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Constance Cumbey (1944–) is the author of the 1983 book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, the book which largely launched the evangelical Christian scare over the New Age. Cumbey located the origins of the New Age movement in the esoteric occultist writings of Benjamin Creme and Alice Bailey who were awaiting the coming of a new "messiah" named Maitreya. Cumbey considered the New Age a possible route to the rise of the "Antichrist" and "Maitreya" a likely candidate.

One of her claims was that the rainbow sticker, commonly used as a gay rights symbol, was actually a secret identifier used by New Agers to identify each other.[1]

Constance Cumbey has accused Texe Marrs[2] and Pat Robertson[3] of wholesale plagiarism from her book.