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GOProud was one of the two major gay conservative organizations in the United States, having been formed as an alternative to the more centrist Log Cabin Republicans. It is now defunct (as of 2013).[1]

Notable events[edit]

GOProud was the first gay group to sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2010. Its members had no-doubt sophisticated and mature conversations with the John Birch Society, Focus on the Family, and the National Organization for Marriage. And were railed against by a Ryan Sorba, who is just a stand-up guy.[2]

GOProud also held an event called Homocon in 2010. Their headliner was Ann Coulter. Yes, that Ann Coulter. She showed her appreciation for GOProud with "jokes" about gay liberals promoting fisting education in kindergarten and how marriage is not a civil right if "you're not black" (in her defense, the number of gay black republicans is probably fairly small).[3]

Conservative stalwart Grover Norquist joined the advisory board of GOProud. This made the Family Research Council very upset with him.[4]

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