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Fun is whatever RationalWiki admins think is funny. This is analogous to the definition of "Truth" at Conservapedia.

The opposite of Fun is Vandalism. Which is like Wandalism, except that it is on RationalWiki rather than Conservapedia.

If RationalWiki was not taboo on Conservapedia, they might wish to copy this entry before it gets censored.

Most people enjoy having fun, but it's a well-documented fact that fun is an evil liberal invention intended to stop people from working and make them lazy. They know that if they don't distract morally-upright men of god with hawt homosexual prostitute bathroom sex, that they would have been annihilated already by the hammer of justice that is conservative logic and willpower.

Criteria for funnyness[edit]

  • If it happens on CP, it's almost certainly funny.[1]
  • If a RW admin did it, it's funny.
  • If it contains the word "[[pwn==", or any variant thereof, it is very funny.
  • If it causes lulzing or ROTFLyAO it is funny.


  1. Note that the same thing on RW would probably not be funny, except, perhaps, to the people who run RWW.