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NRA or nuclear reaction analysisWikipedia is a method in material science to obtain information on how much of a particular element exists at what depth on a thin film.

The National Roads Authority is the body concerned with the development and upkeep of the road network in the Republic of Ireland,[1] and is not to be confused with the National Roads and Motorists Association (the NRMA) of Australia, the latter of which was once known as the National Roads Association.

The initialism is perhaps better known as that of the National Restaurant Association[2].

Among historians and scholars from related academic fields, the abbreviation often refers to the British National Register of Archives, an invaluable resource which "contains information on the nature and location of manuscripts and historical records that relate to British history."[3]

The National Recovery Administration. They had an eagle in their logo and everything.

In the US in the 1930s, the National Recovery Administration, formed by the National Recovery Act of 1933[4] was one of Comrade President Roosevelt's New Ordeal programs. --jtltalk 17:46, 19 June 2007 (CDT)

Non-Resident Alien is a Federal income tax filing status in the U.S., which has been claimed by some tax protestors as a means of evading reclassifying their income reporting requirements.

In Latvia, an important national newspaper, Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (the Independent Morning Paper), is often referred to simply as the NRA.

In Japan, the Seibu 10000 series electric train is called the New Red Arrow, because it replaces the aging old Red Arrow trains of the 5000 series.

In some cases, film critics will refer to certain performances as "not really acting".

A much lesser-known NRA, the Nachos, Rifles, and Alcohol can often be found in the US of A.


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