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Death Note is a Japanese serial manga that spanned 108 chapters, and was later adapted into three live action movies and an anime series. It was written by Tsugami Ohba, with art by Takeshi Obata.

The story revolves around a bored, genius teenager who finds the Death Note, a notebook that will kill whoever's name is written in it, barring certain conditions. The teenager, Light, decides to use the notebook to create a Utopian world, where he himself sits as God, presiding over the people he has allowed to live.

The action in Death Note focuses on the cat and mouse games between Light Yagami (Kira) and the detectives that try to stop him. In the first half of the series, pursuing Kira is brought to you by the letter L, while in the second half of the series, it is done by L's successors, Near and Mello.

Death Note has sparked both moral debate and controversy worldwide. It is banned in China. In America, students have been both suspended and expelled for possessing mock Death Notes with the names of fellow students and teachers written inside.

Comparison: Kira and Andy[edit]

Light Yagami, a brilliant mind
A comparison between the fictional Light Yagami and the unfortunately real Andrew Schlafly

Given their fanatical nature in their respective quests to purge the world of "evil", the following chart has been made to compare Kira to Andrew Schlafly.

A. Schlafly, a nots so brilliant mind

Light Yagami AKA Kira

Andrew Layton Schlafly

  1. Kills those who oppose him
  2. Has the Death Note, described as the ultimate murder weapon
  3. Studied at the finest university in Japan
  4. Despises the world around him, sees it as rotting
  5. No humility
  6. Sees himself as a god
  7. Uses the Death Note to educate people the difference between right and wrong
  8. Loves his family, yet willing to use them and caused the death of his father
  9. Mostly calm, yet subject to extreme fits of anger when he is outclassed or outsmarted (which is rare)
  10. Misogynistic, uses women around him to his own benefit
  11. Has a religion based around him
  12. Killed the President of the U.S.A.
  13. Killed the FBI agents in Japan sent to capture him, giving the agency a black eye.
  14. Mother is a traditional Japanese housewife
  15. Father was a police chief.
  16. Uses the internet to gain information on criminals to kill
  17. Great voice acting made the character all the more powerful
  18. A little math. Death Note has sold 20 million copies in Japan. There are 189 pages in the first volume. Thus, the first volume could have up to 20,000,000 × 189 = 3,780,000,000 pageviews if every copy was read from cover to cover, not counting international sales. There are twelve volumes total.
  1. Bans those who oppose him
  2. Has Conservapedia, described as the ultimate stupidity on the net
  3. Claims to have studied at two of the finest universities in the U.S.A
  4. Despises the world around him, sees it as liberal
  5. No humility
  6. Sees himself as a prophet
  7. Uses Conservapedia to educate his students on the difference between "right" and "wrong"
  8. Loves his family
  9. Subject to extreme fits of anger when he is outclassed or outsmarted (which is often)
  10. Misogynistic, gives women different questions on tests
  11. Rewriting the Bible to suit his own interests
  12. Insists President Obama is a Muslim and a product of affirmative action.
  13. Annoyed the FBI with an incident that must never be talked about
  14. Mother is a writer, political activist who ended the ERA and employed a nanny 40 hours a week mother, which she insists is her occupation
  15. Father was a lawyer
  16. Uses the internet for actions that should be considered criminal
  17. Should consider getting someone to dub his voice
  18. Claims that CP has over 105,000,000 pageviews as of this moment.

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