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Garron Helm (1993–) is a British neo-Nazi and high-profile internet troll, who has appeared in national newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Guardian.

Helm was jailed in October 2014 for harassing a woman with anti-Semitic abuse to provoke an emotional response via Twitter.[1]


In August 2014, trolling Twitter under the account name "Aethelwulf", Helm posted "offensive, indecent or obscene" messages, including an anti-Semitic tweet, directed at MP Luciana Berger.[1] Helm was arrested specifically over this tweet in October, but had also posted other offensive statements. The police later found Nazi paraphernalia in his house, as well as the flag of National Action, of which Helm is a member.[2][3]


After being arrested, Helm sent a "letter of apology" to Berger, describing his actions as the result of him being a loner and that he was irresponsible. However upon being released from prison in an interview published on the National Action website, Helm retracted this claim, asserting that he lied to reduce his prison sentence and that he was "not sorry in the slightest":

The lawyer for Helm, Mark Ellis, told Liverpool Magistrates Court that he "accepted the message was fundamentally wrong" when he was sentenced in October — but the 21-year-old from Litherland has flouted the court by saying he "did what I had to under the advice of my solicitor in order to receive a lesser punishment." Writing on a controversial far-right website, Helm said he was 'proud' of the campaign of racist abuse his sentencing provoked towards Ms Berger and other Jewish MPs and compared himself to SA Brownshirts – a Nazi paramilitary organisation.[4]

Bizarrely Helm would go on to describe himself as a "moral human being" for having lied about the apology. Despite using Twitter to abuse people, particularly females, Mr. Helm thinks he is an "Aryan warrior" and "protecting the white race". He is a good example of an internet tough guy. Twitter has banned at least one of his accounts.

In many ways Helm is similar to Joshua Bonehill. The two know each other and have supported each other's trolling activities through National Action.

In 2015, Helm attended a neo-Nazi "White Man March".[5]

Further arrest[edit]

In October, 2017 Helm was charged as a member of the banned neo-Nazi group National Action.[6]

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