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Corporate Equality Index

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The Corporate Equality Index is an annual report released by the Human Rights Campaign.[1] They analyze "Corporate America" to see how well they accommodate the reality of the lives of their LGBT employees. A 100% rating is given to those corporations/businesses that not only do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, but have policies in place that support their employees by providing a resource group or diversity council, as well as market appropriately to the LGBT communities and/or sponsor LGBT events.

In 2002 when the index was first published, only 13 corporations made the grade. The 2008 Index (released September 2007) had 195 U.S. corporations that receive the 100% rating. In 2010, there were 305 with 100%. Based on stricter criteria, 190 corporations merited 100% in the 2012 index; that number increased to 252 in 2013.[2]

The message for our conservative friends is that their world is shrinking, and if they are truly people of their word — and let's face it, they say they are — they will not be supporting these corporations/businesses.

Kudos to Ed Brayton and his Dispatches From the Culture Wars blog for his very funny take on just what this Index means for true conservatives[3].

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