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The following is a proposed purity test for Rationalwiki sysops that wish to be demoted to bureaucrat. To pass, simply agree to 8/10 of the following statements to receive your demotion.

  1. I promise to use my powers to abuse those who hold a viewpoint different than my own.
  2. I accept Richard Dawkins as my Lord and Savior.
  3. I will hide evidence that the Earth is 6000 years old.
  4. I will hide evidence that proves global warming is a hoax.
  5. I will help the terrorists win by supporting Joe Biden.
  6. I will help destroy family values by associating with this site.
  7. I will help homosexuals recruit children.
  8. I will hinder our army by protesting torture aggressive questioning and horseplay.
  9. I will destroy the credibility of respected, honest journalists like Glenn Beck and Joseph Farah.
  10. I will vandalize conservative websites that help expose the truth. The world can't handle the truth.

Simply affirm 8/10 of the above statements and everything you do will be fully supported by Rationalwiki.

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