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Fun:Conservative argument bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the Conservative argument bingo!"
Find yourself arguing with a right-winger on the Internet? Use this bingo card to mark off each of their arguments as they come up.
Conservative argument bingo
"Libtard" "Political correctness has gone overboard!" "Islam is not a race!" Identity politics "Liberal tears taste delicious!"
"Snowflakes can't stand any dissenting arguments." College students are too sensitive/intolerant SJW/WOKE Infowars/Stefan Molyneux/Breitbart News/The Federalist/(insert far right source here) cited IQ differences are genetic!
"Virtue signalling" Cultural marxism Own the libs.
"Make America Great Again" There are only two genders—Science! says so.
"Beta male!"/"Cuck!" Black-on-black crime "It's "religious freedom", not "anti-LGBT discrimination!" Transgenderism/Liberalism/Feminism is a mental disorder. Liberals want illegal aliens to vote for them.
"But her emails!" Abortion is murder! See Fun:Pro-life argument bingo "What about Asians and the Irish? They were discriminated against too!" "Come here legally or not at all!" Suggesting that "black culture," rather than discrimination, is the root of racial inequality.
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