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Niggermania is a racist website devoted to jokes and "facts" about... Well, take a wild guess... It describes itself as "the best site for nigger jokes and facts about niggers since 2003", which is interesting, since its design would alarm an early adopter of GeoCities. Despite its appeal to visitors to "please join our nigger-bashing forum too", it steadfastly denies all allegations of being a hate site, claiming instead that its users "just correctly understand that [black people] are not human and treat them accordingly." It simply advocates the reining in of "wild niggers", like any destructive beast.

The forum

Niggermania's delightful forum has numerous sections, including but not limited to "Uppity Niggers" (for discussing people of a certain colour who, in Niggermania's opinion, have ideas above their station), "Nigger Mating" (yes, a whole subforum asking "why do you spend so much time looking at it if it disgusts you so much?"), and four subforums devoted entirely to Barack Obama, with descriptions like "Little Faggot Arab Muslim Nigger Queer". There is also one devoted to Michelle Obama, sporting the description "Transexual Silverback She-Hulk Boon".

On a typical visit to, say, the "Coontacts" forum, used for relating stories of exposure to black people, one can expect to see thread titles such as the heartwarming "How I'm going to ruin some nigger's Christmas", and "Super-Sized Shegress invades human restaurant - happy ending".


Despite the certain crowd that a website like Niggermania attracts, some of the users vehemently deny that they are racist, or that they even have anything against black people. As Mr. Interlocuter [sic] said, "I don't harbor any ill feelings to Hispanics or Asians or Native people. I just think niggers are sub-human."[1]

Of course, not all members of the forum are so "forgiving." One user, Unregistered, has called for "a renewal of at least full segregation, if not the outright repatriation of all of the baboons back to Aperica immediately," ending his charming little diatribe with a "Heil Hitler".[2] Another poster, Zyclon B, claims that "The NAZI Swastika is the only symbol evil enough to convey my mild dislike for the gorilla nosed negroe [sic]"[3]

The forum seems to be made up of pathetic, scheming racists too scared to proclaim their feelings about black people openly, white guys pissed off because they think that black men are ruining their prospective chances of getting a (white) girlfriend, and unfunny parodists who find humor in derogatory jokes.

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