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Wigocp.svg This Conservapedia-related article is of largely historical interest and is no longer the focus of RationalWiki today.
Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
For RationalWiki's less ancient content, try the Best of RationalWiki.
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March 2013[edit]


Apparently the third most valuable professional basketball team qualifies as best of the public.img


Conservapedia has it right: Patient Hugo Chavez is dead, but Doctor C. Everett Koop must still be alive.img


Andy: Look, relativity is proven wrong, the speed of light varies!img Article: "Space is filled with tiny subatomic particles which although extremely diffuse, can theoretically slow down light just a tiny bit...That's light slowing isn't enough to impact any currently accepted theories regarding physic...The greatest change might be to textbooks, which will need to add a caveat that the speed of light is constant, only in a true vacuum-which space isn't. Update: I don't cite articles (from for "their liberal gloss".img


Andy's latest rewrite of E=mc2 is just a minor edit to make "a clear and informative introduction".img


If the New York Times is "declining in popularity and credibility"img, why are you using it anyways?img


Karajou learns how to alliterateimg as the class clown.


Ken mumbles something about Richard Dawkins becoming "a young earth creationists."img Mind your plurals, Ken. Update: Ken, Dawkins isn't a Christian. Wake up.img


No amount of rational or reasonable scientific commentaryimg that disagrees with the Party Line on E=mc²img is ever toleratedimg.


Conservapedia Proven Right!img Yes, if you say Hugo Chavez died in Decemberimg, I suppose his actual death is proof...


Ken: Help! Liberals are turning into Hitler!!!img


Karajou nicely sums up atheism in one of his many, many, many blocks; "I don't believe in you, so you must not exist."img


Andy: American leftists are feeding Brits 'liberal drivel'. imgThe source has to do with Shakespeare education.


Underlying reality in random fluctuation? Satan, of course!img Update: When confronted with the fact that the Greek word diabolos means "slanderer", not quantum mechanicsimg, Andy said it's "an interesting point."img Maybe he'll change his mind. Maybe. Second Update: Wrong! Andy keeps fitting the Bible into his delusional belief in Satan=Chaos theory.img


Andy says the Bible makes better science material than actual science textbooks.img And of course, the thing really is cheaper.img