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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the Nationalist bingo!"
A bingo card to make arguments with nationalists go a bit more smoothly. Since most of them use the same few arguments, just mark 'em off as you see 'em.
Nationalist bingo
We have lived where we live for centuries Indo-European or "aryan" homeland Famous person X is/was one of us Cites a 17th/18th/19th century European traveler Poor understanding of linguistics
The Catholic Church is covering up the truth Proto-Indo-European or Proto-World was our language Obsession with racial "purity" Historians are covering up the truth Wants to reconquer "lost" land
Genocide denial We are being suppressed My culture is the best culture


Accuses you of nationalism Antisemitism
Desires revenge for an event hundreds of years ago Interprets criticism of them or their country's government as attacks towards all citizens of that country Poor understanding of history/archaeology Bulwark of… Good old days
My country has done nothing wrong Greater X Accuses you of "bias" Religious undertones Links language, religion, and ethnicity together
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