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Harry Reid

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Harry Reid is the former leader of the Democratic Party in the United States Senate, representing Nevada. This is despite being a rather conservative Mormon convert.

Miles Manners, superhero[edit]

When he was elected (following Tom Daschle's electoral defeat), it was thought that his mild manner concealed a shrewd strategist who would be able to quietly wrestle the Republicans to the ground. The mild and quiet part has seemed to be correct so far... but we live in times where the leaders of the opposing party are trying to hold off their members from impeaching the President at any moment, so it's been a daily struggle. Considering Reid's own not-so polite comments about President Obama's lack of a "negro dialect" in 2010, he was never quite as mild-mannered as people thought.

No more backdoor "politics"[edit]

In February 2011, Harry Reid showed he really has his priorities straight during a time of economic crisis by giving a speech to the Nevada legislature on the subject of "the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution."[1] It seems the nice Mormon is tired of having capitalist businesses and pro-family mothers balk at relocating to Nevada because they don't want their precious children and employees in the same town with Silly Sally's Chicken Ranch. (The American penchant for moral panic never seems to end, does it?) Perhaps he was being ironic given that his current residence of Washington, D.C. is the very definition of legal prostitution.

Was responsible for passing the 2013 "nuclear option" on executive appointments.