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Ken: Ha! Darwin was wrong...the Toucan's bill didn't evolve for this evolved for that one instead


Andy, in his eagerness to slam public schools, is forced to speak ill of Sarah Palin.img Update: WillS removes Andy's "liberal slur".img And is... thanked?img


Ken takes the news of his fellow religionists' ignorance quite badly.img


Object to your son's football team praying before games? You should be looked into by the people who investigate child abuse and neglect.img


Nice edit summaryimg, JPatt, but it's just exactly one word too long.


Andy confuses biology with linguisticsimg. Hilarity ensues.


LoganBertram takes on Andy's lack of substantive debateimg and deals a blow-by-blow attack on Counter Examples to Old Earth giving him the not so simple computer simulations he demandedimg, refutes carbon dating support for Young Earthimg, attacks Andy's intuitionimg, shows the moon's meant to move away from the Earthimg and that the Sun is indeed very oldimg. Wonder how long till he's welcomed? Answer is: Not longimg.


Andy: Some junk was recently found in a whale's stomach. Naturally this completely proves the veracity of the Jonah myth.img


Another Ed stub: "Anticolonialism" is the delusion that the West sucked wealth out of the Third World.img Terry Koeckritz, ever helpful, renames the stubimg to use a spelling that does not occur in the source Ed copy-pasted.


Andy: Facebook begins to pollute its pages with Wikipedia articles!img April. Oh, and don't forget - unlike Conservapedia, there's no ability for users to edit the article! Especially since it's impossible to head on over to the Wikipedia entry and edit it from there, or to click on the glaring "edit" button on the Facebook page itself.


TK: "Obama has same re-elect percentage as Clinton in 1994"img...yeah, and we all know how poorly that turned out for him!img


Patriot Act wiretaps: great conservative anti-terrorism method! Obama expansion of wiretaps: Obama hates privacy!img The hypocrisy is overwhelming...


The irony is so thick; no pithy remarks required as Teh Assfly censors the notion of free speech.img.


Eschewing the Great One's Best of the Public, Ken turns to full Wikialityimg. Fountains of Further Wisdom Await Him.


Schlafly's stupidestimg insightsimg yetimg, for your Sunday reading pleasure.UPDATE "Wikipedia is biased for not agreeing with my madness"img


This is nice: SamHB asks Ed a questionimg regarding the sorry state of math articles, and Ed actually repliesimg within half an hour. That shows that Conservapedia still values open communication between sysops and lowly editors contributors! ...yeah,img right.img


Such a vivid, heartwarming description. One almost feels as if one knew the man.img


Bridge Names Confuse Andy Part II: First Tower Bridge was London Bridgeimg; now Mackinac Bridge is "Mackinaw" Bridgeimg. He missed that when he took the photo from the Mackinac Bridge Wikipedia articleimg.


So in other words, "Never."img


TK: Facebook is donating $100million to bolster Newark's school.img Andy: Donations? Meh! What they need is Bibles and classroom prayer.img Bonus: Jpatt accidentally tells the truth: prayer never worksimg.


Meritocracy at work. WillS works hard for a whole three days, four months ago, to earn night editing rights!img


Hilary Clinton wants to help citizens of developing nations be able to cook with less hazardous equipment. According to Ken and Andy, this is outrageous.img


Obama and his buddy Ben Bernanke plot to destroy America's economyimg Never you mind that he was initially appointed by Bush after chairing the Bush council of economic advisers.


What? Andy and another sysop had a public tiff? Oh no, that's not allowed, so Terry Koeckritz deletes the "empty" talk-page.img Then magically recreates it,img along with comments about wanting to "avoid further conflict," that never happened in CP-land.


Such a dishonest douchebag that you forget there's anyone left to point out your lies?img Then simply correct it and move on create your own reality in which everything you say is magically true!img


TK rejects the idea that a centre-right party could call itself "Liberal"img


"Professor" Schlafly tries to proveimg that the Great Flood happened 4,000 years ago, by quoting data from a 13,000 year-old flood.


TK: "...Richard Dawkins, whose work is not simply academic..."img With the blanks filled in: "...Richard Dawkins, whose work is not simply academic. These books sell out, so it has become a social debate."...sounds dangerously positive for the main page.


Conservative takes the attack on Richard Dawkins to another, much more specificimg, level. Update: Conservative is fairly certain that none of the four Asian womenimg he is aware of have endorsed Richard Dawkins.


Well, good luck with that.img Update: The age of miracles is upon us!img


Ireland's economy is bad because liberals have meetings there.img


Ed 'Two Meters' Poor deletes an articleimg for being too short.


Ed 'Bad Touch' Poor turns up the heat with a stub on physical intimacy.img Sadly Thankfully it contains nothing more than a link to another new Uncle Ed stubimg that does nothing more than link back to the first stub.


Ed 'Don't be a Dick' Poor "Hey, here's an idea! Let's show a rabid, paranoid and ultimately discredited Commie-hunter the same respect as for someone who gave his life fighting for human rights.img


Forget the cat, we're talking Schrödinger'simg wine,img baby! (spoiler: it's only grape juice)


More facts = worse article, as always.img


To err is human; to forgive is liberal style.img


Oh, and by the way, Terry Jones is a liberal!img


Ken's newest article on Atheismimg almost perfectly defines an ad hominem argument, and the 'See Also' seems to imply Carl Sagan smoking pot is evidence for Christianity. No flying cats, yet.


Andy downgrades the priorityimg of a potential 2012 presidential candidate. Among his reasons for doing so, nestled between "associates with pro-choice persons" and "associates with RINOs," is "Has said he is not going to run."


Our nation's history? Who gives a damn about that?img


Andy: You don't actually have to do anything to be virtuous, just think nice thoughts.img


Please let thisimg be a parodist! For the sake of Humanity! And watch out for rhinos in the Senate!


If you call him, heimg willimg come.img


More grade inflation by Andyimg When called out by a new userimg on his lack of math skills Andy simply gives his student an extra point. So much for academic honesty. Update: Daniel justifiably blocks himimg for being one of us because genuine conservatives can't possibly possess upward of 2nd grade math skills.


When you're done planting flags, Andy, perhaps you can finish developing your lectureimg?


Ken blathers about "some guy by the name of Sid" to Karajou: And it only took him four editsimg. With his delightful irony TK says "... that those who cannot be successful in life criticize...."img. How many times is Obama criticized on the main page? UPDATE: Ken: "I never said a thing!"img


Andy: Conservapedia users don't have insecurity issues, low self esteem, or narcissismimg...hahahahahaha


Daniel Pulido gets all Ken and begins the conservapedia anti-Islam project!img


TK thinks that saying "the series themselves are harmless if not taken seriously." is a "Personal opinion, not supported by any citations"img. Harry Potter is always dangerous to children.


Ed there ain't no censorship on CP Poor serves up a big dose of censorshipimg after declaring that calling someone out on their quote mining constitutes liberal name-callingimg.


It's a con trick so it must be liberal valuesimg says TK


Oi! Smeg Ed! Which dictionary definition of "gentleman" are you using exactly?img


Ed: It is a "disingenuous misleading argument"img to insinuate that there is anything wrong with the nutjobs among us.


Did you know that the APA is...erm...well, we don't really know.img All Ed gave us was a period. Literally.


CP: Going to church on Sunday rather than shopping makes you happierimg. Source: ..yes, if you're a Catholic or Protestant white woman living in a state where Sunday shopping was banned, but now is allowed. Maybe.


Remember the proposed Critical Thinking in Math course? The one which aimed to "encourage adults to keep their minds sharp through mathematics, and fend off mental decline". Professor Schlafly: 39 + 4 = 44img


Newly-given-block-rights junior sysop goon Daniel Pulido tries to impress the powers that be with his toughness by issuing a 90/10 blockimg after just one edit, and issues the standard new-user abuseimg, complete with the standard explicit insinuation that the user isn't using his real name. This site is attracting new non-parodist contributors rapidly!


Andy must be feeling sorry for himself - now messing with his blog equates to "violent protests" and "liberal censorship."img


Andy declares that protests in Ireland surrounding Tony Blair's book signing are an example of liberal censorship, British styleimg, entirely oblivious to the fact that Ireland has not been part of the UK for the best part of a century. Good thing he's not a world history teacher!img UPDATE: Andy's world history knowledge explains the confusion. Why is it British? Because egg-throwing is a uniquely British phenomenon!img


Ken: The time of stalking false liberal ideologies is over. It is time to move in for the kill!img Um...what?


A grand totalimg of 16 User/User Talk edits, 5 CP/CP Talk edits, and two mainspace edits (both of which are to homework "articles" that don't belong in the mainspace). Clearly such unproductive behavior violates 90/10 - and thus, Davidkon... gets Edit rights.img Well-deserved in this meritocracy!


LyleT: This page is completely plagiarized and should be deleted.img JacobB: Denied.img LyleT: Ok, a compromise: I removed the plagiarized material.img JacobB: Denied.img LyleT: Ok, I REWROTE the plagiarized material.img TK: Denied.img And don't you dare expose my dishonesty!img"


Kyle: "Is this really needed?"img
TK: "Of course!" *inserts Skype highlighting*img
Kyle: "Okay, you're the boss, just lemme remove the weird Skype stuff..."img
TK: "No!"img
Kyle: "What?"img
TK: "I am sysop, so walk away! I was trying to remove the Skype stuff someone inserted!"img
Bonus: That "Skype Australian phone number"? It's just the ISBN of Palin's book.
Update TK: "It wasn't me, it was a "vandal site lie" from the atheists!img
Kyle: WTF?img