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Warning! This is for those who are at or above the legal drinking age for people in their home country! Do not do this if you have a liver disease! In fact, this is not advised for anyone. If you do, have a sober person with you in the event of a medical emergency.

Introducing the Conspiracy Talking Point Drinking Game! Want to see how drunk you can get each time you hear a conspiracy theory talking point? Do you like to get drunk? This is the drinking game for you!

Types of alcohol needed[edit]

You may choose different drinks if desired.

The game[edit]

Choose any conspiracy theory video on YouTube or Bitchute. Specific talking points are required to take a drink.

  • Each time the New World Order is mentioned in a video: Take a drink of beer.
  • Each time the Anti-Christ is mentioned: Take a shot of sake.
  • Each time Obama and or the Democratic Party is blamed: Take a shot of whiskey
  • Each time George Soros/Bill Gates/Hillary Clinton is blamed: Take a drink of vodka
  • Each time a vague Bible verse is quoted, take a drink of vodka
  • If the channel name has the word "truth" in it, take two shots of vodka
  • If it is an Alex Jones video: Do all of the above at once.