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Core Issues Trust is a British charity set up for the purpose of supporting "men and women with homosexual issues who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression." They claim to "[respect] the rights of individuals who identify as 'gay' who do not seek change."[1] Who the charity is helping is anyone's guess.


Core was founded in Northern Ireland in 2007 to combat the misperception that Christianity there lacks both compassion and discernment. Apparently they intend to promote their Christian love by repeatedly telling homosexuals they are living in sin. Despite rejecting the belief that homosexuality is a disease and as such they are not currently looking for a "cure", this has not stopped people from suggesting Core believe homosexuality is a disease and as such are currently looking for a cure.[2]

They have rejected being branded homophobic, a feat pulled off by defining homophobia as "The victimisation or diminishment of human beings whose affections happen to be ordered towards people of the same sex", a definition provided in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Goddard of Fulcrum, the Church of England's evangelical wing.[3] Core claim this definition "moves away from defining a person in terms of perceived sexuality. In addition it allows us to state that taking the particular Biblical position we do, as a church, on same sex practices is not in and of itself homophobia."[4]

Views on homosexuality[edit]

While Core initially comes across as a more moderate and friendly anti-gay organisation than your run-of-the-mill conversion therapist bigots advocates, it nonetheless exists to convert people experiencing confusion with same-sex attraction to opposite-sex attraction.

London bus campaign[edit]

They totally don't mind if you're gay though. Really, it's cool. Don't worry about it.

In April 2012 a Core Issues poster campaign on several London buses was withdrawn by then–London mayor (later prime minister) Boris Johnson.[2] The posters were apparently a mimicry of another poster campaign running on London buses from LGBT rights charity Stonewall, which ran posters with the message "Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!"[5] Core's poster used the same red background with black and white lettering running the message "Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay And Proud. Get Over It!" The poster campaign was due to run for two weeks along popular Central London tourist routes such as St Paul's Cathedral, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. The blocking of Core's poster campaign was described by Stonewall spokesman Andy Wasley as "fantastic that no adverts will be promoting 'voodoo, gay-cure therapy' in London."

Anglican Mainstream, a worldwide conservative Anglican organisation which has charmingly equated homosexuality with alcoholism[6] and Core's partner in the wacky endeavour, are currently pursuing legal action into whether Transport for London acted legally in pulling the adverts.[7]

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