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The Fellowship of God's Covenant People is a white supremacist church in northern Kentucky founded by Don Elmore in 1987. In addition to the church's virulent racism, their belief system mixes in healthy doses of homophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, secret society conspiracy theories, anti-feminism and anti-abortion views. The church's co-pastor is Mark Downey, who runs the Christian Identity website Kinsman Redeemer Ministries.


The church is strongly aligned with the Christian Identity movement associated with other racist wingnuts such as Peter J. Peters. As such, they ascribe to a loony "covenant theology" that claims their racist beliefs are proven by science, history and the Bible.[1] The church is well networked with others in the Identity movement, including William Finck, who runs the Christogenea web shite,[2] and Lawrence Blanchard, author of the racist "Covenant Heritage" screeds.[3]

Unsurprisingly, the church is opposed to "non-white immigration" and miscegenation. The church attempts to rationalize their stance against miscegenation by providing evidence from the Bible. This view ties in with their kooky theology that believes that those who today call themselves Jews are, in fact, not the true people of Biblical Israel. This viewpoint is rationalized by cherry picking Old Testament scripture, e.g. Genesis 24:3, "…you shall not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites…" This is somehow used to justify their belief that one should not marry outside his or her own race. Indeed, they interpret Exodus 20:14, "Thou shalt not commit adultery," as "…primarily in reference to the mixing of seed… not only cheating on your spouse."[4]


We are living in a nation that was founded around 1789 by the Freemasons, not Christians. Together with the Jews (Freemasons) and Roman Catholics (Order of Malta and the Jesuits) they will almost rule the entire world. But Israel will be saved because of the covenant and oath that our GOD made unconditionally with our fathers that is fulfilled in their seed (children).
—Don Elmore's paranoia[5]

The church believes paranoid conspiracy theories involving secret societies, Freemasons and the New World Order. They believe that many things are infected by the global conspiracy, including the Olympics and the birth of the United States. Of course, they believe that the September 11 terrorist attacks is all wrapped up in a beastly Satanic conspiracy involving a global Zionist cabal. According to this theory, Freemasonry and the Mormon church is part of the great Jewish conspiracy. Referencing the 2012 U.S. presidential election, they believe that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney are natural born citizens and both would lead the United States into a communist/Zionist/Mormon/Freemason nation.[6]

The church ties other fundamentalist beliefs into their strange worldview. In their view, evolution is a false religion promoted by Freemasons, communists, Jews and other "reprobates" who want to reduce the world population to a manageable 500 million that they can control. Even the usage of the word "evolve" in popular culture demonstrates the symbolism of the global conspiracy.[7]

The church is so crazy that they attack Answers in Genesis because they believe Jesus was descended from Noah through women, exposing their Roman Catholic, Jewish, race mixing, fornicating bias. In the church's view, Answers in Genesis is one of many evil multi-cultural, anti-Christian organizations, which include just about every Christian organization in existence except for the Fellowship of God’s Covenant People.[8][9][10]

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