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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the Pro-life argument bingo!"
Pro-life argument bingo
Gun control (and school shootings)!? Attacking endangered species? What about abortion? They're killing children!! They deserved it for [INSERT SEX RELATED TU QUOQUE HERE]! The Holocaust. See Nuremberg Files. Great Beethoven fallacy. Kermit Gosnell
*graphic, but doctored/fake or incorrectly labeled images of fetuses or ultrasound* Crisis pregnancy centers. Life is unique and special! "Sanctity of life". Fetus rights trump its adult human host. I support abortion only in incest and rape.
Life begins at conception! (Never mind that sperm are alive[1] as well as egg cells.) Fetal heartbeats. Abortion is immoral/murder/genocide!
Any use of the word "baby" and equating them to "fetus" as an appeal against murder.


I oppose affordable contraception. Horton Hears a Who!
Links abortion to breast cancer and other health problems. Opposes stem cell research. Vaccines are made with aborted fetal cells! (see the anti-vaccination bingo). Just put the child up for adoption! Defund Planned Parenthood! It’s eugenics!!!!1!!11
It's killing for convenience! Our tax dollars are paid for this! Go Hyde Amendment!Wikipedia Wait... Roe v. Wade had no constitutional basis! Forcing the raped woman to give birth would identify the rapist by DNA testing! Fetal pain
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Bonus Points[edit]

  • Engages in terrorism. Sets clinics on fire. Targets, harasses, and/or kills Warren Hern, Barnett Slepian, George Tiller, and other doctors that perform abortion, especially those late-term ones. Consider the bingo card an auto-win.
  • Pickets clinics.
  • Pro-abortion is just as violent as pro-choice! I cite violent incidents and poison the well because a person so happened to be pro-abortion got involved.
  • Being Todd Akin
  • How come the "criminals will get it anyway" argument doesn't work for gun control, but the same people argue that women will get an abortion anyway if abortion is outlawed?
  • Margaret Sanger and eugenics.
  • Planned Parenthood is racist.
  • Asks for an abortion for any reason and expects to be treated specially.[2]
  • Sets up an organization with "life" in the name.
  • Creates propaganda by filming what goes inside abortion clinics or abortions and grossly exaggerating or taking quotes out of context, like The Silent Scream. See Lila Rose too.
  • Religion shouldn't influence our laws, so are you willing to toss laws against stealing and murdering because it's also spelled out in the Ten Commandments?
  • For opposing the death penalty and supporting abortion, you guys treat rapists and other criminals better than babies!
  • An abortion is worse than having a pregnant person who was raped carry to term.
  • A fetus is a potential human! But I don't think periods, abstinence, or miscarriages are murder either.
    • I support criminalizing women who miscarry as murderers just like women in El Salvador[3] or in the U.S. like Purvi Patel.
  • Quotes a pro-life doctor.
  • I support abstinence.
  • I pass anti-abortion legislation and I (or my wife) fly off to another country to get an abortion there.
  • Your state has outlawed abortion? Just fly to another state!
  • Ectopic pregnancy?Wikipedia Just reimplant the egg!

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