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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

Sysops (short for "system operators", often called "admins") are the gods of most wikis; however, on RationalWiki, pretty much anyone who isn't an obvious vandal and doesn't immediately LANCB is made a sysop, usually whenever someone notices the newbie. This is because of a pissing contest between π and Stabby the Misanthrope back in early 2009.

Even those who oppose mainstream RW ideas are — and should be — given sysop, as we encourage constructive dialogue.

Sysops with a mighty click can cast down empires, shatter user accounts, and create an impenetrable wall between random trolls and the evil non-Euclidean vandals who lurk beyond our recent changes page. As such, give thanks to us yourself, or ye shall surely be lost.

Theoretically, out of 107,813 users there are at present 1,268 sysops on RationalWiki; however, many of these user accounts are inactive. Everyone present at the time of this number hitting 666 received cake.[citation NOT needed]

So, when do I start?[edit]

That said, being made a sysop is still a privilege rather than a right, and sysop status may be withheld or removed for users who are disruptive or show poor judgement. Those who have been users for only a few days asking to be made a sysop might find this isn't a great way to win the community's trust. If you are a newbie and want to speedrun becoming a sysop, try checking off some articles of this list.

Do sysops just speak for themselves?[edit]

Given that the base state of most active RW users is "sysop", it should be clear that the actions of sysops are not endorsed by RW. This includes the actions and comments of any RMF board members unless expressly specified, as legislated in the by-laws.

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