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Daily Kos is a blogging platform created by Markos Moulitsas, a former US Army soldier. It focuses on issues of interest to American Progressives.

Daily Kos has a stable of regular contributors and has also run posts by politicians including Barack Obama[1], John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The front page features news about American politics. Its viewpoint is usually from a Keynesian social democratic position so it's just as harsh on Barack Obama[2] as it is on conservative politicians.

Readers can open an account and contribute to the site. Daily Kos accepts posts on virtually any topic.

Other stuff[edit]

Every year, Daily Kos hosts Netroots Nation, a convention for progressives. It features presentations, panels and guests ranging from politicians to economists to bloggers. In addition, it is a member of Act Blue which helps to fundraise for progressively-minded candidates (and one data aggregator[3]).

They also host Brainwrap, a one-man operation working to quantify the effects of the Affordable Care Act.[4]


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