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Wigocp.svg This Conservapedia-related article is of largely historical interest and is no longer the focus of RationalWiki today.
Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
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In-depth analysis

Conservapedia is very familiar with the scourge of Liberal Bias. But did you know that bias is prevalent among many other groups, such as Professors, the Media, and Conservatives?

These groups and others also share traits with Liberals, ranging from Nitpicking to Fluff[1]. But Conservapedia has fallen well behind in documenting these well-known characteristics. So, in our on-going efforts to help Conservapedia root out the facts that the liberally-biased media don't want you to know about, we've provided an article matrix to keep track of their progress.

It should be noted that despite the number of these articles, only a small fraction would even occupy half a page of 12-point plaintext, and almost none actually advance an argument. Conservapedia seems to secretly agree with Josef Stalin that "quantity has a quality all its own."

The matrix[edit]

Liberal Professor Media Atheistic Conservative Evolutionist San Francisco Hollywood Homosexual Feminist
Agenda _[2] X X _[3]
Bestiality X X X X X X
Bias X X X X X X _[4] _[5]
Bullying _[6] X X X
Censorship X X X X X
Charity X X X
Deceit X X X X
Denial X X X X X X
Fluff X X X[7]
Gullibility X X _[8]
Hypocrisy X X X
Intolerance X X X
Lies X X
Logic X X X X
Myths X X X _[9] X X
Nitpicking _[10] X X
Obsession X _[11] X _[12] X
Redefinition X X X
Slander X X
Style X X X X X X
Tools X _[13] X _[14]
Tricks X X
Values X X X X X X

N.B. Some article titles may not strictly conform to the given naming convention

But wait![edit]

Population of the article matrix over time. Those in red are currently deleted.

There's more!

Other liberal traits include Liberal Amnesia, anger, anti-Christian hate, apathy, arrogance, competitiveness, concealment, confusion, creep, desperation, dilution, excuses, fairness, guilt, hate speech, hysteria, name-calling, obfuscation, pressure, projection, propaganda, relativism, self-righteousness, stupidity, Thuggery, vandalism[15], vitriol, whining, and, last but not least, wordiness!

(That last one is a bit rich coming from them, really!)

And if all this great content wasn't enough for you, good news! Conservapedia loves synonyms. Think Liberal Myths is a great article, but it leaves you panting for more? Well wait no longer. There's also Liberal Myths About Education and Liberal Fables! And Essay:Liberal Falsehoods! And Essay:Liberal gloss! And Category:Liberal Deceit and Category:Liberal Falsehoods and Category:Liberal Myths!


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