thinks it meansimg Andy misses the pointimgMOAR: User points out that his model is consistentimg and Andy repliesimgclaiming that the user's notion is untestable for conservative words but true for liberals Even MOAR: Banhammerimg
98The last survivor of the Titanic — a British-owned, British-built ship — dies, having lived in England all her life. To Jpatt, this somehow constitutes "an American story."img
17Jpatt: "Intercontinental" is a New Conservative Word,img the reason having something to do with ballistic missiles, even though these were not around in 1855 when the word was made.
23 K e n  D o l l  goes into hyperdrive and hacks loogiesimg all over the main page, complete with an animated GIF uploaded for the purpose.img UPDATE:  K e n  D o l l , having been handed more objectionsimg to one of his linked videos than he can handle,img takes downimg his newsbite.
81Inside The Schlafly Mind, Part 7 - Andy spots a suggested news itemimg and decides to add it without "editorializing"img. Andy thinks, "Hmmm....editorializing....I just used used that word, and I'm a conservative, so that means it must be a conservative word!img I've almost completed another geometric fit! Woot!" UPDATE: "I am an electrical engineer too, so the words for electronic components have to be conservativeimg as well!"