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A mirror image of Nancy Pelosi's official photo.
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Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from January 2007 to January 2011; she has continued as the House Minority Leader and another in a long list of liberal boogey(wo)men. She is a Catholic Democrat from San Francisco, representing the district that encompasses the city, and you know what that means.

She self-describes as a "liberal Democrat" and has a generally left-leaning voting record. The ever-trustworthy National Journal has given her liberal scores of 86, 90, 92.3, and 83 for the 108th, 109th, 110th, and 111th Congresses respectively.[1] She has been specifically singled out by the principled conservative opposition for her spreading of San Francisco Values. While she does have a highly favorable rating from the Human Rights Campaign (along with 176 other politicians[2]), she has no significant record of pursuing social causes of any kind, let alone gay issues.

Like virtually all politicians, she has a history, of well, partisan pontificating. In 2008, at the conclusion of the hearings for the original bailout bill, she gave a speech one could expect (but wouldn't necessarily get) from a Democrat on the need for accountability from the banskters and financial elites -- Republicans used Pelosi's common-sense words as an excuse to go forward with the bail-out, a rescue of their pals they were going to do no matter what. [3] But then again, Democrats, including Pelosi, were pretty much all talk and also never intended to do much, if anything, to rein in Wall St.[4]

Conservative sex symbol[edit]

In 2013 an image of a "Miss Lube Rack of 1959" supposedly resembling Pelosi was spread around the Internet in "a bit of political tomfoolery."[5] Despite the fact that Pelosi would have been 11 at the time the photo was actually taken in 1951. It makes you wonder why wingnuts were so... adamant to find a picture of her in her twenties.

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